How to check 2009 B.E.C.E. results on the internet

Even though w.a.e.c. is yet to release the 2009 b.e.c.e results, anxious graduands all over the country cannot hide their disappointment to what seems to be a delay by w.a .e.c. officials in releasing the 2009 b.e.c.e. results.

To check the results online however, graduands should first obtain scratch cards from the following w.a.e.c head offices. Scratch cards can also be obtained from post offices nationwide.

Accra Ghana National Office, Examination Loop (Behind Ridge Hospital) 233-021-685901- 4
Kumasi WAEC Branch Office, Near Kumasi Technical Institute (KTI) 233-051-26064 / 34452 / 34454/34448
Sekondi WAEC Branch, Office, Near Regional Administration, Sekondi 233-031-46334 / 46041
Cape Coast WAEC Branch Office, Adisadel Estate 233-042-32878
Koforidua WAEC Branch Office, Old Estate Road 233-081-20922 / 20923 / 20075 / 20921
Ho WAEC Branch Office, Accra Road (Opposite SCC/Ghana Highways Authority Offices) 233-091-28254
Sunyani WAEC Branch Office, (Behind Ghana Legion and District Assembly Offices) 233-061-27016 / 24462
Tamale WAEC Branch Office, (Kalpohin Estates) 233-071-23092 / 23421
Bolgatanga WAEC Branch Office, SOE Residential Area (Near Catering Rest House) 233-072-23232 / 24267
Wa WAEC Branch Office, Regional Administration 233-0756-22278

Graduands with scratch can follow the following steps to check their results online.

1.    Start a new browser eg (Internet Explorer, mozilla) and type in the           address bar

2.   Enter your B.E.C.E Index number (9 digits) eg 102228001

3.   Select the Examination type,   in your case ( B.E.C.E.)

4.   Select the examination year, in your case  ( 2009 )

5.  Enter  the card serial number found on the reverse side of your scratch card.

6.  Enter the PIN ( the 12 -digit number on the scratch card)

7.  Confirm your index number and examination year

8.  Click on submit and wait for the display in the pop up window

9.  Print your B.e.c.e. results


Once the results is released, scratch cards become scarce. Graduands should get one on time.

You cannot give your scratch card to your friend to check his/her results after it has been used once.

You can only use your scratch card to check your result three times.

I am really wishing all 2009 graduands all the best of luck.

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