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List of the Top 10 Best Basic Schools in Tema Metropolis for the 2008/2009 Academic year

Below is the list of the top 10 basic schools in Tema Metropolis. Getting placed among the best simply means that all your candidates obtain between aggregate 6 and 7 in their Basic Education Certificate Examination (B.E.C.E).





Mayflower Prep. School (Bastonaa)



Holy Child School (Sakumono)



First Baptist (Tema)



Martin Luther King (Ashaiman)



Andy Memorial



Queensland Int. School (Nungua Barrier)



Angels Specialist (Tema)



Prince of Peace



St. Ann’s School (Ashaiman)



Rosharon Montessori (Tema)





  1. All this is a lie and all the schools are very stupid and yawa especially my school, May flower

  2. All is very true I admit this school is very good but somehow bad

  3. serena lomotey says:

    i didn’t say the the school was yawa or whatever, someone made that comments and used my name and i dont even know mayflower school. i am even in the u.s not ghana!!.the one who wrote that is very stupid…..and i heard that nana sarfo was the most stupid in May Flower School…..

  4. serena lomotey says:

    why are people using my name to comment.canyou please stop

  5. Ricky and Nana K says:

    first baptist school is the best and should be the first in all

  6. Anthony Boakye says:

    I think First Baptist School is the best school in Tema. I think we deserve better.

  7. EKO says:


  8. Aku Danquah says:

    Sure these schools are doing very well and we’ll do well to send our kids. Congrats to these schools. keep the good work and God bless you loads

  9. hannah aggrey says:

    i ve a nephew at queensland and i tell u the sch itself and the kids de be keke

  10. Nana says:

    dis is all a lie TEPAS is der best skool in tema ,so wat the

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      What school is that? TEPAS, is that Tema parents school? Go and check their ranking at the ges office. I don’t remember the last time they were ranked among the best 10 schools

  11. serena says:

    people are using my name to make comments , i am very sorry .

  12. all these are lies because st.john bosco basic school is the best of all nation

  13. julius says:

    wow whats all this confusing talk on which is the best school in tema. i am a new parent who wants the best for his children thats why i came to this site to read comments but most of it is soo infantile, i think children who claim to come from the best schools in tema should learn to publish decent language and stop hiding behind the curtain of the net to disgrae their schools.
    i am totally confused, i think i;ll send my boy to queensland, the comments i read abt them are okay.

  14. Nwills says:

    I think this list is not completed or its not the right list
    cause datus wasnt on it deks educational institue was also not on it tema parents etc well i think there are schools way better than the ones on the list. expectially Deks, it should be one of it !

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      The list was based on the bece results for the year indicated. You can confirm at the GES office in Tema. WIll try and update and give you the 10 best schools every year from 2009, but that list is not about structures or facilities in the school, it was based on BECE result rankings

  15. Winston says:

    You are all wrong, holy child is the best of all schools

  16. annette bodea says:

    pls can sum 1 suggest to me wich of the above skulls re gud nd wich ones admit in junior high3

  17. TNG says:

    Please we entreat you to leave decent comments that could convince us to award many of these hardworking schools

  18. daniella n dufie says:

    rosharon dey beee k3k3 we b 2 much.

  19. Marx says:

    Which is the best in terms of scores & infrastructure 2014 data? On transfer to Tema. moving my family next academic year…P3, P1 & KG2. Any help would prefer a christian school. We’re Baptist anyway but not be limited just by that. Awaiting any well informed revert. Thx & Rds

  20. Aceix says:

    I know the confusion in here. The table was turned upside down during the upload. Rosharon is the best, and the next is the rest.

  21. Fiere says:

    Hmmm,well,there is no need to be confused here!Rosharon Montessori is the best!Then the others…

  22. TJ says:

    Queensland is the best in terms of infrastructure, facilities and teachers with master degrees
    and I should know because I am a form 2 student and I have been there for approximately 10 years

  23. Johna286 says:

    It’s very straightforward to find out any topic on net as compared to textbooks, as I found this article at this site. kgedkdkebebd

  24. Solomon Mensah says:

    Queensland international school is a beacon of hope as regards intelligent and leadership oriented minds. My 10 years there were never wasted!!


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