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Cut off Marks for the top 20 Senior High Schools in Ghana

Since most graduands wanted to know the cut off mark for most senior high schools, I have listed the cut off marks of some of the best Senior Secondary Schools in Ghana based on the 2009 placement.


ADISADEL COLLEGE 407 399 396 390
GHANA NATIONAL 416 401 411 381
HOLY CHILD SCHOOL 435 434 440 389 425
MFANSTIPIM SCH 429 394 405 407
ST, AUGUSTINE’S COLLEGE 403 400 413 377
MFANSTIMAN SEC SCHOOL 425 416 430 359 331 393
ABURI  GIRLS 430 419 410 400
ST. LOUIS SENIOR HIGH. SCHOOL, 426 429 421 399
ST. MONICA’S SENIOR HIGH. SCHOOL, 369 374 398 317 317 391
PREMPEH COLLEGE 407 400 415 412

The blank spaces would be filled as soon as i obtain those information.



  1. Benjamin says:

    What is the rawscore cutt 4 gsts “GAINTS” takoradi 4 all the subject they off and also i had 11 want 2 do tech @ GSTS will i get it

  2. Benjamin says:

    Pls when will the 2011 placement be released

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      will give you the shortcode by monday

      • Yaw says:

        Sir d cssps will be paid by God dearly for me. I got 1 in all my core sub n two subjects Dats i c t n bdt but wen I went to check my raw score dey used french which I got 3 n ict. But dey wrote dat dey used d core n any best two sub. Lukin @ it sir how can grade 3 be more dan 1? Dis did not allow me to go to Presec legon. NYAME NTUA CSSPS FO) NO KA!
        Dia )y33 me de3 no saa no b3br3 paaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

        • Ekow Mensah says:

          what was your raw score and what school did you make?

          • Yaw says:

            Sir Plz it was on the placement form which I printed today. Dey wrote the core n wrote two high scored subject. Dats the french n ict. N the protocol many guys did it @ dat place. One friend paid 500ghc for her to get st monica. She wanted wesley girls or st louis. Bt der was no vacancy. She made grade 8. Her first choice was wesley girls.

  3. moses says:

    pls sir.what of the 2010 cut offmarks

  4. moses says:

    pls sir.what of the 2010 cut offmarks.thank u

  5. Ben says:

    I had 09.will i get my 1st choice.

  6. amando cleo says:

    Please i had 12 and my subject was science .i chose presec legon can i get the school?

  7. matilda ansah says:

    cn grde 08 gain u admittion into holico offering g-arts?

  8. Elsie says:

    i had 06 n want to do science in holico, would i get it

  9. i had 09 maths 1 science 1 social 1 english 2 pretech 2 twi 2 .i attended a public sch and like to offer science in adisadel whats the probability of gaining admission.

  10. prince obeng says:

    i had 8 ones and a 2 in pretech. i chose science for legon precec.what is my probability of getting it?

  11. Nana kwame tano says:

    I had grade ten(10) am going offer g-art will i get adisco

  12. afia says:

    sir,i sw the cut off mark for holy child and am sure with aggregate 08 it exceeds the cutt off mark for g-arts in holy child…..do i have hope of makn it?

  13. Junior says:

    Hi had 06 with 6 ones, I had 2 in maths and 1 in Science, 2 in French and 4 in twi and 1 in the rest. I want to offer Science in Mfantsipim.What r the chances I might be placed in Mfantsipim?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Your chances of making it is good. All you need now is just a high raw score. If you were from a public school, i would have told you to go and rest because you are already there. But from a private school, you need prayers. Am sure 70% you will make it.

  14. lisa says:

    when will the placements be out?we r tired of the rumors

  15. I complete in a public sch. I had aggte 14 will i make it to pope john

  16. Junior says:

    Thanks a lot…

  17. Derick Amoah says:

    Mr.ekow dis is my number.plz cal me as soon as possible n letz av a serious tlk

  18. derrick says:

    I had aggregate 9 and i chose presec legon can i have my school,if my raw score is big

  19. konadu says:

    I had aggregate 06 with 6 ones and had 3 in social , twi and french.What are my chances of making it to holico for visual arts.

  20. konadu says:

    I want to know whether the programme of choice can also influence the cahnces of gaining admission like more students choosing science thereby making it highly competitive in science schools than other programmes such as home econs in the same school.

  21. mafia says:

    i gt 08 for holico wif g-arts,am sre i exceed de cut off mark

  22. bright tender gee safo says:

    sir,i had 09,i had 1 in science,maths and social,i had 2 in the rest of the subjects,i chose opoku ware senior high(science)i went to a public school.what are my chances of getting it?and pls tell me how the raw score is calculated.

  23. reuben says:

    i had 7 ones n i chose presec legon.can i get my skul

  24. maame adjoa says:

    pls wen wil the school placement be out??? and hw dyu check it wen its out??

  25. linda says:

    sir,am offerng g-arts for holico n gt 08,r u sre i wnt be considered cos i had one in all de subjects concerning g-arts…..am veri sleepless

  26. Bill Eshun says:

    I had six ones in my B.E.C.E and i chose St. Augustines.Will I get my first choice?

  27. nkrumah says:

    i had 7ones agg 06 pertech 2 rme 3 all the rest 1 what is the possibility of going to opoku ware for business studies

  28. Bill Eshun says:

    yes i am from a private school.

  29. Reuben Opoku says:

    I had 7 ones and i chose Presec Legon. Will I get it?

  30. Reuben Opoku says:

    i had 7 ones and i chose presec legon.i had 2 in twi.we did eight subjects.will i get my school

  31. Emmanuel Samuel fiifi Baidoo says:

    i had 7 ones out of eight subjects and i am from a private school.i had 2 in twi.i chose mfantsipim boys skul.will i get my school

  32. Reuben Opoku says:

    i had 7 ones out of 8 subjects n i chose presec legon.i had 2 in twi.i am from a private school.will i get my school

  33. Esi says:

    Where does St.Rose’s Senior High place on Ghana’s high school ranking?

  34. Kyei says:

    my daughter got 6 ones out of 9 subjects, the remaining 3 subjects were all two, arch bishop porters, T’di, her 1st choice, for gen arts. will she get it?

  35. clinton says:

    i had aggregate 9 nd i chose presec legon offering science! wud i b able to mke it there?

  36. rita says:

    i had 06 and i want to do science at holico,will i get ît.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Are you from a public or private school. You had 02 in social and that might worry you. Your chances are 50-50. Just pray you have a high raw score. What was your second and 3rd choice


  37. i got 06.Eng-1,Maths-1,Science-1,Social-2,I.C.T-1,B.D.T-1,TWI-1,R.M.E-3,French-3.I want to study science at holico.Will i make it.

  38. i’m from a public school.

  39. bill cobbinah says:

    sir, i had grade 06 with st.augustine’s college and science. will i make it?

  40. i’m from a public school and i got 06.i want to study science at holico will i make it?i got 1 in three core subjects and 2 in social studies,1 in other three subjects and three in french and rme.

  41. Desmond says:

    I had 9 ones and I chose presec legon will I get admission

  42. Desmond says:

    I had 9 ones and I chose presec legon will I get admission.

  43. Desmond says:

    What is the cut off mark for presec legon

  44. bill cobbinah says:

    no..i am from a private school.

  45. Daniel says:

    I am from a public n had 07.
    rme……3. I didnt register for the 30% slot. I chose opoku ware for g arts. Will i be able to make it?

  46. Asiedu Ofosu Michael says:

    i am from private school and these are my scores
    bdt(home economics)-1
    can i make it to ACHIMOTA senior high school cos am scared of yhe 30%

  47. derrick a says:

    i had aggregate 07 and i chose presec legon can i make it.

  48. ibrahim says:

    i had aggregate 9 nd i chose adisadel college offering science! wud i b able to mke it there?my second choice is st.john’s school,sekondi.i’m from a private school in accra.

  49. ibrahim says:

    Mr.Ekow,can i know the cut off mark for st.john’s school,sekondi?and also i want to know wether you are very very very sure i’ll end up in st.johns if i dnt get adisadel?

  50. kelvin says:

    Mr Ekow, i wrote 8 subjects out of 9. I had 3 in social studies, 3 in french and 2 in Ghanaian language. i had 1 in all subsequents subjects.. i am very sure i will score above 90% in all subjects i scored grade 1 in… my aggregate was 07. Will i be able to make it to Adisadel College offering general science?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      you cant calculate your marks like that. it might be that bece candidates this year performed woefully in maths. if majority had 60%, then grade one would be pegged at 60. what i am saying is that the marks you had for agg 01 may be different for all the six subjects you had one in. But on a more serious note, you will make adisadel with 07. congrats

  51. kelvin says:

    Mr Ekow, i wrote 8 subjects out of 9. I had 3 in social studies, 3 in french and 2 in Ghanaian language. i had 1 in all subsequents subjects.. i am very sure i will score above 90% in all subjects i scored grade 1 in… my aggregate was 07. Will i be able to make it to Adisadel College offering general science? and i attend a private school

  52. wendy says:

    Mr Ekow, out of 8 subjects . i had 6 ones. 2 in social, 2 in french. i applied for general arts in holy child. im i a 100% sure of getting it?? and i attend a private school

  53. kofi says:

    i had 7 ones agg 6 what is my chance of getting opoku ware

  54. Nana says:

    I had 1 in all de core subjet 1 in rme,2 in ict .Will i make it 2 holico

  55. kelvin says:

    thank u …

  56. richie says:

    i wrote 8 out of 9 subjects and scoring 1 in all subjects except french, twi and social which i got 4,2 and 3 respectively. i want 2 study science at adisadel college. please what are my chances?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      you have a 80% chance of making it. not because of this 30% slot thing, you should have made it easily but presently, it means reduced vacancies would be declared and cut off marks would be raised. Anyway, i think you will make it narrowly.

  57. Desmond says:

    I had 9 ones and I chose presec legon will I get it

  58. Desmond says:

    I had 9 ones and I chose presec legon will I get itplease answer me

  59. ibrahim says:

    Mr.Ekow,can i know the cut off mark for st.john’s school,sekondi?and also i want to know wether you are very very very sure i’ll end up in st.johns if i dnt get adisadel?

  60. ebenezer says:

    my 1st daughter had 5 ones and got aggregate 07 n chose Holy Child is it possible for her to get that school???????

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Agg seven, it would be extremely difficult. She has a 20% chance. Am saying this based on what is happening now at the computer Placement Secretariat. 30% placement will reduce the vacancies and increase cut off marks. If your daughter makes it, please kill a chicken for her because i will call her a lucky child.

  61. leena says:

    My daughter had 6 ones,she chose Wesley Girls Senior High School in Cape Coast is it possible for her to get that school?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      it is not very certain. If your daughter is from a public school i would say a big yes. But from a private school, i would say she has a 30% chance. She needs to be really very good to make it with that grade. What subjects did she get one in?

  62. Bee says:

    i had agg 10 what is my chance of making it to YASS

  63. leena says:

    she completed from a public school

  64. Jonathan says:

    please what is the short code for checking the bece 2011 placement? and also when will it be in the various schools?

  65. Alex boateng says:

    I had aggregate 09(Maths-1,Science-1,English-1,Social-1,French-3,R.M.E-4,Visual Arts-2,TWI-3).I chose PRESEC,Legon for my 1st choice(Subject-Science) and Ghana National College for my 2nd choice will i get Presec?

  66. jalal says:

    sir pls i had 13 n i chose temasco as my second choice am i goin 2 make it

  67. Abdul Hanan says:

    Please, I had 8 ones and a 2 in French. I chose Prempeh College. Would I get it. I completed a private school

  68. BOATNG says:


  69. Eugene says:

    Mr.Ekow i had agg.08 with maths 3,social 2,rme 1,science 1,eng 1,, bdt 1.will i gain admission at adisadel college as a science student.

  70. priscilla says:

    i had aggregate 14, had 2 in maths and i chose to offer business .would i have the change of getting my first choice aburi girls or my second kumasi academy.

  71. ernestina says:

    i had aggregate 09 ,i had 1 in maths and i chose business as my course will i have the chance of getting my first choice wesley girls.

  72. ernest says:

    i got 06 and 8 ones can i get mfantsipim -course is technical. Will i get mfantsipim.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      logically, a big yes. you should make it to mfanstipim with little stress, But with the kind of news i am hearing, my brother, anything can happen. Its a fifty-fifty chance

  73. doh eric kofi says:

    What is the raw marks for pope johns?

  74. boris edem says:

    my younger sister had 06 but she was given her 3rd choice…_ please why? Explain it to me.

  75. Patrick adabla says:

    Hi Ekow.
    PLs my son attended a private school in Cape Coast and Chose Mfantsipim as first choice. Has aggregate 07. Five ones and two each in social studies, RME, French and fanti. Resides in C. Coast. Can he get Mfatsipim? Pls advice

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Mr Kofi Adabla,
      you should have registered for the 30% catchment area slot the government made available for students staying around the school. Agg 07 would be dicey. Have you checked for his school yet? If not, text his index number to 1060 on vodafones network to know the school he has been placed to

  76. mickey says:

    so sir..if u want to register for the 30% slot where will u get the forms from to register.and is the 30% slot for the student who pass the b.e.c.e or for those who fail..?sir i want more details abt the 30% slot

  77. mickey says:

    pls sir answer me….am waiting

  78. Can i get owass with 08 as a science student? I had 1 in eng. sci,soc and rme. I had 2 in the remaining subjects and 5 in french

  79. ohene says:

    I had 10
    and i chose Owass would i make it .I am offering science

  80. derrick says:

    when are we going to print the placement on net or when will release the placement on net

  81. derrick says:

    when are we going to print the placement on net

  82. Gideon says:

    when will e placement for 2011 bece be out pls sir i cant wait

  83. EMMANUEL A. DARKO says:


    • Ekow Mensah says:

      It seems mfanstipim do not offer business. the best school in Cape Coast for the course you wanna offer is Augusco or Adisadel. Why do you want to write in form two, Are you very good?

  84. EMMANUEL A. DARKO says:

    oh yes of course i am very good especially in science ,maths,pre-tech,i.c.t,twi ,and french

  85. what is the cut off mark for st james

  86. philip asante says:

    i choose swedru school of business as the best busniness school in ghana

  87. EMMANUEL A. DARKO says:


    • Ekow Mensah says:

      you have chosen only first choice schools. See you headmaster to give you the school choice list.
      Prempeh woul be a good first choice, see the list to select the other five schools

  88. EMMANUEL A. DARKO says:


  89. EMMANUEL A. DARKO says:

    thank you mr. Ekow.

  90. EMMANUEL A. DARKO says:


  91. Nankpi Robert says:

    I Chose St.Augustine’s college.am going in for science and am very good at it but poor at twi and French.please can i get my first choice?

  92. AMOB ELIJAH says:

    please MR.Ekow Mensah,how will the BECE 2012 be this year and what will be the cut off marks for 2012

  93. AMOB ELIJAH says:

    how would the bece 2012 be.please

  94. Abu says:

    wat abt TEMASCO bcos is 1 of de best in GH.

  95. KWESI BOISON says:


    • Ekow Mensah says:

      It depends on the first choice school you are going. With a school like Archbishop porter girls, a raw marks of 400 will get you there. Whilst it wont get you to Wesley Girls or Holy Child School

  96. Please can 09 take me to aburi girls if i choose visual arts

  97. woode says:

    hello am woode, i completed with the 2009 batch and could not attend to my placement which was wesley senior high bekwai due to financial difficulties. i now want to re-enter with sc 2,soc 3,mat 4, eng 3 and 3′s in all remaining subject. will i get st mary’s boys at sekondi or st. johns. i want a single sex school

  98. Adams says:

    Sir pls be supposing I had aggregate 10 with social-1 english-1 science-3 maths-3 with the rest of the 2 subjects I had 1{bdt and ict] will it be able to get me to Achimota school to offer g arts and I also attended Achimota Basic school which is a public school.Pls answer

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Agg 3 in science and social studies will make it extremely difficult for you to make any first choice school

      all the best

  99. Kwame wilson says:

    Will I be able to make it to Achimota School with English,social,Ict and bdt grade one and maths and science grade 3 I attended a public school Achimota basic

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Kwame Wilson,
      What school are you coming from. Agg six from a private school, you still have to pray for a very high raw score. From a public school(jSS) you have a 70% chance. Just pray for a high raw score


  100. Adams says:

    Thank you sir I chose Aquinas as second will I be able to make it there ?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Which JHS are you coming from? Did most of your graduates last year made agg six and which sec school did most of the boys go to?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Ofori Payin is a second or third class school. All you really need to do now is to pray for agg six and a relatively high raw score. From a public JHS with agg six, you can make Achimota School. But how many students had agg six last year

  101. Adams says:

    I came from Achimota Basic school and it is a public school but I heard most went to ofori panyin

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      I asked of their performance to see the kind of school majority got. If you attend a school and their best student had agg10=15, then it means that your chance of getting agg six will be low. But if majority had agg six, then you can say your worst grade will be agg 7.

      If you get agg six, uyour chance of getting there is about 70%. Anything above agg 8, forget achimota and think of your second choice

      see you

  102. Adams says:

    Thank you for the advice sir but actually I wasn’t that much interested into their results but I heard majority had from 6 to 15 but the rest did not perform well

  103. Adams says:

    Thank you sir I appreciate your help

  104. adufosuemmanuel says:

    i had 10 with 376 as my raw score but i did not get my first choice prempeh but rather my fifth chioce ejisuman.why

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      thngs did not really go well last year. I guess it’s because of the 30% support the government gave to some students. So did you go to the 5th choice school? all the best emma

  105. DEXTER says:

    I am second year student of a private school in Tema.I am very good so I want to offer science in the shs and I’m in a dilemma of what first class school to choose.Please help me

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      I think Presec would be good for science for you but if really want to enjoy your secondary education then you can choose Mfanstipim in Cape-coast where you will meet other good students in all the top secondary schools there and enjoy interco and superzo.

  106. angel dankwah says:

    sir pls i am a form 2 student,i registered last year(form1) and had agg 10 sir pls wat is the possibility of me getting nine ones dis year

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      to get agg 10 in form one is good. what subject didn’t you get agg 1? Anyway i think you can make agg six on your second try. But for nine ones, then it means you have to be very good? all the best

  107. Edwin Odoi says:

    please sir,when will the 2012 results be out,and when will the placements also be out,and could you kindly please update the data above to suit the 2012 batch,thank you very much and please give me a reply as soon as possible…….THAKS!!!

  108. ASOMANING says:

    sir i wrote in a public school an assuming a had aggt 7 going to offer sciene will i get my first choice which is GHANASS

  109. Adams says:

    sir some one said her friend said the results will be out tomorrow pls is it true

  110. Adams says:

    Thank you sir pls If u can confirm from a friend from waec pls do so.And pls post it here.

  111. Adams says:

    Thank u sir. I attended Achimota Basic school

  112. Emmanuel says:

    had grade 15, will i make it to pope john?

  113. clem tamakloe says:

    Mr. Ekow Mensah,
    Thank you very much for this nice work you are doing.
    May the good lord bless you and give you more wisdom.

  114. Kofi Umba says:

    Pls sir i had 12, i chose st peters, will i be able to get it?

  115. Nana says:

    Please what are the marks needed to study science at PRESEC?

  116. fafa says:

    sir i had 2 in maths 2 in english 2 in social and 2 in science and am going to do business in st peters would i get it

  117. Nana says:

    Hello Sir,
    What are the marks beede for PRESEC to study science?

  118. kwabena says:

    sir ekow may god bless u 4 what u re doin sir i had 09 wif 1 in english,math,rme,bdt,ict and 2 in science and 3 in social nd french. will i get prempeh college(science)pls ansr me. attended a private school

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      The agg 3 and 2 in social and english would worry you. I will also give you a 50% chance. Just keep on praying for a high raw score

  119. Andoh says:

    Please sir i had agg 17 and choice are gsts,mary’s,john’s,augustine’s respectively all of western. Will i get my 1st?

  120. ebenezer says:

    pls sir, i want u to guess what my raw score may be if i had agg10, with the following . english 2, maths 1, science 2, social 3,ict 1, bdt 2, rme 2, ga 2, french 4.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Its unfortunate that they don’t give the raw score marks. But you are likely to make a range of 330-350 give it a + or – 10 marging of error

  121. nana says:

    please sir
    I had
    and I want you to guess my raw score range for me and will I get Prempeh to go and offer science and I completed from a public school.

  122. Gyarko Peter says:

    pls sir, i had 15 and want 2 do science at st. james. Will i get it?

  123. nana says:

    sir yes I was among the best five students
    I want you to guess my raw score for me to know whether I will Prempeh college as my first choice to go and offer science as a course

  124. nana says:

    Please sir, I completed from a public and I had 5 ones including all the cores except english that I had 3 so I want to know if I will make prempeh college as my first choice to go and offer science and please you guess my raw score for me with this 5 ones and 3 in english.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Don’t worry yourself too much. With this your grade, your chance of getting placed there is quite high. I will give you a 80% chance. It seems there is a change of policy at the governmental level to favour students from the public school. Private schools in general did not perform too well. For your score, i will give you a range of 390-410, give me + or – 10 marging of error, but i believe you will make the school

  125. nana says:

    please sir
    I want to know if there is a maximum score for a subject or if you score even 95 it will be considered in the addition of the raw score.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      It is not easy to determine the marks that make agg 1 for each subjects. At the BECE level, it is not fixed so you can make agg 1 in say science and score a mark of say 60 if the general performance in that subject is poor

  126. nana says:

    I have seen all what you are talking about but I want to know if you score 95 will all the 95 marks be include in the addition of the raw score?

  127. Kwame Andoh says:

    Sir pls I had grade 18 will I be able to make it to labone shs or Hotcass? and I attended a public school.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Kwame Andoh,
      WHat school did you choose as your 5th and 6th choice. Hope you did not get agg 6 in any off the core subjects, You will be placed, but for your first three choices, i am not too sure

  128. Kwame Andoh says:

    sir pls I had grade 18 I attended a public school, will I be able to offer g arts nd make it to labone shs or hotcass?

  129. edi says:

    when are placements going to be out?

  130. Kwame Andoh says:

    I didnt get 6 in any of the core subjects but my 3rd labone and 4th hotcass

  131. AGBO WISDOM says:

    Please sir, had english(2) science(3) social(3) mathematic(3) french(2) i.c.t(2) r.m.e(4) twi(5) b.d.t(3) and i choose konongo odumase s.h.s as my first choice my second choice is asanteman s.h.s would i get my first choice?

  132. Agbo wisdom says:

    Sir i want to offer science nd i completed public school

  133. Nick Lynx says:

    Sir,what is the cut off mark for G. Arts in Owass?

  134. EVANS says:


    • Ekow Mensah says:

      what course are you going to offer. But with agg 7, you stand a very high chance. Congrats for that good result.

  135. Nick Lynx says:

    Sir,what is the cut off mark for G. Arts in Opoku Ware sch?

  136. Nick Lynx says:

    Yes, it’s not easy to make such marks but I believe in miracles.

  137. Nick Lynx says:

    Sir, when will the placements be out?. Are the withheld papers released? Sir please answer me soon.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      They have been released. Placements should be out latest by 16th September, you will go to school early October

  138. AGBO says:

    Please sir, i want to know the cut-off marks for konongo odumase senior high please answer me because i want to offer science there i had aggregate 15 completed public school

  139. ayine samuel says:

    i had agg 15 will i make it to st.charles?

  140. Irie Hanson says:

    please sir,i had grade 11.science was de only subject i had 01.i want to offer science.what are my chances of getting St.rose’s senior high.THANK YOU

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Irie Hanson,
      It seems you are heading for your second choice school. But I also believe in miracles so start fasting and praying

  141. Agbo says:

    My 3rd choice is Ejisuman s.h.s
    4ft is Antoa s.h.s
    5ft is Osei Tutu 2 College

  142. Ahmed says:

    Please sir I got aggregate 11 from a public school with SCI.3 MATHS 2 SOCIAL 1 English 1 ICT 1, will i be able to get KUMASI ANGLICAN SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL. I really need your answer thank you. And when are our Placements coming out.

  143. Ahmed says:

    And i want to offer SCIENCE

  144. Miss Ansah says:

    I would like to know the best 10 High Schools in Ghana in terms of Academic and General Performance. Thank you.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Miss Ansah,
      Based on their SSCE performance from 2006, the best 20 secondary schools are
      Wesley Girl’s
      Presec Legon
      St. Peters Boys
      Prempeh College
      St. Augustine’s College
      Aburi Girls
      St. Roses
      Holy Child School
      St’ Loius
      Mawuli Sec School
      Mawuko Sec School
      Pope John
      Ola Girls
      St. Francis Xavier
      St. James Seminary
      Porter Girls

  145. Agbo says:

    Please sir, i want to know more about konongo odumase s.h.s (achievement & records in wassce)

  146. kim says:

    sir pls, can 430 marks with aggregate 11 take u to st.roses.i want to offer science.THANK YOU!!!

  147. Jwama says:

    Sir can u make it ti labone with grade 18

  148. gilbert says:

    are the 2012 placement out

  149. ghaffaru muda says:

    sir pls, i just dont understand your mode of calculating the raw scores oo,,, cos how could someone get agg6, and get a raw score of about 410/600. its impossible man!!!, cos it will be impossible for someone to get 1 in 6 subjects, and be scoring about 68-70%, in all…… or do people dont get 80% in the B.E.C.E or what???? sir please elaborate it better for me

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      getting even the 410 out of 600 is not an easy task. Do me a favour when your mates print out their placement form. Divide their raw score by 6 and give me the average marks for the best results in your class. Anyone with 410 and above is very good

  150. kingsley says:

    wat is the cut off mark for business at persco

  151. ghaffaru muda says:

    and sir pls, is the raw score such a huge number that one can divide it by 6, and get 300 or 400+???,,, and i also heard that this years BECE was not pleasing at all, so WAEC said that all those in the range of agg06, to agg10, will attain their 1st choice schools,,, is that true
    pls answer both

  152. Jwama says:

    Sir please can u calculate de.raw.score.for grade 18 and pls give me the cut off marks for.Labone senior high

  153. Jwama says:

    Hello.sir please wat is de raw score of grade 18 and please give me de cut off marks for labone senior high

  154. Isaac says:

    please sir owass and prempeh which school will you prefer to for your ward who want to offer science

  155. chemist says:

    please sir
    I had
    sir I completed from a public school and will I make it to prempeh college for science

  156. chemist says:

    please sir I had 5 ones and 3 in english ,2 in bdt and 2 in twi so sir will I make it to prempeh college for science

  157. chemist says:

    please sir will I make it to prempeh college for science with 5 ones and 3 in english,2 in bdt and 2 in twi

  158. wise says:

    please sir will I make it to prempeh college for science with 5 ones and 3 in english, 2 in bdt and 2 in twi

  159. Ali says:

    Sir pls what are de cut off marks for Labone senior high and please what is de raw score for grade 18

  160. Kwame says:

    Hello sir please I had grade 18 and wen I checked my placements dey said its either my index number is wrong or am not on the placement list sir please answer me coz i cant sleep or eat

  161. woode says:

    thank you sir for the good work and advice you been given to students. please my ward wrote in 2009 and is among the reentry candidate but the placement is in and my ward is not on the list but had 17. my question is are they yet to be placed or what?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      all placement has been completed, actually, re-entry candidates were placed first. Check it out at the computer placement secretariat and find out the problem before it is too late. Text his index number and add 09 at the end. Maybe that would work

  162. Kwame says:

    Sir please I added 12 at the tail to my index number dat was wat I did and I got de message please am very worried now cos people who had 18 have been placed or am I part of the 2nd placement

  163. is odorgonno one of the top class schools in ghana? i will be waiting for my reply plssssssssss

  164. lil maestro says:

    what is the class for konongo odumase shs.. nd do dey have a better science lab

  165. clem tamakloe says:

    Is Ofori Panin secondary school one of the top class schools in Ghana?

  166. jerome says:

    pls why is the forms still not out

  167. clem tamakloe says:

    1.is this site still working http://www.myjhsresult.net.
    2.what is category B schools?

  168. Ruff-Ages says:

    pls sir,ihad agg08 and was denied my 1st choice adisadel; but had st johns my 2nd choice.So iwant to know the rank of my school in the top class schools in ghana. Thank uuuu

  169. abigail donkor says:

    sir please i want to know whether we will go for our prospectus with the results or placement form.thank you.

  170. Kwame says:

    sir please I have used all networks ey give me de same response as index number not found my friend also had 16 and he is facing de same problem wat can b de problem coz we r supposed to go to skuul on october 15 sir pls reply

  171. nana yaw says:

    pls sir, hw gud is okuapeman senior hi in terms of science

  172. nana yaw says:

    pls sir i had agg 09 wit 1 in social, maths, science nd bdt nd 2 in rme nd ict nd 3 in eng. i strongly biliv i cn make 420 bt wat is my chance of makn it 2 st. peter’s 2 offa science cos most of ma tichas bilvd i cud mke it der

  173. nana yaw says:

    one mor thang sir, a frnd of myn had agg 37 nd had his 1st choice st. peter’s offerin v. arts bt anoda frnd in d sme class had agg 26 offerin home econs wid 1st choice winneba snr hi dd nt qualify 4 placement. pls explain 2 me wat dis entails cos i dnt undastnd

  174. lecture says:

    sir pls what is the cut off mark for bishop herman college

  175. Yaw says:

    Mr ekow, Plz i was placed @ Ghana national college. But I hrd d skul is not gud as it used to be in moral, academics etc. So on de day dat I accessed my skul on my phone my sis told one cssps guy n he changed my skul 4 me. I did not lyk dat bt it is done. He charged my dad 700 ghc. So I m goin to Presec. But I dont understand y dey used french which I did not do well instead of bdt which I did very well. I beliv if dey have used the bdt i wld have gotten Presec widout any hindrance.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      how did you knowr they used french or ICT. anybody out there who paid to be placed in the first choice school? i beg give me filla?????

  176. Yaw says:

    Sir Plz it was on my placement form which i printed today. Dey said it was my highest scored two sub. I made a score of 430. I beliv dat it wont be possible 4 1 to be equal to 3. So I beliv if dey have used my bdt I wil get around 450- 460. My fiend got der wit 453 score. He also said french was used for his. But lucky 4 him he got 2 in french n 7 ones . But i got 6 ones n 3 was my least grade which was the french. I also did nine sub.
    Concernin the protocol one friend also did it n she paid 500ghc to be placed in st monica. She got grade 8 her first choice was wesley girls bt she did not get der n protocol too dey said der is no vacancy der. All of us from public skul.

  177. Yaw says:

    I heard Presec was to admit 800 students is it tru? If tru den it means dey do not place as dey wer supposed to place. Cos i dey told my sis der is still vacancy @ Presec.

  178. Yaw says:

    I heard Presec was to admit 800 students is it tru? If tru den it means dey do not place as dey wer supposed to. Cos i dey told my sis der is still vacancy @ Presec.

  179. wisdom says:

    sir pls i made 6once, 2 in ict nd 4 in french nd was given my fourth choice.my best two electives were BDT nd RME but GES decided to use ict which i had 2 nd left BDT which i had 1.pls sir can u tell me why they did this nd do u think i deserve my fourth choice after the 6once have made?

    • wisdom it doesn’t depend on ur grade buh depends on ur raw score????????perhaps ur 2 might be stronger than ur 1!!!!lets ve a scenario wher bdt u got 65 which is 1 buh in ict 70 which is 2!!!!!!!!becox waec deals wid raw score nd nt ur grade dey rather took de bdt nd left de ict??????/alzo 4 ur fourth choice u had u shouldn’t ve gotten it cox ur raw score range might b above 415 which at least ur second choice shhld pick u?!!!!iv i were u i wld use Plan B OR WRITE A PETITION TO CSSPS!!!!thank u

  180. Ruff-Ages says:

    pls sir,ihad agg08 and was
    denied my 1st choice
    adisadel; but had st johns my
    2nd choice.So iwant to know
    the rank of my school in the
    top class schools in ghana.
    Thank uuuu
    My rawscore 407

  181. james nana empeche says:

    pls sir is asasco one of the category B schools ?

  182. Dorothy says:

    Mr. Pls my raw score was 503 n grade being 07 buh couldn’t gain admission to st. Mary’s to offer g arts.

  183. esther says:

    helo frndz, plz infor me iv u ad labone sec school..tnk u!

  184. esther says:

    evans, tnk u 4 e infor…oh k i wil do tat wht course n r u first yr student!

  185. esther says:

    evans, do u know wen we r goin 2 sch

  186. Whizkid says:

    Sir plse tel me abt st johns senior high secondi ta’adi.plse waitn

  187. Josiah Nyarko says:

    When will the PRESEC Legon cut of marks be released

  188. Ahoto christian says:

    sir please i had agg 14 2in both science and maths 3 in english language and 4 social studies but could not make to my 1st to 3rd choice but a friend had agg 23 with 8 in science.please can u explain to me

  189. Farocia blankson says:

    sir pease is St Roses part of the first ten schools in ghana?

  190. jasmine says:

    sir please what is the cut off marks for wesley girls for 2013 n holico

  191. Simon says:

    Please which organisation do the ranking of secondary schools in Ghana.

  192. Paul Adu Asare (sireLancelot) says:

    Pls where is SEKONDI COLLEGE (Great Sekco, YENSURO!!! )

  193. seth takyi says:

    i had 9 ones.i am perfectly sure that i will end up at adisco

  194. joseph owusu says:

    i had 09.i am sure i am going to end at augusco

  195. Shadrack says:

    Pls what is cut off marks for me to offer Gen Science at St.Augustines

  196. george says:

    i had 07 what abt making it to adisadel

  197. stanley quarm says:

    mr. ekow pls watz da total marks 4 achimota school, acquinas and ghana national college

  198. jake says:

    where is mawuli school
    are is no volta school in ur list why

  199. Alex says:

    does Mfantsipim Offer business

  200. opoku says:

    how to apply for 30% catchment area. contact me for pay school,i will give u intensive filla.Just pay for only Gh 700.

  201. opoku says:

    who want to go to This schools 1. Owass 2. prempeh 3. Anglican school 4. Augusco…….simply dial this No..0241963837

  202. david acquah says:

    please sir,what are the likely inter. science practical questions for the 2013 BECE.please i need your maximum help because i know you are an experienced teacher

  203. Nathaniel Nyamadi says:

    if i get grade10 can i go to Ghana national

  204. why is T I Amass not beem among the top ten schools in Ghana

  205. RACHEAL QUAYSON says:


  206. Bright says:

    I wnt Accra Academy can i get.

  207. Bright says:

    If i get grade 8 can i get Accra Academy

  208. hamza says:

    pls can i know de time our BECE 2013 result will be out

  209. stanley says:

    can i know the cut off marks for augusco

  210. my name is osman sir please i want to no the cutt off marks for the top 20 senior high school in ghana 2013.

  211. i want tono the cut off senior high school in ghana 2013.

  212. i want to no the cutt off school 2013

  213. Paul Gasinu says:

    pass mark 4 PRESEC legon plz

  214. Mills Kojo Enock says:

    i had raw score of 450 and i chhose Augusco as my first choice and going to offer science will I get it

  215. Manuel says:

    Sir, pls wen will da bece 2013 results b released

  216. Kaleb Osei Kantanka says:

    Sir i chose Prempeh College , G.art but i would like to swap to science if by Gods grace i get admission there , is this possible at all ……also please When will our Result be released. :-D

  217. Caleb says:

    Sir I chose Prempeh College , G.art if by Gods favour i get admission there i would like to swap to science and its that possible and please when will the 2013 b.e.c.e result be released…..

  218. Issahaku says:

    The results of this year BECE will be release on the first week of September

  219. Bruce says:

    Pls i want to ask, can you tell me the actual day the result will release.

  220. Bernard Asare says:

    Pls i want to know the cutoff for G-Arts at Pope John Snr High School

  221. iddirisu ariyastic says:

    if i want to attend prempeh with grade 18 with science wat are my potencials of getin it.

  222. persie says:

    i had agg 06,n 2 in maths and 3 in french d rest wer 1s.i chose presec legon,science course,wil i get it,pls ansa me

  223. Yaw says:

    Sir,pls i had grade 8,nd i chose st.peter’s,what is my expertations

  224. Raphael says:

    Sir please i had 14 and want to study science at legon presec please will i get it.

  225. JJ says:

    I had agg6 and 2 in pre-tech and 2 in twi.the rest i had 1. will i make it to presec legon with science?

  226. koffie says:

    Had 14 ,offering science at adisadel, what is my stand?

  227. Michael says:

    Why is WESLEY GRAMMAR not part of the 20 schools?

  228. amoah boakye says:

    please does dis apply in 2013????

  229. marvin adjei says:

    am marvin and i had 06 chose augustines college
    had 2 in rme,3 in french nd 2 in Ga what r my chances

  230. marvin adjei says:

    i had all 1 wit the others

  231. pls sir,i had agg 07 in the bece,3 in science and i want to offer science in mfantsipim,will be admitted ?

  232. amoah boakye says:

    14 adisadel college business what is my position?

  233. Manuel says:

    I had agg 10, 2 in english n rme , 1 in science,maths,n social n 3 in da oda subject…watz ma stand in offern science at mfantsipim

  234. Jesse says:

    Pls i had 08 with science 1,Eng 1,Social 1,math 2,fante 1,I.c.t 2 and chose St.augustine’s college,from a private sch what are my chance of being selected.

  235. isaa c says:

    i had 15, will i get presec?

  236. Annie says:

    i had 07..Maths was the only core i had grade2 in…i chose holico with g. arts..can i get the school??

  237. frederick says:

    pls sir i had 11 will i make it to ofori panyin

  238. frederick says:

    i completed a public school

  239. eleonora says:

    plz sir can grade 7 get you an admission to holico for g.science n also when wil the placement be out because am anxious.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Agg 7 for holico science would be tight. just pray fir a high raw score. I will give you a 80% chance of making it there. For placements, wait till 20th of october


    Can my son make it to Mfantsipim with agg. 07 to do Science? 1 in all the core subjects 2BDT, 2ICT

  241. OWUSU says:

    plz sir l had 36 can l get a school plz Namong s.h.s armed forces s.h.s duman s.h.s and kumasi s.h.s business and l had 6 in maths plz some one mus answer me lam deathing beca of my poor gaer plz

  242. OWUSU says:

    plz sir l text my inunmber to 1060 and the hive me this inforamion your chosen school for placement und 70% area selection are Namong senior high and Armed senior high all in kumasi lam not understand plz some one mus help me plz sir EKOW MENSAH plz help me if u see this plz cell me answer me on my unmber 0269143207 l will give u the ceit u sue to cell me plz

  243. festus says:

    sir,pls i attended a private schól n i had aggrgte 13,n want to offer tech. in mfantsipim.is der a posibility dat i can gt it

  244. festus says:

    sir pls,i attended a private skull,i had aggrgte 13 n i chse mfantsipim to offer techn. wat is de posibiliti of me gtn it.

  245. Bob says:

    Pls sir, i had agg 13 and complted 4rm a private skul, i chose gsts for g arts,whats my probability of gettin it? Also, i went for de 30% slot

  246. Bob says:

    Bro. Ekow, GSTS as my first choice

  247. Lisa says:

    pls Mr.ekow,I have been reading this blog for sometym now.its very interesting.I had nine ones n I had my 1st choice school.I wanted to know if I can Change my course to science .pls help

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      You are a very good student. which jhs did you attend and what was your first choice school. If wesley girls, then start learning hard because you will write a test before you are placed for your course, at wesley girls, you can change if you do well in the test. you are the first 9 ones candidate I have met on this blog. well done.

  248. Lisa says:

    thank u very much.I attended st.Francis of assisi school.n my first choice school was st.Louis in kumasi.

  249. Sylvester says:

    mr.ekow,7 ones n had presec legon,wil dere b a test for a change of school in my presec too?

  250. Sylvester says:

    Lisa,congratulations!!!!! wnt to b ur frnd.ma sister also had louis dis year for econs wid 08

  251. Sylvester says:

    Lisa,congratulations!!!!! wnt to b ur frnd.ma sister also had louis dis year for econs wid 08(0243134929/0204484713,lisa,it ma number)

  252. Victoria Serwaa Gyamfi says:

    Sir, i had 11 but i was given my third choice school. I know of a girl who had 14 and had Holy Child whiles i didn’t.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Placement is based on raw score but not on the grade you made. Some connections also play important role

      • hilly says:

        but u cant tell me sir ekow dat a candidate with 11 had a better raw score than a candidate with grade 06. has ges detected this prob and can it change on the net cos we are really disturbed those of us who did well but got our 4th choices. pls ans me as soon as possible cos my parents want to know

  253. Sylvester says:

    Y is dat,many candidates 2013 wo had unqualified grades(for certain schools) wer placed dere, whilst students wid gud grades were left behind? a lady in ma klas had abugiss wid 11 whilst a lady wid 09 was refused! Also,a gentlemen wid a big 28 was given biheco 2 study agric science! A lady n a gentleman had the same grades in each subjects n al had 16.de lady was given labone shs whilst,d lad was given his last choice! we ar al mankind ! al des happend in ma klas!

  254. Caleb Nti says:

    pls sir I am a bece candidate of this year and had grade 11.my first school couldn’t offer me admission which is mfantsipim, Ghana national college which is the second choice of mine couldn’t also offer me an admission but Amenfiman school which is mine third choice offered me an admission. I don’t understand why? A friend of mine also had grade 11and gain admission to prempeh college. Sir pls kindly help me because I am in sorrow and this might lead to mine death.

  255. Sylvester says:

    Dear Caleb b content wid watever u wer given! we ar all human beings! i was very worried after reading ur comment! dnt even fink of death now pls.nafin possible can b done! a possible solution is,if u have d money to go in for d protocol!(0243134929/0204484713,my number)

  256. sir please i had aggregate 17 and i got nsaba presec but can i send my forms to winneba senior high school?

  257. sir pls wat is de cut off score for visual art?

  258. i had 21 can i make it to ofori panin to offer visual art?

  259. adu willberforce says:

    cha, i had grade 10 and chose kumasi anglican as ma 1st choice,nevertheless,i couldnt make it,bt sm1 wd grade 19 made it,irrespective of the raw score

  260. Jeffrey Daniel says:

    please when are the 2013 candidates reporting to shs this year?? i had presec legon though

  261. Sylvester says:

    Jeffery,congrats for ur perfomance! ar u frm ave maria skul? d tym to report is base on d skul u re goin! i heard wesley girls re to report to skul on wednesday!!!! i suggest u kal presec to knw dat!!!!

  262. Junior says:

    Pls sir i had over raw scores 340 i chose kass, asanteman,arm forces,oseitutu ii, nd my result has not come sir i need ur help this is my index number 0504081009. Thank u

  263. Bismark Yeboah says:

    am quite surprised ders no opoku ware school in the list…dat school is one of the finest in ghana..can u update us on their cut off point

  264. naa says:

    my brother had row score of 440 and he was not place at mfantsepim for science wont to no whyyyyyyyy

  265. daryl says:

    hello i chose owass ,,,ma raw score was 409,,,n ma grade was 09 ,,,,can i get owass

  266. CHRISTOPHER says:


  267. Edem says:

    Senior High Schools and Colleges Page
    19 November





















    The Senior High Schools and Colleges Page is not responsible for this statistics.We still deem it provisional.

  268. williams samuel nana says:

    pls what is the cut point of kwame nkrumah university of science and technology high school since it is among the best shs in Ghana.

  269. molly says:

    what are your expectations for this year’s bece

  270. jonathan says:

    pls sir if i get 07 with a high raw score, will i be able to offer science at achimota

  271. Maxwell says:

    Pls sir. How is the raw score calculated? Is it the addition of all the nine subjects

  272. nana says:

    Pls sir can u give me wesGee’s cutoff point

  273. nana says:

    Pls sir wat is e cutoff 4 “wessgee”

  274. Vique Dominique says:

    Sir, am aiming @ geyhey. do they consider the raw score or grade. y is it d@ it looks lyk i haven’t come across anyone with raw score 500 and above. y, isn’t it possible?
    isn’t science the most competitive subject? so how come raw score required for general arts of geyhey and other top-notch schools is higher than that required for science?

  275. Peter Essibu Annan says:

    i had 8ones from DEKS wil i gain admission to adisadel college , Mr. Ekow.i had 2 in french n i want to offer business.

  276. wasd ile says:

    i had
    will i get presec-

  277. Pearl says:

    Sir what are my chances of getting Wesley girls with aggregate 06 with 8 ones and a raw score of 490 to study science.

  278. i learnt mawuli always perform but they are always left out in the ranking why?can u tell me

  279. daniel says:

    sir Ekow,
    what raw score is needed to get adisadel college with science and also prsec visual arts for 2014 bece
    thank you

  280. xorlali says:

    I chose pope John shs, science, but would lyk to go to prempeh college, how is it possible.

  281. Evelyn says:

    Wat is the raw score for Achimota secondary school?.

  282. Evelyn says:

    Wat is the raw score for g.arts if u choose achimota secondary school?,.

  283. xavier says:

    SIR PLS can u tell me the raw score and grade needed to attend st peters shs…..i attended private school…hoping to hear frm u soon

  284. nasiru says:

    pls sir what is da raw score if u want gets
    to offer science

  285. joel says:

    sir I wrote in a public school nd chose St.peters .Pls sir i would like to knw the raw score for g.acts

  286. joel says:

    sir I wrote in a public school nd chose St.peters .Pls sir i would like to knw the raw score for g.acts in St.peters for this yr

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      st peters marks is quite very high as compared to the other boys sec school. to get any chance of entry, a good raw score with aggregate six is a must

  287. okine says:

    when wil 2014 results be released

  288. Okine says:

    Wat abt placement

  289. okine says:

    when wil placement be made

  290. Alinko says:

    Pls sir when will de 2014 bece be released?


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