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How to Print Out Placement forms from the Internet

The Computerized School Selection and Placement System (C.S.S.P.S.) Secretariat has actually got it wrong this year. Nothing went according to plan and their reputation is actually on the line. They have to do better next year to restore the faith parents and the general public have in them.

From my little research, W.A.E.C. released the B.E.C.E. results to the secretariat early in September and for them to take five weeks to complete the placement and another two weeks to place the result online for students to print out their forms is not good enough. They can actually do better and we hope all the mistakes they  committed this year would not be repeated next year.

How to print out Placements forms

You will need to purchase a scratch card from S.I.C, A.D.B. bank or from any post office in your neighbourhood. Go to www.myjhsresult.org and enter your index number, the serial and pin number on the scratch card and submit. Don’t forget to add ‘11’ at the end of your index number.

If you are lucky, your forms would be displaced without any sweat. If you are not so lucky, a lot of funny information like this would be shown;

“ Sorry the Index Number, Scratch Card Number/PIN Number does not exist. Please look carefully and retype. If you are very sure about it, please send email to [email protected].”

I know you are sure about the information you submitted, the fault is not from the scratch card, its the system which is not working properly. Keep on trying until your form is shown. Don’t rush to buy a new card. I am sure they are still working on the site and probably it is jammed up. It wasn’t designed for over 200,000 candidates to visit the site at once. Just relax and try at dawn or late in the night.


Credibility of the C.S.S.P.S.

challenging heights coordinator On the 10th of this month, a Non Governmental Organization, Challenging Heights petitioned the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (C.H.R.A.J), to investigate officials of the Computer Schools Selection and Placement System (C.S.S.P.S.) as it alleges of corruption in the placement process.

According to Challenging heights, it claimed it had substantial evidence to prove that officers in charge of the C.S.S.P.S. are illegally collecting monies, in order to place students in some particular Senior high schools where they would otherwise not have been placed. It also alleged that some of the officers are removing duly merited and placed candidates from their chosen schools, and placing students whose parents have paid bribes in their places.

What was their main point in this allegation, a candidate with aggregate 08 had been placed in Wesley Girls High School. But I asked my self whether it was possible.


Examine this scenario

Candidate A had aggregate 1 in BDT, GA, French, RME, Social Studies and English and aggregate 2 in Mathematics and Int. Science whilst Candidate B had aggregate 1 in Mathematics, English, Int. Science and Social Studies and also had aggregate 2 in BDT, GA, French and RME. Even though candidate A had aggregate 06 and Candidate B had 08, it is very likely Candidate B would have a higher raw score than candidate A. Reason, Candidate B had aggregate 1 in the four compulsory core subjects.

If Challenging Heights want to take this up, they should rather use the raw score of the candidates to build their case rather than the grades. No human institution is perfect. I still believe the computerized school selection and placement system is one of the best thing that happened in Ghana Education Service over the past seven years.


To restore their credibility which has been greatly damaged  because of this accusation, I would advice the C.S.S.P.S. secretariat to make the placement of candidates as transparent as possible. Placements of candidates can actually be done live on air to diffuse any doubt in the mind of parents and the general public about any malfeasance in the secretariat.

Like the National Communication Authority, the Government would have to establish an independent organization which would scrutinize and vet the algorithm that is used for the placement to ensure no strange code is inserted anywhere in it to favour any candidate.

The concept of candidates printing their placement forms online needs to be reviewed. Previously, their placement forms was sent to their respective Junior Secondary Schools,  but presently, parents spend a lot of money to check grades on the phone and also buy cards before they can print out their forms. Its making life difficult for candidates in the rural areas.



  1. amarteifio jonathan says:

    pls when i check mine they said my index number does not exist so pls help

  2. any time i go to the net it says my index number does not exists .does it means i did not qualify for placement. i had aggregate 25 and my index number is 0101438013.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      if you had grade 6-8 in any of the four core subjects, its likely you were not placed. If you have to write the B.E.C.E again, then you have to act fast. Most schools are registering their final year candidates by the end of next week. Your other option is to try and secure a private secondary school if there is money at home. Prince, you don’t have time, act quickly

    • kodua says:

      i have been logging to check my wards place of school and its all prove the other way round why?

  3. emily says:

    can u get 08 and get holy child

  4. jeffrey says:

    wat of 09 for mfantsipim

  5. Oteng Gideon says:

    Wat of grade 6-10 for kass

  6. Oteng Gideon says:

    Wat of grade 6-10 for kumaca

  7. Emmanuel Earl says:

    Pls i Had grade 12.Had 2 in Maths,Science,English,Social,RME, BDT and had 4 in ICT and Twi.I chose Achimota,Ghana National College,Aggrey Memorial respectivey.I want to study science pls which school am i likely to get.

  8. Emmanuel Earl says:

    when will the placement be out pls?

  9. Emmanuel Earl says:

    Pls how can i check the school placement on my phone

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      don’t waste your units, its not out yet. Text your index number to 1060 if you have one cedis for them to chop free

  10. I had aggregate 15, Social-1, English-3, Int. Science-2, Maths-5,
    Home Economics-4, RME-3, and ICT-1. I want to offer science, please Mr.Ekow, will i get my first choice, the school is Bolgatanga senior high.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      It will be tight. I don’t really know of performance up there in the north, but you are highly likely to make it

  11. Emmanuel Earl says:

    Pls are the placement out i mean on the internet ?
    Pls wat is the name of the site

  12. ebenaita says:

    how do i print my placement form

  13. i had aggregate 13 will i get okuas or aburi presbyterian school

  14. when i try to open the placement site in does not open it gives flimsy excuses.

  15. samuel kudamah says:

    please i had 15 in my bece exams and i was given kwegyir aggrey shs
    please i did not select that school so please i will very happy if you can find any ways and means to give another school…..
    thank you
    index number;0315051123
    name samuel kudamah
    school ame zion jhs kasoa c/r

  16. Tina says:

    please when will be the final date for checking the placement

  17. Gottfried lawson says:

    my cssps card is not working…anytime i open it,it says 403-forbidden : access is denied.WHY?

  18. Kelvin says:

    Is it possible that when you you check your placement on the phone it can also amend on the net when checking

  19. On the CSSPS card, the expiry date is 31/01/2012. Please can i use it to check my placement?

  20. simon says:

    has the placement come out?

  21. So please when in particular are the placement going to be online for us to check??? will the raw scores also be on the net???

  22. musah jelilu says:

    what is the date for the release of the placement on the internet

  23. Monica says:

    what day and date should i check my placement from the internet and is it possible to print the forms in coloured

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Check by Friday. You can definitely print it in coloured. What school did you make monica, you sound very happy. Whats the good news?

  24. sir. i bought my computerised school selection and placement card today,but when i go to the site it does not come.please , why is it like that.

  25. tina says:

    pls how do i use the the card i have try many times but no response pls i need your help

  26. siaw sampson says:

    sir,i have bought cssps scratch card today and the site is jammimg why.oh and site here is http://www.myhjhsresult.net and not org.

  27. I think is time the Government start sucking lazy officials in the GES. Last year they made the first team a holiday for our seniors and this year, they are doing the same to us. Gone were the days when students spent three terms in SHS 1 but today, students now spend two terms what a pit.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      First term is definitely out for some of you guys. You are likely to go to school third week in October. Maybe they will extend the time you write your final exams from May/June to Nov/Dec

  28. I think is time the Government start sucking lazy officials in the GES. Last year they made the first team a holiday for our seniors and this year, they are doing the same to us. Gone were the days when students spent three terms in SHS 1 but today, students now spend two terms what a pity.

  29. victor says:

    when wiil we go 2 skuul

  30. IKE says:

    Any time I try to visit the address http://myjhsresults.org/ they say Server Error
    403 – Forbidden: Access is denied.
    You do not have permission to view this directory or page using the credentials that you supplied.

  31. kobby says:

    hello. please send me a link to bece school placement system

  32. how can i print my results out

  33. foli prince says:

    we need the site to check the placement using the checker

  34. akua says:

    umm please when are the placements on the internet coming out is it on Wednesday or Thursday?? thank you

  35. naa says:

    why is the placement forms still not on the net, sir please tell us when, when will it be out for us to print

  36. mieza morkye andoh says:

    i went to a cafe and they told me the placement will be online on the 10th of october and news has it that all first year students should report to shs on 15th so how can we use 5days to buy the things needed…..

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      they will definitely extend your re-opening date. start buying your things now if you know the sec school you are going

  37. Stella Oduro says:

    Sir, i purchased my card on Tuesday and the vendor told told me we should check on Friday and its Friday . I have opened the site and there is no available place for me to check it

  38. edmond dowuona says:

    On the CSSPS card, the expiry date is
    31/01/2012. Please can i use it to
    check my placement?

  39. Randy says:

    i have checked the school i had via the text to 1060 is it possible that due to all this delays there could be changes or we will see something different when the forms come out? i need to know because in our society all things can be possible.

  40. Gyemah says:

    i can fined my school

  41. Gyemah says:

    I can’t fined my school

  42. Mr. Ekow, thank you for always answering our questions, God richly bless you. i checked and had my first choice(Bolgatanga Senior High). These Website Is always entertaining.

  43. AYEH KWASI ACQUAH D. says:

    how can i check my school placement on the net?

  44. menlah michael says:

    plse sir,i need the correct date of when to check it.

  45. menlah michael says:

    sorry the placement.when to print it.

  46. mabel opoku bemah says:

    wen will de placement form appear on de internet.

  47. can u use grade 20-24 to go to omess

  48. justice appiah says:

    when can i print the placement out from the internet

  49. mieza morkye andoh says:

    it seems i helped you answer most of your questions…..for the latest news about the placement,type shs admission 2012 via google….

  50. nana asamoah says:

    sir please why are the forms not out yet.

  51. John Thad says:

    why are the internet forms not yet out?

  52. kay says:

    still cant check my school how do i do it plz help

  53. Reubenkorley says:

    why is the school placement not yet opened?

  54. can you use grade 17-24 to get omess

  55. BELLO SEGUN says:


  56. Pharel says:

    Pls ekow i had 12 and i had akatsi sec a school i did not choose.pls wat should i do.

  57. teivi says:

    i want to print the form

  58. mensah says:

    if i may ask,when will it come out

  59. Liam Osae says:

    when we’ll we be leaving..i heard we will on the 15th but it doesn’t look likely

  60. Joshua Acquah says:

    cant access the fill in format

  61. nana kwame amissah says:

    sir please my mum is pressuring me of when the placement forms will be out on the net ………….please so my question is “when will it be out??????”

  62. Kevin says:

    These pple aren’t correct…they have cher too much and its soo annoying! We shouldn’t even go to school @ all!

  63. Sir please aren’t the placement forms out yet i’ve tried several times but they don’t seem to give a relevant information

  64. boahene says:

    sir please i read an aticle at modern ghana website and it said the placement forms can be accessed from 1st October to 10th October so why the delay sir.

  65. rhoda says:

    thank you sir. my mum was a bit worried but i think she will be cool with the news that the placements will be on the net on the 10th of this month

  66. Mr Mensah, i dont really know u but i like your effort. For your patience that u have for us. Tanx 4 your concern.

    i had 2 in mathematics,english,social,and 3 in science. N i had 1 in french,ga,ict and 3 in bdt. what course will be suitable for me pls if i may as

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      what is your interest? do a course you can easily pass. If you are good in maths, then opt for business, but if you have a strong chew and pour ability and you can write a lot, then go for general acts. Hope they will give you career counselling when you get to your SHS

  67. am waiting to check my school/to print it out

  68. Emmilace Apenteng says:

    Ekow Mensah it seems you your self you don’t when we should check, I have followed your reply for sometime now. is either you say thursday or friday. Why all this delay?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      I gave on the 10th as the official date the placement would be online. check my response on placement forms carefully

  69. GABI says:

    Pls i tried checking my Brother’s placing school with the card but it seems the site is not available…. pls help us.

  70. Nara Paul says:

    My friend at Lawra are not yet happy because time is going.

  71. isaac ekwam says:

    when will printing out the placement form will be ready

  72. francis says:

    those working at ges are quite lazy always have an excuse for a problem.this never happened during npps time.gush

  73. i had Manhean Sec tech but i did not choose that school among my choices and i dont why it happened so. i want ur asvice pls sir

  74. bomboshi says:

    please why are the cards in and the forms are not in. they gave 15th of October to report and the forms are not in so can we report this early 15th?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      you cannot go to school on the 15th, its too early considering the time you will print out your forms, you can’t use five days to plan and buy all your things

  75. dennis says:

    pls which time will placement be out?

  76. evans says:

    when are we going to school????????

  77. prince afenu says:

    when you entered the site that you will check the result the site is not openning what is the problem? can i please get an answer

  78. siaw sampson says:

    sir,i had eleven and got presec,but onpon my arrival to the school to chect my name on the notice board i could not find my name.i am offering visual art.i had 3As 2Bs and 1d.what should i do.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      siaw sampson,
      write a petition quickly to the coordination beforhe CSPSS and let them sort it out before it is too late. your letter should be there by monday morning

  79. siaw sampson says:

    oh and not only me.but my collegues who al
    so had presec with the same course.also other students from other school

  80. George says:

    I cant access the C.S.S.P.S. How can I do it since myjhsresult.net the site is not giving me the link.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      officially, placement forms would be available on the 10th of this month. So you have to wait and relax up to the 10th

  81. my sister was posted to wesley grammar but we cant print her placement form.when is it going to be online cos they are told to report to school on the 15th of october.thank you.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      officially, placement forms would be available on the 10th of this month. You can pass by the school and find out if you could bring other documents in order for them to give you the prospectus

  82. wewould appreciate it if you get back to us soon.thanyou

  83. daniel says:

    im so confused i got st peters printing it out is the prob

  84. ernest says:

    I cant access the C.S.S.P.S. How can I do it since myjhsresult.net the site is not giving me the link.

  85. ernest says:

    I cant access the myjhsresult.net on my computer and if i go straight to http://myjhsresult.net/memberauth.php it constantly tells me system busy. what do i do please?

  86. baba says:

    pls sir people are buying the cssps card and the site is disappointing them sir what are they going to do?

  87. baba says:

    what are they going to do pls?

  88. i had 8ones but i could not get ma first choice which was, holy child snr high school-capecoast.i had ghana national which is a mixed school but i prefer the girls school(holy child snr high school)i realy want to go to that school. a friend of mine who had aggregade 07 had holy child. so wat happened to me who had 8ones

    • Yaw says:

      I also had d grade 6 but got Ghana national. It seems lyk dis year Ghana national is receivin students wit gud grades. I have joined d protocol list to my first choice wat abt u? @efya i heard d skul Ghanats has turn into crap dats y I m nt goin der.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      its not about the number of ones you make but is is about the strength of your ones and your raw score.

  89. David Kwaoo says:

    Hello Mr. Mensah thanks for your concern i would like ask about the school placement when exactly will it be out because it seems it is delaying and i don’t think that by the time it will come many of the students would not be able to go to school so when will it be out. I would like to know that exact date. I would like to ask that is 15th October the exact date for us to go to school?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      David Kwaao,
      Officially, placement forms would be placed online on the 10th for students to download. Its is too close for you to report on the 15th, yet still, start buying your ward things since you have 5 days to prepare

  90. Olive-Jane says:

    What if you got grade eight will you get Wesley Girls Senior High School, Cape Coast?

  91. cisse says:

    sir i would like to know if the forms r ready on the net if yes then how can i download it using the card details?

  92. plz i want to be sure when the school placement forms will be out

  93. i had aggregate 6 but i did not get my first choice school which was kass.why

  94. peggy says:

    i will first lik to thnk u for what uv been doin for us.i will lik to kno y on a day they say d placement forms r out, we go n check, its not out. they say it again, we go n check, ther is nothin ther. y do they keep lyin to us. we r freshers n we can’t wait to go to shs, pls, d days r goin by, n so r the terms in skuul.

  95. peggy says:

    if the placements don’t com when they hav to, i will go all the way to my shs in capecoast to get it n throw d card somewher. besides, av already started buyin d basic things without d prospectus.

  96. mikal says:

    ei,the problem is most skuuls r opening on 15th-16th,that means we have only a week after it has been released to prepare 4 skuul.

  97. mujahideen says:

    why are dey doing this to us.why dnt dey want us 2 go 2 skull

  98. mujahideen says:

    we re tired of stayin in de house we want 2 go 2 skull

  99. John says:

    Sir a frnd had 11 but using his fone to check they gave him his last choice

  100. korleky says:

    pls sir, when i submitted my index, pin n serial number,they told me the card does not exist. what’s really happening??? some people told me ur pin no should start with “2″ before it will work. is it true???

  101. owusu says:

    a friend of mine get grade 5 in math,social and english but got grade 3 in ing.science and 2 in i.c.t and also got 4 in r.m.e and he first choice is ejisuman. will it be possiple for hin to have that school.

  102. majeed salam says:

    sir pls i had aggregade 15 . my lowest grade was 5 but it wasnt part of my best six and when i checked my results it
    replied my name cannot be found on the placement lists. wt shld i do

    • justice boamah says:

      @ majeed are u sure abt dis
      i dnt think it a good sign

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      majeed boamah,
      it seems you are not entering all the information right. discuss with one of your colleague and be sure you have entered the right information. if still its telling you that you are not on the list, write a petition and send it to the coordinator of CSPSS latest tomorrow. when you checked via the phone, did you get a school?

  103. majeed salam says:

    i would be vey happy if sir ekow shld reply now

  104. habib malik says:

    i wanted to check the school i got but it says my index number is not correct. i tried so many times but still no avail.

  105. habib malik says:

    i wanted to check the school i got but it says my index numbet is wrong but i knbow its correct

  106. adenyo eric says:


    INDEX NO:0716011001

    SERIAL NO:489756


  107. monica says:

    Pls Sir it has been heard that all the placement card beginning with 0 (zero) are all fake….Sir pls how true is this

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      it is difficult to tell. human beings are bad. Maybe some fake cards have infiltrated the system, ebei ghanaians

  108. Efe says:

    Pls Sir it has been heard that all the placement card pin beginning with 0 (zero) are all fake….Sir pls how true is this

  109. Efe says:

    Pls Sir it has been heard that all the placement card pin beginning with 0 (zero) are all fake….Sir pls how true is this….

    • Miss Ansah says:

      I know that pins do not start with zero(0). Its A fact.

      • Ekow Mensah says:

        Miss Ansah,
        When are you going to school and how much did you pay. can you scan your prospectus and send it to my inbox. you can locate my email address on the contacts of this site. What about the pin not starting with zero?

  110. Andrews darkwah says:

    Plz i’ve bought the cssps card and provided the neccesary info but i was told incorrect index number.why that?

  111. Liam says:

    Guyz,when typin ur index no,u shuld add 12 2 it or else it wont work..nd also wen buyin e card u shud point ur card towards light,wen u do so samfn lyk a shinin star will appear..dats hw u noe if its a fake or not

  112. Isaac says:

    Pls.l check school placement forms but l can find it,l sure me when the forms come out.

  113. pls when i check mine they said my index number does not exist so pls help me

  114. oteng says:

    sir can it be true that when check it on phone you did not quality but checking on the internet you qualify and also is it true that they are doing second placement

  115. osei yaw rayis harun says:

    please mr ekow i can’t find where to type the index number,name and the code please can you show me?

  116. owusu says:

    plz sir Ekow
    when will the second placement be out.

  117. efe says:

    please Mr.Ekow when i check my placement it says “Sorry the Index Number does not exist. Please look carefully and retry”. when i went to check the index number was correct so how am i going to solve this and i also need the forms to go to school.
    thank you.

  118. Earl says:

    Pls when are we supposed to go to school pls reply me

  119. okuffo says:

    i am a candidates of 2012 BECE exams,and tillnow i have not seen my placement into SHS. so please help me. THANKS

  120. owusu says:

    pls sir ekow
    whe will the second placement be out.

  121. pls my rawscore was 403 with grade 09 and i was given temasco but i am going to make 9 ones there battle the so called presec legon.but sir when i went still prospectus was still not ready the said 20th b4 i should come again

  122. Any time i want to check my result they say the index number doesnot exist .pls why is it so .and this year grade is up to 40.and this is my index number 0401149037

  123. Ackonnoble says:

    Pls this year the grade is up to 40.and also people who are getting agg 30 has not get their placement but 37 to 40 are rather get their placement.

  124. Pls i got agg 30 but i havent got my placement but my friend got 35 he had st.johns in takoradi.thanx

  125. Joachim says:

    Dear Mr Ekow when tried to check my placement i got a bad reply saying that my index number does not exist.Do you have any idea why this is happening.

  126. emma says:

    pls Sir, I leanrt presec doesnt take first year boarders, how tru is is?

  127. emma says:

    pls Sir, I leanrt presec doesnt take first year boarders, how tru is it?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      presec takes first year boarders but if you are staying in accra, you will be a day student for one year. boarding facilities are for those coming from other regions

  128. owusu says:

    plz sir,
    can u tell me something small about the second placement.

  129. Yaw says:

    Sir Plz have u heard dat the prospectus is ready specifically Presec cos my dad asked Dey said it will be ready by 15th. But it seems some colleagues r havin diers.

  130. jude tetteh says:

    sir plzzz is der anytin lyk second placement ,if yes can u pls tell me about it

  131. PETER says:

    mr ekow,if u r saen dat presec tkes 1st yr boarderz bt itz 4 dos hu cum 4rm oda regions..dn y iz it dah dex mde us 2 select da type of acomodation..wn we wer chusing our schools..

  132. Yaw says:

    I hear u mr Ekow. But actuly i havnt seen one i jxt hrd n i m askin if it is tru.

  133. dwanye says:

    plz mr ekow..plz can u help me 1 of da waec result checker card..i reli nid 2 gt 1 2 print myn resultz by 2moro..av gone 2 almost evrywher bt ah cldnt gt 1..plz help me..u r myn last hope..if u cn gt 1 4 me plz gv me ur numba.

  134. owusu says:

    sir Ekow plz
    when will the certificate be out.


    When i try to check my replacement,this was what came to me as a reply” Sorry the Index Number does not exist”. And because of that i’m still worried

  136. Arthur Jeffery says:

    pls my index no gegins with 0 and when i add the 1 i am not able to add the 12.pls help

  137. Arthur Jeffery says:

    pls my index no begins with 0 and when i add the 1 i am not able to add the 12.pls help

  138. Arthur Jeffery says:

    please my index no starts with 0 and when i start with 1 followed
    by the 0 i can’t add the year 12.please help

  139. Godwin says:

    I will like to join you

  140. Klofa Prince says:

    Good morning Sir, I have Been Trying to Check my Result with my Card but it Keep on Saying The Index Number does not Exit and I don’t seem to Understand that But Can You Please do me a Favour and see if My Index Number really Exit… Here My Index Number 0101639037 This is my Index Number Please check it for me, Cos my Parent are Worried…. Thanks Klofa Prince

  141. i want want a placement of my school

  142. Gladys Gyan says:

    Pls I have been trying to no avail to get access to my school placement…..pls help me out

  143. Klofa Prince says:

    Hi Dear Sir Good Morning and Here is my Serial #361638 , Plus here is the Pin #3981947904 , This are mine information Dear Sir and Plus my Index # 0101639037 , I hope to get mine Answer Sooner Dear sir Please… Thanks KLOFA

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Klofa Prince,
      Sorry for the delay. I went to my farm over the weekend so I couldn’t get online. I checked your school for you and i also got the sorry your index number bla bla bla, you will have to follow up at the secretariat. I will send your details to a friend at the CPSSS to check it out for you. what grade did you make? and when you sent your index number to 1060, were you placed

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      can you get a new scratch card and send it to me. buy it from any adb bank

  144. James Narh Tawiah says:

    pls when will the jhs next batch replacement coming out.

  145. Samuelowusu says:

    My sister Abigail Iddrisu has not get her placement.please we need your help.This her index number 010140005412

  146. please anytime i try to check my placement they says the index number do not exist please what is the ploblem please on phone to anytime i check i should wait for next bacth please can you check it for me this is my index number 0102092011.

  147. full says:

    Hello There. I found your weblog using msn. This is an extremely smartly written article.
    I’ll be sure to bookmark it and return to learn more of your useful info. Thank you for the post. I’ll certainly comeback.


    Pls when is the 2013 BECE results coming out?

  149. judith says:

    what if some get aggregate 24 will mamuli sch orpeki/tsito/mawuko chose him/her

  150. Fusini says:

    when will the placement be out

  151. Ezra says:

    Plzzz sir i your help. This is my index number 4 placement

  152. Ezra says:

    Plzz sir i need ur help. This is my index number:060604306713 for placement

  153. Rebeca says:

    Plz Wat ar sum of d msg u ar likely 2 get when u dnt get a skul

  154. Esta says:

    please if der is sometin u can do 2 help, pls. do so

  155. Pls wen i want to check my school placement ,they wrote diz number is not found in de placement list contact GES but i dont knw wat to do .pls help me

  156. Normeshie paul says:

    i hv logged on to the website to check bt it was not there.

  157. rasmenelik says:

    which website

  158. SIKASARUS says:


  159. Charles says:

    why is the system busy……

  160. morfanceee says:

    so when will the be going to school

  161. gordon hope says:

    i find it difficult accessing your site to download my daughter’s placement form.what should i do please?

  162. Samuel says:

    find it difficult accessing your site since down today! At a time the server is down. pls pls what is happening

  163. Samuel says:

    find it difficult accessing your site since down today! At a time the server is down. pls pls what is happening


  164. benjamin says:

    i had 27 and choose ghanata,oyoko methodist,breman asikumah and nsaba presby.will i get any of dis schools

  165. benjamin says:

    a friend of mine checked de result and saw a message saying not selected what should he or she do?

  166. benjamin says:

    what will appear if someone didnt get a school?

  167. prince oppong says:

    Sir, i checked my results but didn’t see my overall score please help me!


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