What to do when School Placement of B.E.C.E. Candidates is Released.

Placement of B.E.C.E. candidates into their various secondary schools usually brings about joy and happiness for those who made their first choice school. Those who are given their second, third, fourth and even fifth choice school feel disappointed.  Parents need to counsel such candidates immediately. They must know that no matter the secondary school one attends, with seriousness and hard work, one can equally do well in the final examination (WASSCE).

When the short code is given out, candidates are to buy 1gh unit and text their index number to the given short code, (1060) on all network has been used for the past two years. A text message would be sent into your inbox indicating the school you have been placed.

If you don’t have the scratch card, go to any ADB bank and buy one. If you already have the scratch card,  print out the school placement form from any internet café. Take the printed form for your school’s headmaster/headmistress to fill and endorse. Don’t forget to send your passport picture for endorsement also. You can then call the secondary school you have been placed into before going there with your parents to collect your prospectus.

If you can get the prospectus of the school you have been placed to from a friend, do get it and encourage your parents to start buying your school items. Please don’t go to your secondary school empty handed. They might demand for their school fees before they even give out the prospectus and that would be in a form of Banker’s Draft.

School fees

School fees varies for most secondary schools. Most Cape Coast Schools took GH450-GH500 Ghana Cedis from fresher’s last year. This year, parents should prepare about GH500 – GH600 for their wards. Most schools do not accept cash, so please ensure you have your Banker’s draft before going to the school if you know the amount to be paid.

Text Books

Most secondary schools provide some text books as part of the admission fees. Parents should wait for their wards to settle down in the school, know what textbooks are required before going to buy them. The only textbook I might recommend before your ward goes to school is Akiola Core Mathematics Text Book and Akiola Elective Maths Text Book. The GAST integrated Science textbook is also a must.

Wish all freshers a memorable first term in school.


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