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What to do when School Placement of B.E.C.E. Candidates is Released.

Placement of B.E.C.E. candidates into their various secondary schools usually brings about joy and happiness for those who made their first choice school. Those who are given their second, third, fourth and even fifth choice school feel disappointed.  Parents need to counsel such candidates immediately. They must know that no matter the secondary school one attends, with seriousness and hard work, one can equally do well in the final examination (WASSCE).

When the short code is given out, candidates are to buy 1gh unit and text their index number to the given short code, (1060) on all network has been used for the past two years. A text message would be sent into your inbox indicating the school you have been placed.

If you don’t have the scratch card, go to any ADB bank and buy one. If you already have the scratch card,  print out the school placement form from any internet café. Take the printed form for your school’s headmaster/headmistress to fill and endorse. Don’t forget to send your passport picture for endorsement also. You can then call the secondary school you have been placed into before going there with your parents to collect your prospectus.

If you can get the prospectus of the school you have been placed to from a friend, do get it and encourage your parents to start buying your school items. Please don’t go to your secondary school empty handed. They might demand for their school fees before they even give out the prospectus and that would be in a form of Banker’s Draft.

School fees

School fees varies for most secondary schools. Most Cape Coast Schools took GH450-GH500 Ghana Cedis from fresher’s last year. This year, parents should prepare about GH500 – GH600 for their wards. Most schools do not accept cash, so please ensure you have your Banker’s draft before going to the school if you know the amount to be paid.

Text Books

Most secondary schools provide some text books as part of the admission fees. Parents should wait for their wards to settle down in the school, know what textbooks are required before going to buy them. The only textbook I might recommend before your ward goes to school is Akiola Core Mathematics Text Book and Akiola Elective Maths Text Book. The GAST integrated Science textbook is also a must.

Wish all freshers a memorable first term in school.




  1. Ernest says:

    I think thats a good write up and really think its worth reading for many.
    Do you mind uploaing it on here…

    when you get on there,click SkuWiki,then upload it.

  2. Koy says:

    Hello Sir,
    Thanks very much for the info. I noticed that on the site we’ll check our schools, ie. myjhsresult.net you can check your raw score. Sir how is that possible? I hope it’s true. Pls answer, thank you.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      I have seen the site and it seems the CSSPS want to change how candidates check their results. It seems candidates would have to buy a lot of scratch card before they go to school. Please don’t rush into buying any scratch card. Let them release the placement first.

    • alusine turay says:

      pls i sent my index to 1060 and they sent four schools they said should one but my question is that am i going to send back the school i want or they will choose the school for me

  3. afia says:

    wen will the placements be out??de radio stations havent sed anifn n newspaper websites havent gvn any news either n tension is mounting

  4. Sir please I have already bought the scratch card and I checked last week but the reply was it has not been released so can I use that same card to check again?

  5. Sir please when will the school placements be out on the internet because the days are running.

  6. Sir please are we going to school this year or next year?

  7. lisa says:

    the newspapers are saying dat de skuls wll be out by 17th september…….we want a definate date not probabilities!!

  8. Isaac B. says:

    Wat ar som of the things i ned to learn in order to pass my final examsi.e.BECE

  9. Isaac B. says:

    How can i get may flower’s mock questions cause am far frm them

  10. Frank says:

    Sir please we are in september and I’ve heared nothing about the placement.I bought the card last two weeks to check but the placements were not released.

  11. jeff tagoe says:

    pls sir
    i check my result on the month of july and i found out that i have pass all the core subject.i did not even had 5 in the core subject i had 3in 3subjects and 4 in 3subjects .will i get a school.like koforidua sec/tech or mawuli senior high?
    the course am going to do in these schools are all technical.thank u sir

  12. Derick Amoah says:

    Mr.ekow pls u sincerely requested 4 my my number buh i avnt hear 4rm til nw.pls try 2 cl me cz i ope u can assist

  13. esther says:

    sir pls if u had 5 in ur core sudject, have u fail,or pass. sir pls for eg if u had agg 32 will ur row mark is high will u get ur schools that u choice, even get ur fourth, fifth n sixth choice, sir pls help me thank u

  14. mafia says:

    sir,if i gt 08 ,i cn make holico cs am veri sre ma raw score exceeds 450

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      I don’t know how you calculated your raw score. Even some students with 06 don’t make that mark. It’s not easy to make 440. With 08, your raw score might be hovering around 415-420. That’s on a high side.

  15. jeff tagoe says:

    pls sir i had agg 21
    and my 5th and 6th choice are Akro sec/tech and Attc respectively

  16. Deri Prosper says:

    Pls,i try checking de placement 4 my brther n there is an i4mation dat de index no is incorrect.but it’s correct.pls help him.

  17. Nana esi says:

    When will the placement of schools be out

  18. Jerry says:

    pls sir am from a public school with aggregate 7,grade one in all the other cores except RME grade 2 and my first choice is presec legon pls can i make it there?

  19. jeff tagoe says:

    hi sir,
    i had agg 21 but i had no 5,6 or7 in any of the subjects but rader 3 and 4.
    will i get koforidua sec/tech or mawuli sec/tech? i will be doing technical in shs.

  20. rita says:

    i heard e skuuls will be released on monday.is dat true.

  21. All In A Box says:

    Hello Ekow, We got to know of your site when we googled skugoo.com

    We deliver food and provisions direct to students on behalf of parents.

    We would like to have a discission with you.

    Please contact 0205 275 443 and speak to the CEO of SchoolChopBox.Com or send your details to [email protected]

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      all in a box,
      I will definitely get to you today. Seems I saw your advert on myjhsresult.com. This is a creative service your company have come out with. Lets see how best we can help promote it.

  22. Desmond says:

    I had 9 ones and I chose presec legon will I get admission.I am from aprivate school

  23. steward says:

    pls mr Ekow i had aggregade 15(eng-3,sci-3, rme-2,soc-2,maths-2, twi-3).that is my best 6 subjects.pls what might probably be my raw score? thank you.

  24. jopserph says:

    when is the sukuul comin

  25. jerry says:

    pls sir i heard waec is using a new way of selecting the schools can you pls tell me something about it

  26. michael says:

    sir,my dad bought the card and texted me the serial and pin numbers so which website can i check my school from?

  27. FELIX DELALI says:

    Please Mr. Ekow i heard at last frm what i on the net is that the placement has been proponded to the 26th of this month. Please do u have any idea about this.

  28. Nana esi says:

    What is the short code for checking placements of schools on moblies phones

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Nana Esi,
      Is that you Nana Esi Ghansah, The name sound very familiar. Remember this very pretty girl in my class back at tec. Anyway, the placement is not out and they haven’t released the short code yet. Will make it available online immediately it is released.

  29. adu williams says:

    sir please any time i try to check my school placement,it tells me my index number is not correct

  30. hams ndego says:

    why is 2011 candidate suffering all in the name of waiting for the schools placement

  31. hams ndego says:

    plz minister of education plz do some for us because we are suffer and tied of waiting

  32. jefftagoe says:

    is me sir jeff tagoe
    but pls u have still not answer me.
    i had agg 21 will i get koforidua sec/tech

  33. FELIX DELALI says:


  34. Ben says:

    Jeff am an old boy of Koforidua Sec/Tech School and have seen your eagerness to enter K.S.T.S. I just want to tell you to forget about being placed in K.S.T.S because your grade is not good enough, you should aim at being placed at Akro sec/tech or Attc.Rewrite to better your grade and get between 10 one’s to grade 14. And try to get grade 1 in technical and i assure you that you’ll be placed in Koforidua Sec/Tech School (Mmarima Mma).

  35. Michael says:

    Mr ekow pls i had aggregate 18 n choose koforidua sec tech will i get admission pls.im 4rm a government school,g art is my course pls help me out

  36. FELIX DELALI says:


  37. bernard says:

    pls sir,i had aggregate 8,i had 1 in all the core subjects except english 2,i chose presec legon as my first choice,cani make it there

  38. Ben says:

    Mr Ekow Mensah i know of the grade which is from 06-14. For automatic placement the candidate should obtain grade 1 in technical. Hope you are okay Or?

  39. alex says:

    mr. Ekow i wnt 2 noe da short code usd 2 check the row score of candidates n the procedure

  40. richard addo says:

    pls is the school placement out?and how do u check it.thanks

  41. Pls sir bring the placement now because today is 26 september 2011 or else Anikoko will kill you,yr family and ur workers.
    I am giving u up to 12 noon because someone is dead because of the placement.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      why would you want someone to die because of placement? what grade did you make and what school did you intend to go to. derrick, i am dissapointed in you for your comments

  42. Francis says:

    May I please know how to check placement for my ward. Thanks in advance.

  43. why I’m i delayed of my placement please if u don’t want us to become good future leader’s then continue delaying bye darah famile

  44. please when will the placement be out?
    We have been delayed alot and i think it’s time the GES sits up and work as a team to help us become good future leaders .
    Thanks in due anticipation.

  45. randy mckenzie says:

    sir please, i had 06 and i chose adisadel college as my first choice and i want to offer science bat i had 2 in maths and 3in english will i make it there?

  46. AHMED says:


    • Ekow Mensah says:

      massa ahmed,
      Placement this year has been terrible. I just learnt that a graduand got placed to her six choice school. She had nine ones. Can you imagine? She would be placed. If not by the end of the first placement, she would be placed by the time they complete the placements

  47. Kae says:

    This Computerised School Selection thing sucks! It fails to generate the School Placement and after some attemps, you’re told the card’s serial number has already been used.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      they may be having some operational difficulties. The computer selection is still the best thing that has happened to Ghana Education over the last six years. they just have to get competent people to run the software. lets relax for them to sort their difficulties out.

  48. gerald boni says:

    mr ekow,hi.todae is 28th.i tried the short code but dey told me dat my result was pendin nd dey took ma credit without showin me my placement.if dey knw the schools arent in dey should’nt ve told us to check cos dey ve finished all our parents credits.so dey said dey wont check again.sum of my frnds re really worried.g.e.s has 2 do sumtin cos dis also our future.tanx mr ekow for ur support 2 ansa our question.hop 2 hear 4rm u.tanx.

  49. abena says:

    Infact I think GES should sit up.That CSSPS card thing does not work well and just wasting the monies of parents just because they are desperate to know where their wards have been placed and so will keep on buying those scrach cards. How can ones Index No. used for BECE work when he/she uses the WAEC results Checker to check his/her results only to be told when he/she uses the CSSPS card that the Index No. is in-correct even if you are very sure of what you have keyed inn.

  50. abena says:

    secondly my sister is very disapponted after I found out the feed back that either her index no.is not correct or if it is then her placement may be pending or she did not qualify for placement though she had Agg.17 when her classmate who had Agg.20 has already been placed to a school in the first list out.Is this possible?

  51. paloma says:

    pls mr. ekow for how long shld we wait. can i pls know when da skul placements wil b finalized…….we r waistin money on checking too much.y re dey doin dat 2 us cos we have 2go 2 skuul.hw many month do they want us 2 spend in skuul dis term.cos nxt year we wud be goin 2 form2.so help cos people re so scared dat dey wud nt get deir skuuls.me 4 instance i’m fedup cos dey always postpond de date.this really a bad year for our badge.thanx.

  52. samuel says:

    Hi sis. abena
    I got grade 19 but i was placed in my 5th choice but a friend of mine got 21 and get his first choice school. can you imagine this.

  53. Darko Hayford Prince says:

    Please, thanks for the information given.I would like to say that Administrators of all second cycle institutions should be critically monitored to avoid the habit of inflating the fresh students’ fees. They should try as much as possible to stake to the Government approved fees. Thank you.

  54. John. says:

    Please sir a friend of mine had aggregate 26 but had 7 in mathematics will he get placed? Please answer with my name.

  55. John. says:

    Please sir a friend of mine had aggregate 26 but had 7 in mathematics will he get a school? Please answer with my name.

  56. Gideon Anani says:

    for the past one month, i can’t get my placement online

  57. baba says:

    sir can u tell me bit abt nkwant shs…bcoz i was place there…i dont know nothing abt there

  58. patricia says:

    please sir i cheak my placement on phone and had my 3rd choice, but when i cheak onnet with the (cSSPS) it says my index No.is in-correct, why pls answer me.

  59. patricia says:

    please sir answer abena.

  60. patricia says:

    sir pls is the result on net

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      this year the whole placement is absurd. You might check on the phone and get your first choice. But when you go and print it out on the internet, you might get your sixth choice school or vice versa. I don’t think the result is on the internet yet. Please has anyone printed his/her placement form from the internet?

  61. schneider says:

    why is GES Doing with the heart of parent

  62. oliva says:

    ohhh sir, i see,so if i check and i had my sixth choice,it can change on the net???that is somewhat good news ooo.at least there is some hope.when i checked on the net,they said my index number is not correct again.how many times can the card be used??

  63. patricia says:

    Thanks sir,please but when will it be on net.

  64. please time is going when and when will the school replacement be available please tell because we are loosing it thank you.

  65. please how long will the school replacement take to be on net because when i check my sister who had agg 17 keep on telling me the index number is incorrect please tell me something thanks.

  66. stella says:

    Wondering what is happening. Heard on radio that the placement is released but you go on the net and a different story is told. Why this deception, please? Now where do we check our wards placements from? Oh Ghana!

  67. boris edem says:

    my younger sister had 06 but she was given her 3rd choice…_ please why? Explain it to me.

  68. notbymight oware says:

    please myjhsresult.net is under construction how can i access mine

  69. haruna othniel says:

    we are waiting for the school placement,when is it going to be out?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      everything has been completed. you must get a school by wednesday. by the 10th of this month, you should print out your placement form and go to your school. if you dont get a school by the end of the week it means you weren’t placed.

  70. Michaelpecku says:

    Sir,i had 06 that is 8 ones(had grade one in all subjects except french in which i had 2)i had my first choice st.augustine’s college and i found out by texting my index nos to 1060.i want to get the prospectus from the school.so how am i supposed to do that.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      you have to print out your placement form from the internet by the 10th of this month. call the school you were place into before you go there. am sure you might have to npay some fees before you are given your prospectus

  71. michaelpecku says:

    thank you sir,it means alot to me

  72. Vivian says:

    I can’t get my son’s placement on my laptop with my moderm though I have bought the CSSPS card. What do I do? I’ve had his school thru my fone. I’ve been asked to bring his placement form. When is their certificate coming out, thanks.

  73. robert says:

    your site has been very useful. My son had 06 and has his first choice school.I hope you will continue to run this site.Please advice all parents to be interested in their children’s learning habits from infancy to the highest level they can go.Thank you and God bless you.

  74. Kyei says:

    Hi Ekow, my daughter’s placement came in this morning, you were right about your prediction she got her first choice, arch bishop porters, tdi,with grade 06. Can you guess how much we spent on the txtg, even on sunday, yesterday, she was txtg, now the anxious moment is over, thanks a lot, God richly bless you. So now what is the next step?

  75. naa says:

    hello sir, y are majority of does hu had 06 pendin. it has made me restless and ma mum is worried. pls ans me

  76. Ekow Mensah says:

    I am grateful to the almighty God for enabling all my students make their first choice school. I was anxious when I received result pending when I checked initially but as of now, everybody had made their schools
    Presec Legon 5
    Mfanstipim 5
    Adisadel Col 3
    Wesley Girls 1
    Porter Girls 5
    St. Roses 2
    Aburi Girls 1
    St, Mary’s 2

    I give glory to God

  77. plse sir, why is that up till now some students have not yet get their placement. i send the index numbers of my sisters to the short and the reply was the placement is still pending whiles others have get their schools. please i want to know when all the placements would be ready so that we’ll all know our faith

  78. please sir, i bought the GES access card and whenever i go to the net and use it they me the index no. is wrong can still use it when everytin is okay

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      the information has not been placed online yet. check on monday. GES wants parents to text to check via the mobile phones so that they can make enough money

  79. mickey says:

    sir is the forms online on the net now?if not..then when is it comming online…bcoz we r really waiting and tired of checking it on the net everyday?

  80. teddy ackam says:

    when will the admission form be ready on net

  81. John.y says:

    Please sir, i texted and saw my placement on phone so my father gave me money to go and buy the placement card. But i don’t know if the schools are ready online. Can i now go and print the school form online? Please answer with my name . Thank you.

  82. teddy ackam says:

    from aggregate six to which aggregate must a student obtained before he/she can get a school

  83. eric says:

    hi eckow my step son had aggregrate 23 and i when i check on phone it tells me pending, does that mean he is going to be placed?

  84. peter says:

    Is it true that the placement on the fone is a lie?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      its not true. 99% of it is correct. last year, some people checked on phone and had their first choice, when they printed it online, they had their fourth choice. So mistakes do happen, but it is not very common

  85. john nyaa says:

    when ever i check on phone i am told it is pending but when i check at the cafe i am always told that there is problem loading what do i do?

  86. eric says:

    Mr Ekow, i checked for him this morning it was still pending

  87. eric says:

    Mr Ekow my step son got 2 in english, 3 in science, 4 in social studies, 7 in maths & when i checked on the phone today it was still pending….please answer me soon

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      get to the Secretariat early enough and see some of the big men over there. If you can write a letter to the coordinator to inform them your ward hasn’t been placed yet, am sure someone will attend to you. its looking like he wasn’t placed.

  88. please sir my sisters got aggregate 14 and 28 respectively up till date whenever i checked the school placement on phone they keep telling the number is not found on the list. Re-check that you typed the correct number. If it is correct, then ur placement is pending.And i learnt its up to aggregate 30 so please how long are we to wait for thee pending results

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      the agg 14 should get a school easily, when was the last time you checked. The agg 28 is what am not sure about. Did your sister make grade 07 in Maths, English or Science, if the answer is yes, then she did not qualify to be placed, if no, then go to the Secretariat and lodge a complaint. She ought to be placed.

  89. mickey says:

    pls sir…i was admitted to nkwanta shs….can u pls tell me abt the school and their performance in wassce final exams

  90. meny says:

    pls da site myjhsresults.net isnt workin pls do somfin bout it pls and thx

  91. Desmond says:

    I checked my placement today on the phone and they asked me to my index no well and if am sure that means i did not get placement

  92. eric says:

    Mr Ekow i checked on my step son’s placement on the phone today & it appeared your index number is on the list but placement to a school will be completed by 7th october , 2011….does that mean he would be placed? please answer me soon

  93. eric says:

    Mr Ekow, he did not register for the 30% slot it just came…& thank you very much for answering all my questions & may God bless you

  94. Rashid says:

    hi Ekow,
    my sister got 07 and she is placed in her foutth choice school which is quite suprising. she had science and maths 1 and has a passion for science.can u please explain why.

  95. i checked for the agg 28 today and i was told her number is on the list but placement will be completed by 7th October, 2011 thus today so that is mean she’ll get a school? for the EMS she got 6

  96. tony bright says:

    please, why isn’t da cssps site working?

  97. Nti Tibu Yaw says:

    .All is about Computerised School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS).Immediately i checked it does not give me any answer.Please do any thing about it.Thank you.

  98. Nti Tibu Yaw says:

    .All is about Computerised School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS).Immediately i checked it does not give me any answer.Please do some thing about it.Thank you.

  99. Kyei says:

    Hi Mr Ekow, the breakdown u gave about ur sch’s placement means that mayflower is one of the best first cycle schools in the country. Do you have boarding facilities? How many students sat for the exams? Am considering sending my son to ur school.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Mr Kyei,
      where do you live and which school is your child attending? We presented 24 students and they all made their first choice school to God’s Glory. Unfortunately, we don’t have boarding facilities.

  100. eric says:

    Mr.Eckow when you are told you are on the placement list, but placement to a school will be completed… does it 100% mean that you are surely going to be placed?

  101. jacob says:

    mr ekow y are the placements late, and when i check it says wrong index number…….

  102. Isaac says:

    Have mayflower started their mock?if no then when?

  103. Sir, may the good Lord bless you and establish you on the land of the living and you shall live to enjoy the fruit of your labour. Pls are students reporting this month or which date?

  104. Esther obuobi says:

    Sir pls, i have use the GES card three times already for my daughter, can i use it again? Pls let me know

  105. Kwadwo Tawia says:

    When will the site be ready for printing of the school placement form? I still cannot get it as at one and half hours ago. The response I always get is “The index number is wrong” which is strange – with the same index number I had the results and later, a response from the texting indicating the school. What is really happening?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      It seems they have not uploaded all the placement information on the net. You will have to wait until it is uploaded before you check again.

  106. patricia says:

    please sir you told me it will be on net on 10th but still is not on net, so sir when will it be on net.

  107. Dr Emmanuel says:

    Pls when will the placement be out on the net. I tried checking for my son but I had no reponse. Hope to hear from you soon. Brgds

  108. david says:

    pls i have check several times but it keeps on telling me index # is correct why ?but the gud news is dat is certificate has been released today.

  109. ron appiah says:

    its 12 october but still placement to a school is not in yet

  110. ron appiah says:

    what should i do

  111. eric says:

    Mr. Ekow it’s me again, my step son is still worried..I checked on the phone again and they told me placement to a school will be completed by 17th October 2011…At first they said 7th October but now 17th October…does this mean he will not be placed? please answer me as soon as you can.

  112. Dr Emmanuel says:

    Mr. Ekow, I was told the placement will be out today to print on net but when I did so, the result was . Pls when will it be out for us to print. I did the texting for my son and we got it.

  113. Mohammed says:

    Mr. Ekow, I have been reading most of your answers you give parents and students. Thanks for your help. My problem with the placement is that, my ward was place in a day school in the Brim North with a hostel facility which I did not select for her. What can I do or how can I get in touch with the co-ordinator or whoever for him/her to have my concerned addressed ? Please I beg you I need you help.

  114. Mohammed says:

    Please, Mohammed again, kindly give me the direction to the office of whoever I should go and see. Thanks.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      quite unfortunate your ward was placed to a school she did not choose. Please write a petition to the co-ordinator and explain your situation. You have to do that quick. They might get her to a better school before the close of the placement. Their office is opposite the morning star school at cantoments. Its not too far from the danquah circle. Place your petition there and try and speak to the coordinator. What grade did your ward make and what was her first three choice?

  115. Mohammed says:

    Thanks for your answers, my ward had 25 which I am not happy about.
    These are the first three choice : 1. Okuapeman SHS, 2. Mfantsiman Girls SHS, 3. Adonten SHS, 4. Nsaba Presby SHS, 5. Potsin T.I. Ahmadiyya SHS, and 6. Methodist Girls SHS.
    I send the index No. to a short code 1477 and the schools given was the same except that Adonten did not appear but with Ayirebi SHS which is a day school. I know my ward can not get first four but at least fifth and sixth what do you think ? Any help ?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      check it on vodafone or tigo’s network to see if they will place him/her at the same school. I presume they attended a public JHS? Honestly, if you are well to be I would have advised you to allow them to go to a private SHS, get a class teacher for them at home, force them to write NOv/Dec in form two and just pray they make a good grade to go to Tech, Legon or UDS. A private secondary school would be more affordable than a private University?

  116. eric says:

    Mr Ekow i am still waiting to hear from you.

  117. mickey says:

    pls sir…i had agg 19 and i got my fifth choice which nkwanta shs..i will like u to tell me abt the school….their environment and performce in academic?

  118. Mr. Ekow what is really happening most candidates in the Ashanti region has not been placed especially those in Government schools when at all will the GES finish with the school placement bcos we are fed up of waiting. i’ve tested my sisters index # to the short code 1060 on both MTN and Vodafone but still they’ve not reply me. i call them and they said GES have not updated the placement yet so they’ll reply me once they (GES) bring the list. my sisters are really worried.

  119. John says:

    Sir pls when are the placements going to be ready for us to print on net because the days are running?

  120. John says:

    Sir pls when are the placements going to be ready for us to print because the days are running?

  121. dennis says:

    sir i hope they will not prospond the date again ,we pray it doen’t happen again. may the lord bless you for giving us information what’s going on there daily

  122. patricia says:

    Sir pls is 17th oct now,and it still not on net why?

  123. angela says:

    like which time will it be out or is it that plenty people are online thats why?

  124. angela says:

    so it will come today right. so when will we go to school we are really sick and tired staying home. its being about 7 to 8 months now and we are still in the house. they should be specific of the date and should stop deceiving us

  125. DAVID FIA. says:

    but sir, i think if it is not ready at the end of this day, then i think it should rather wait for the next term(second term).

  126. DAVID FIA. says:

    but sir, i think if it is not ready at the end of this day, then i think it should rather wait for the next term(second term). or sir don,t you make scenes with me?

  127. mickey says:

    sir pls r u sure it will be out before the end of the day….?and pls sir if i may ask…will we be going to school this term

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      I was assured the placement would be online today. But from the looks of things, its likely to be postponed again. I am sure they are encountering a technical difficulty.

  128. Capoo says:

    GES is a disgrace to Ghanians. how can they play on our emotions like that. now they are saying until 20th. what a pity! they needs to be dragged to court before they could realize their stupidity. Shameeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  129. capoo says:

    I called their head office to find-out and i was told by Thursday everything will be out. Im highly pissed. They cannot joke with our hearts. Sorry to say they are ‘fooooooooooooools’

  130. oliva says:

    Capoo thank you for calling them and telling us.I’ve been checking the whole day no result.well i hope after Thursday there will be no postponement.

  131. mickey says:


  132. Conelius says:

    I’m very very tired of being in the house when would i go to school.I heared that they shifted it to 10th november.

  133. Suleman Ibrahim says:

    Gud Day sir. Does it mean we are not going 2 school dis term or what? Why is GES doing dis 2 our lives? I suggest we go on demonstration to the office. Because dey said 17th and now they are saying 18th and today is the 18th and the page is not even opening again. I think if the placement is not out today we all have to do something because time is running out.

  134. Mr. Apeti says:

    What is happening with the Ghana Education office and WAEC?
    How can you keep silence over the things that are happening in our education sector.
    If you are tired with the Job please resign so that the able men and women who are ready to do the job do it. I suggest all the 2011 BECE graduate go to school next year.

    • oliva says:

      Mr.Apeti,we are tired of staying at home.we can’t go to school next year.even if it is for just two weeks,we will go.they are experiencing technical difficulties that is why it isn’t coming.

  135. dennis says:

    pls sir,when will the placement be out ,i have cheched since morning .pls why.

  136. Capoo says:

    Dennis, dont worry yourself. they are deceivers. Now they are saying next week. But will give the fool details at a press conference tomorrow. Lets wait to hear what they say.

    • dennis says:

      thanks capoo let’s just wait i hope by God’s every thing will be fine.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      I beg take it easy. I know you are tired of staying at home. When I called Mfanstipim today, they have not even received the list of students who made it to the school from GES. All the secondary schools have to get that first before candidates start trouping to the school. Everything would be over next week. I am disappointed that nothing materialized from all the dates they gave out.

  137. oliva says:

    Capoo as if u know when i told my dad it hasn’t come still,he was like,as for these people if it hasn’t come today that means next week.i hear they are encountering some technical difficulties that’s why.

  138. aaron says:

    this placement issue is rely an issue of interest.i have bought my card from SIC but no response i have been to my school no response.please tell me when is the placement going to be in.and also, i would like to know if private and public secondary which is preferable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  139. John.y says:

    Please sir i think those doing the placement aren’t competent enough to do the job. I mean how do they expect us to finish the syllabus before we write wassce if we aren’t going to learn or do any examination this term? I think they should all be sacked from that office. Because they are all good for nothing in there.

  140. kisseh jemima otuko says:

    pls sir i had grde 06 bt didnot get my first choice which is roses.do u think my placement could be wrong

  141. dennis says:

    brother let all wait cos there is nothing we can do now

  142. John.y says:

    Please sir i chose bolgatanga high as my first choice and kumaca as my second choice. When i checked on phone, i got my first choice but when i printed it from the net i found out the school’s name has changed to that of my second choice and the course from g. Arts to agric. But from the information on the form indicates that i got my first choice. and i really want to attend the first choice school. Please what should i do? I’m very devastated.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Take it easy. I know you are devastated. Let your parent write a Petition about the change of school. They will change it to another school of your choice but not necessarily your first choice school.

  143. John.y says:

    Instead bolgatanga to appearing first followed by kumaca, kumaca rather appeared as my first and second choice without bolgatanga high on the form. Please answer me because i don’t know what to do.

  144. John.y says:

    Instead of bolgatanga appearing first followed by kumaca, kumaca rather appeared as my first and second choice without bolgatanga high on the form. But i texted and it was confirmed that i have chosen bolgatanga high a my first choice. Please answer me because i don’t know what to do.

  145. david says:

    finally everything is over.

  146. dennis says:

    the link was bad when i tryed checking my placement.

  147. oliva says:

    i printed my forms and i had Gey Hey.wow!!!!it is a miracle.thank you God,u heard my prayer and you have kept your promise.thank you God

  148. bansah says:

    only God can judge bcos from the way things are going almost everyone at ma school had their 4th n 5th choices i had 07 but got ma 4th choice (akim swedru) why 1=st peters, 2nd=ghana national, 3rd=aggrey memorial

  149. Nana Kwame says:


    • Ekow Mensah says:

      nana kwame,
      It seems they are still working on the site.just keep on trying,you will get it. I am still encountering the same problem for my niece, i haven’t printed it out yet.

  150. sir pls my school is not yet in am wondering why becuz i had aggregade 32

  151. one of my friend aggregrade 34 but he got school so sir am wondering why

  152. Nana Kwame says:


  153. Suleman says:

    Sir Ekow pls tell waec to do something abt this because i an going really crazy. I started cheking from Monday and uptil now i have not been able to print the letter out. I even bought another Cssps card 2day again and still i have not been able to print it out. Pls help me Mr. Ekow.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      change your browser. Are you using firefox? change to internet explorer and see whether you will get the same result,
      Try from another cafe or else, visit them at the Secretariat and lodge a complaint.

  154. ernest allotey says:


  155. Michael says:

    Please l can’t find the website to check my placement. l fill the 30% Catchment Area form and up to this time there is no placement yet. Why?

  156. jamila kobila says:

    plz sir wats happening, many pple have been able to print their admission forms but i cannot access mine.anytime i try it show that my ‘index number/pin is not correct’ meanwhile it is correct.wat shld i do?

  157. sir ekow plse a friend of my was checking his school placement and he was told that his index number (0315139008) does not exist so plse what shuld we do?

  158. plse sir i have seen u telling sam 1 that when he or she gets agg(7) in any of de core subject, he/she will not b given any placement but my friend did not get agg(7) in any of his subject n he got grade (17)
    so what again must we do?

  159. Robert says:

    please Ekow i have been checking my school placement on the net but they tell me the index no and serial no does not exit. what should i do ? i have tried all the website but no result. I’m worried.

  160. Francis Sakada says:

    I’m simply impressed at what you are doing. This is an innovation and I think you deserve a lot of praise. Keep it up!

    I’m a physics tutor in St. Mary’s Seminary Senior High School, Lolobi, Volta Region. I had just chanced upon your site. It is quite obvious that I have a lot to learn from you and I hope this is possible.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Mr Francis,
      Thanks for the compliments. I hope your school is not charging like St. Roses Sec Sch in Akwatia. I am paying 13.5million to get my niece into that school. How is performance in the science department of your school?

  161. Hi,
    I have tried several times to access my placement on the net, but they keep on telling me that my index number, the serial and pin number of the scracth card does not exist. I have already bought two cards, what migth be wrong please.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      I don’t know what aggregate you made. But if you had grade 6-8 in any of the four core subjects, its likely you were not placed. If you have to write the B.E.C.E again, then you have to act fast. Most schools are registering their final year candidates by the end of next week. Your other option is to try and secure a private secondary school if there is money at home. Annabel, you don’t have time, act quickly

  162. I had english-1, social studies-1, integrated science-1 mathematics-4 and computer-2 making an aggregate of nine-9. so what is happening please

  163. derrick mensah says:

    please i completed this at year Nungua methodist 2,i got Aggregate 29 and i did not got a school.please do something about it for me. With my certificate too my picture has changed

  164. Kwaku says:

    i just finished jhs this year and i want to know when thereunto will be out.

  165. Emmanuel Earl says:

    Pls i Had grade 12.Had 2 in Maths,Science,English,Social,RME, BDT and had 4 in ICT and Twi.I chose Achimota,Ghana National College,Aggrey Memorial respectivey.I want to study science pls which school am i likely to get.

  166. vincent says:

    when will the 2012 bece cssp will released?

  167. FRANCIS BAFFOE says:

    Please what is the code for this year?Thanks

  168. Neno says:

    Pls sir .can one make a tranfer from categori B to A? and can one do that without his/her prospectus? And what is the importance of the prospectus?

  169. please sir l got maths 5 english 5 social studies 3 bd&t 5 lct 4 science 5 rme 5 will l get replacement or get my second choice

  170. please sir will l get replacement

  171. please sir which month will replacement release out

  172. david anokye says:

    please sir,i just want to know whether i will get mfantsipim with 08 offering science?

  173. bright amoah says:

    when will the 2012 bece school placement be released?

  174. abigail donkor says:

    sir i tried checking my placement and i didn’t get any feedback.I was told by a friend to send my index number to the short code 1060, but i didn’t receive any feedback although i did that about five times.So i want to know how to check the placement whether on phone or online… thank you

  175. Derrick says:

    Sir please on which website can we check the school placement of students when one wants to check on the internet?

  176. korshie charles says:

    we have checked the site since yesterday but no result. tell me when exactly the placements will be out online.

  177. Sir please when will the placement be out on internet?

  178. good result is the bestsir i tried checking my placement and i didn’t get any feedback.I was told by a friend to send my index number to the short code 1060, but i didn’t receive any feedback although i did that about five times.So i want to know how to check the placement whether on phone or online…

  179. Please Mr. Ekow Mensah, may I know when 2012 BECE candidates’ school placements will be out? Thanks a lot.

  180. Peter says:

    which day will we the first years go to the school we are placed into?
    Please answer me okay…

  181. prince nyarko says:

    Mr.Ekow,i had 19[math 3,soc 3 scie 3 eng 3 ga 3 nd rme 4],can i pls get Koforidua sec/tec[science]…completed in 2012…nd wat will be my ova raw scores…nd also whn will de skuls b r’lezd cos i av checked several tyms but yet…i’m told its not available.

  182. please sir when will the school placement be out?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      opoku anthony,
      All assurance they have given failed. Probably, we should hear something from the Secretariat by thursday, if not then by next week

  183. chemist says:

    please sir owass and prempeh college which school will you prefer to for your ward who want to offer scienc and how many science classes does prempeh college have?

  184. chemist says:

    please sir owass and prempeh college which school will you prefer to for your ward who want to offer science and how many science classes does prempeh college have?

  185. Araba says:

    OK sir i will do that and thank you very much.

  186. Addo Dominic says:

    Sir, Please when will the school placement be out

  187. sandra owusu says:

    pls help me check my placement with the card plss

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      you can’t use the scratch card now. text your index number to 1060 on tigo’s network. don’t forget to add 12 at the end of your index number. all the best

  188. prince nyarko says:

    Sir pls you have not answered me yet…

  189. dear sir,i have bought e scratch card but it seems not to be working please what should i do because i need to print out my school placement immediately

  190. can iget presec legon with grade 09 and had one in science and to offer science

  191. Moses says:

    if we go to the sch, and we want to change our course what do we say or tell them

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Some schools like Wesley girls, Presec and Mfanstipim organizes maths and science test for students who want to change course. those who do well are given their desired course so please start revising your bece maths and science papers.

  192. Ephraim Gibson says:

    Please are you saying that by tomorrow the placement will be out on the internet cos the computer is given a funny language. Thanks

  193. Kwasi Akuamoah-Boateng says:

    plz sir i had my 4th choice with 08.. how can i get a transfer to another school b’cos i dont like my 4th choice skul… it wont help me to push forward in life

  194. John Nkrumah says:

    MMMMMMMM please can anybody help me to check my school placement. i don’t know h
    ow to do it. but i have searched for it at http://www.myjhsresults.net and also at org but i still can’t get it . please help if you know it.

  195. Emmanuel says:

    Please will we receive the form by Wednesday? And, which particular websi9te are we to chech?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      the website on your scratch card is correct. School Placements Forms is not on the internet yet. wait till the 10th of October to check it out again

  196. Emmanuel says:

    Please I made a typing mistake in my earlier question. I wanted to know whether we will receive the forms by Wednesday. And On which particular website are we to check the forms?

  197. Acidick says:

    So do they ve to wait tell 10th October before they.can check for the schools. What of those know their schools.already by sms and still ve da CSSPS card.

  198. Efua Fordjoe says:

    How do I get the print out. the website does not work. Please tell me the truth of the exact day I can access. thanks

  199. Sir please i graduated just this with a grade of 16 but i was placed at Kwanyako Snr. High. Please help me because i dont really deserve that school.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Just thank God you got a school, go out there and prove a point that you can make it in any school so far as you are hardworking and determined

  200. augustine dzisenu says:

    sir,pls wen would the cssps card be out..

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      the cards are out. You can buy some in any ADB bank nationwide. But for the placement forms, check it out after 10th october

  201. plz i bought de school placement card but when i entered the website they told did not match any document plz y didnt it come

  202. pls when i used my scratch card late in the night my placement form came with high rawscore 450 but i didnt get presec legon they gave me temasco

  203. regina says:

    if you were given fourth choice of school. can u change it

  204. elikplim says:

    Please can you let me know when the placement will take place

    I am will to go to school this term and not next term

  205. Simon says:

    I’m Simon Please Sir I heard in Accra student can print out their placement forms but here in Takoradi we can’t acess it please Sir what is going on can You tell me something I am working in a CAFE and student are worrying me too much thank you .?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      tell your guys to relax. Placement is not online yet. I am reading on this site that on Monday, It would be placed online for students to print it out. But what I had officially was that it would be placed online on the 10th of October

  206. samuel governor says:

    Sir pls what will be the placement time on the net pls

  207. jerome says:

    pls the cards are out but still the forms are not on the net

  208. Gideon says:

    Pls sir ekow, i had agg 15 and i got effiduase senior high.pls how is their performance in wassce

  209. i called ges number and they told me the placement shall be ready at the end of this week so u guys relax

  210. MAB says:

    Sir have the secondary schools received the admission list

  211. Abibata says:

    Please so want are the placement is coming to the net

  212. as says:

    If the scratch cards becomes usable on 10th October then when do we go to school.

  213. EMMA says:

    still the placement card is not functioning on the net,why?

  214. alex tawiah says:

    please when i checked my daughter s placement via 1060 she was offered ola girls .as to which of the OLA S ican not tell but she actually choosed the one at kenyasi /BA . the list has been received by the school unfortunately when i checked from the list her name was surprisingly absent.what should i do ?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      wait and print out the placement form on the 10th. If her placed SHS is different from the text message you received, write a petition to the CSPSS and I am sure they will give you a favourable school

  215. behold says:

    why is it that the website for the placement is not responding

  216. Iddrisu waliu says:

    please sir i have bought my scratch card but cant access my cssps form.when will the forms be on the net and how do i access the form.

  217. daniel benson says:

    dear sir,i had agg 26 but never got 7 in any of my cores.i had 6 in only social studies but still i have not gotten placemaent,all my friends are going to school and am left at home my father keeps hounding at me.please can u help me get access to GES because as at now only one person has gotten placement in my school and sahe had agg 29,please help me because i feel guilty in this world.0265876005 this is my number please call me incase of anything

  218. amos azumah says:

    Pls sir, grade 27 is it among the second batch of placement

  219. alex tawiah says:

    yhank you ekow .my daughter was finally offered admission at OLA girls ,kenyasi B/A

  220. sir i just completed jhs n had 1in sci,2 in social,2 in english,2 in rme 3 in maths,1 in pre- tech n 3 in ict n i was place in my 4 choice which is bogoso st.augustine’s high sch why wasn’t i givin my second or 3rd choice.

  221. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into starting my own weblog and was wondering what all is needed to get setup? I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny?
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  223. ME says:

    Fuck WAEC ON THE 2013 Exams…..

  224. Akrasi says:

    I got 18 and i chosed
    koforidua sec tech
    pls sir what ar my chance of placement

  225. Kofi says:

    I chose Mfantsipim Senior High and I got aggregate 12 pls can I still get THE SCHOOL???

  226. gideon says:

    is adisadel college a good school

  227. ANGELA says:

    pls sir i had aggregate 14
    and a 5 in math but i was placed in my 4th choice school i had 1 in english and science
    is there anything my parents can do about it. my first choice school was wesley girls
    thank you and pls answer fast

  228. ANGELA says:

    pls answer

  229. ezra says:

    Please sir,
    Every single time i try 2 check for my placement i get a message saying my index number was not found on da placement list.please help me out,what should i do?

  230. Nana Opoku says:

    I tank God 4 getting ma 1st choice Adisadel College wid 7ones oo. But it z not fair coz ma frnd tuk kwabotwe n had 9ones but he ddnt get it but rader he had adisadel college. Pls wat can he do 2 get his kwabotwe back???

  231. Bamfo Owusu Evans says:

    i had grade 10,english 1,science 1 n de rest 2 but WAEC gave me my 3rd choice n i dont understand sir pls i need ur help

  232. Emmanuel Yawson says:

    i had 08 but i did not get mfantsipim sir pls help me

  233. Samuel says:

    Wonderful write up.

  234. Samuel says:

    The system is too busy..is there any other alternative?

  235. Marc says:

    This myjhsresults.net website thing is a waste. nothing seems to work , you provide ur logins and its gives u error page… Damn ! thumbs down to u waec!

  236. gideon jordan says:

    when are u supposed to go to the school u were placed for ur prospectus

  237. Nana Opoku says:

    D placement a in so U can go n print it n send it 2 ur various skulls 4 ur prospectus but plz remember dat u must add a passort picture n also send it 2 ur jhs skulls 4 ur master 2 stamp it b4 U send it 2 d shs oo

  238. Boakye Prince says:

    pls sir when i checked my placement dey said my name cant be found on de placement list what should i do pls.

  239. Marcelus says:

    Errrm pls i herd sumtin lyk second placement n pls wen is dat one also coming out

  240. SEIDU ALIMATU says:

    sir pls am Seidu alimatu and i had maths 5, english 7, social studies 5, r.m.e 7, science 4, ICT 6, Akwapim 2, B.D.T/Pre tech 6, here is my index number 0202078031 and my centre number is 20203 ,what will be my aggregate and my placement thanks a lot i will be glad if you can send it to my email [email protected]

  241. shaatir says:

    sir please when will mfantsipim close their admission

  242. DAVID ACQUAH says:

    i get 280 of my total score n gt agg 30 i haven’t receive my placement i have check several times de feedack was contact de ges .pls i hav de scrach card if possible i can give de pin ,index etc 2check 4 me index:0302015002 sch:? de d

    pls aid me 2 get 1 of dis sch
    de sch dat i choose
    1mankessim s.h.s
    2mathodist s.h.s
    3t.l almhadia
    4kwegyir aggrey

  243. please sir,i got manso adubia senior high school, please i am a 2013 candidate and through financial ploblem i didn`t go to school, so i will join the 2014 candidate when they are going to S H S one, so please can i go to the school that i got and get transfer to Aduman senior high school.?

  244. Ulysses says:

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    I had a quick question that I’d like to ask if you
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