W.A.S.S.C.E Results, University Admissions and Options Available after Checking Results

Weh Gey HeyThis years W.A.S.S.C.E results has genenerated so much hullabaloo about the percentage of failure. Whilst some claim over 70% failed, others too are saying if you get 7 A’s and one ‘D’in mathematics, then you have not failed. Unfortunately, all the public and private universities are not admitting students with even one ‘D’ in any of the core subjects.

The prerequisite for admission in the universities presently demands for the candidates to pass all the four core subjects before even the electives are considered. You have to get at least C6 in six subjects. However, it is imperative you at least get C6 in your four core subjects and C6 in three electives before you are considered for selection in the private university.

So What Option do You have if One D7 is Spoiling your result.
The W.A.S.S.C.E is the major examination that would determine most often the kind of life you want to live in future. You have to get it right, move to the University and take it up from there, One ‘D’ in your result presently would not do you much good. Even the Polytechnics refused some candidates with D’s in either mathematics or Integrated Science last year. So your best bet is to write the WASSCE again next year so that you can still make it to the university next year. Where you would write it would be our headache, just make up your mind on time so you don’t miss the registration.

Your second option is to register for Nov/Dec examination. This can permit you to better the grades of subjects you did not perform well in. It would however mean you can only go to the university in 2016. It is however one of the best choice you have to make if you don’t want to write all the eight subjects.

Apply for Nursing or Teachers Training College
The nursing and teachers training school is another institution that gives candidates a secured job opportunities after completion. However, admission into both institutions demands candidates pass all the core subjects before chance is given for applicants to attend interview. If you however have all the requisite passes, give me a call and let me see how best I can assist you make the training college or the nursing training school of your choice.

Register for a professional I.C.T Course
There are numerous IT courses WASSCE graduates can partake in. Learning Microsoft Office and Mavis Beacon Typing is good but I will not recommended you spend a whole year learning how to type. However, you can do the following certification;
Microsoft Office Certication
Computer Networking and Communications
Google Products Training and Certifications
Apple Training and Certifications

Do a Diploma Course
Some of the Private Universities can admit students with D and E for their Diploma courses. You just have to find out how many years you have to top up to obtain a degree at the same university.

On the whole, I think it will be the best option if you write the WASSCE again and register for Nov/Dec next year to be very sure of your results. I believe that would be one of the best choice you will make. Getting the Degree should be the ultimate goal. If you get your result right, you can obtain your University degree in Four years.
If you should decide again, give me a call and let me help you get a good school where you can write again.

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Steps to take After you Check your B.E.C.E results

20140620_131923Checking of results is one of the most difficult times in the life of a student. There are some who after checking shout for joy after obtaining good grades. Others too feel so dissapointed and cry bitterly. This are moments they would need support from parents and guardians to assure them that all is not lost. If you descend on them with I told you to learn mentality, then you fustrate and torment them to the state where suicide is the best available option to be taken.

What to do after checking B.E.C.E result
For the B.E.C.E results, students who chose the top best schools are to ensure they have backup plans in place before school placements is released. For Holy Child, Wesley Girls, Presec, Achimota, St. Peters, Mfanstipim, Augusco, Adisadel, Accra Academy, aggregate six should get you there . If your parents can visit the headmasters of your respective secondary schools before school placement is released would be a plus. If you can get on the protocol list, then you can go and relax. For Wesley Girls, Holy Child and some times Mfanstipim, aggregate six is not just enough, 8 ones with a very high raw score might be required before you can get such school.

The moment you get agg 7 to 10, it will take more than a miracle to get such schools, Go underground and contact people that matter, they may be able to fix something for you at a cost. You just have to know who to contact.
If you should fail any of the core subjects or you get aggregate 25 above, you are likely not to be placed. You can either go to a private secondary school or re-write the B.E.C.E next year February at Mayflower Academy. My contact is on this website, look for it and give me a call.

Aggregate 6 to 14 should be able to get you at least the first 3 choices of schools. If you have problems, mail me or call and lets chat.

Secondary school placements do not follow any logic these days, sometimes students with aggregate 8 to 10 will make some of these top secondary schools whiles students with aggregate six and sometimes 9 0nes students are sent to second and third choice schools. So my advice, whatever your grade, have a backup plan to ensure you make your dream secondary school.

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How to Use MTN mobile money to Buy Scratch Card to Check B.E.C.E Results and W.A.S.S.C.E Results

waec_logoWith the help of MTN mobile money, you can buy scratch card to check your BECE result or WASSCE result without necessarily visiting all the post office in search of scratch cards.
Follow the following steps if you want to buy your scratch Card using MTN mobile money. Scratch cards can be purchased through this medium to check any other results being organized by W.A.E.C

To buy your scratch card
Go to My Mtn on your phone set up, you might have to click on Internet First
Click on Mobile Money
Click on Pay Bill
Click on General Payments
On the Payment Code, Type ‘ Monicliq Waec’
Enter your mtn mobile money password in the MM PIN CODE
In your Reference Section, enter your phone number
On the amount, just enter 9

The serial and Pin number would be sent to your phone inbox as text message, example is ” WAEC RC SERIAL:PINWG1400613271:115155350101
Note that the serial no starts with the wg14006…….. and the pin no starts with 1151553………..

Using MTN mobile money
Dial *170#
Click on General Payment
on Payment Code: monicliq
Amount: GH9.00
Reference: Waec

If u are having any troubles, call 0244783838

Go to www . ghana.waecdirect.org and fill in all the blank spaces. your result should pop up if you enter all the information correctly.
If you still have problems, you can search for my contact on this website and lets talk. consultation fee is just Gh5.00 cedis via mtn mobile money. wish you guys all the best when your results pops up.

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2014 B.E.C.E, School Placement and Registration for Private Candidates

20140620_075717The 2014 B.e.c.e which was written in June this year saw 422, 946 final year candidates writing. This figure represents an increment of 31,864 candidates over last year’s number. What this means basically is that, if all these students are going to be admitted into secondary schools, the government needs to build at least 15 new secondary schools to cater for these increment. So I sincerely hope the community secondary schools our big brother promised would see the light of the day else, we would find ourselve in a tight corner in the next few years.

2014 B.E.C.E Results & School Placement
2014 B.E.C.E would be released in August, I am sure latest by 30th of this month, it should be released for the Computerized School Placement Secretariat to do their thing. What I cannot tell is whether this year’s placement would be free and fair or it will be cash for first choice selection, whatever the case, placement would be done and I strongly wish they do a very fair and professional work.

To check your result online
To print out your B.E.C.E result online, follow the steps below
1.    Start a new browser eg (Internet Explorer, mozilla) and type  www.ghana.waecdirect.org in the address bar
2.   Enter your B.E.C.E Index number (9 digits) eg 0102228001
3.   Select the Examination type,   in your case ( B.E.C.E.)
4.   Select the examination year, in your case  ( 2014 )
5.  Enter  the card serial number found on the reverse side of your scratch card.
6.  Enter the PIN ( the 12 -digit number on the scratch card)
7.  Confirm your index number and examination year
8.  Click on submit and wait for the display in the pop up window
9.  Print your B.e.c.e. results

Once the results is released, scratch cards become scarce. Graduands should get one on time.You cannot give your scratch card to your friend to check his/her results after it has been used once.You can only use your scratch card to check your result three times.I am really wishing all  graduands all the best of luck.

To Check for the school in which you were placed, text your index number and add 14 at the tail end of your index number to 1060 on all networks. For example, if your index number is 0102228007, send 010222800714 to 1060, Gh1.00 was deducted last year but since our cedi has depreciated so much, I think they might charge GH1.50 or at most GH2.00 this year for every text message you send. A message would be sent to your inbox indicating the school you were placed.

If you have any problem with your school, don’t worry, contact the CSSPS and they would solve whatever problem you have.

Send the text message only when you are sure school placements have been confirmed by CSSPS. Don’t send it randomly or all your credit would get used up.

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Weh Gey Hey2014 B.E.C.E is scheduled to take off on the 16th of June, 2014. A lot has happened over the past six months in the Educational Sector that I thought it wise to draw your attention to. In general, it seems everybody should be prepared for a challenging year.

B.E C.E Remedials.
Yes, W.A.E.C would start the first private remedial examination for private B.E.C.E candidates in February 2015. Whilst it might seem to be a very good idea, the implications is that the era of mass placements is over. Students who get aggregate 30 and above might not be placed. Those who fail any of the core subjects would also not be placed, the reason, W.A.E.C and G.E.S would need candidates for the first batch of the Private B.E.C.E Remedial Examination. So if you are writing B.E.C.E this year, please learn very very hard.

Five Days to Write 2014 B.E.C.E
Over the past three years, candidates used 6 days to write the B.E.C.E, that is one and half papers a day. Objective Paper was separated from the written paper. Below is a typical time table for the last year B.E.C.E
Morning …………………………………….Afternoon

Monday …….English Paper 1……..English Paper 2 ………. R.M.E Paper 1
Tuesday ….. R.M.E Paper 2……… Social Paper 1 ……… Social Paper 2
Wednesday ….. Maths Paper 1 …….. Maths Paper 2 ……….. Int. Science Paper 1

Presently, W.A.E.C want to revert back to the last 5 years time table where all the examination were written in one week. Also, candidates would be required to write paper 2 before paper 1. What is the intention of W.A.E.C, do they want more candidates to fail or what? I don’t just get it. Using one week to write the examination will put pressure on the students. Writing Paper 2 before Paper 1 is not really the best unless they want more students for remedials.

Should Mission Secondary Schools be returned to the Church?
Over the past 2 weeks, the Christian Council has been advocating for the return of all mission schools, they claim that the government was not maintaining the schools well. Issue of indiscipline was also raised. They assured the government that intend to run the schools and pay the teachers better.

Upon some little reflections over what has happened in the education sector over the past one year, it dawned on me that this might just be a ploy for the government to cut down on the number of teachers on its pay roll. Remember what was done to the new trainy teacher, allowance was cut off. They are virtually fee paying students now.

What it means for you out there is that you will have to pay a very high school fees say 2000gh for boarding and Tuition at Wesley Girls, Presec, Holy Child, St. Augustine’s or at any first class senior high school belonging to the church. Computerized Placements would be scrapped since the churches would now be fully in charge. Who you know will be the requirement that will get you into these first class schools. In my opinion, i think the church and the government can co-manage these institutions. Admissions should be managed by the government with a quota given to the church.

School fees should be adjusted to enable the church pay a percentage of the labour force in the school whilst the government also takes part. It will be suicidal for the government to withdraw completely from these mission schools

How to Select Your Secondary School
Selecting of Senior high school should be a task both parents should participate in. It should not be left to the student entirely. Parents should consult teachers and headmaster of their wards school before they finalize on the school because failure to consult may result in your ward not making his/her first choice school.

For schools like Wesley Girls, Mfanstipim, St. Peters, Pope John, Opokuware, you must be good in class. At least you must be ranked within the first five students in your class if you are to make such schools.
For Wesley Girls, students normally want to enter with Home Econs with the view that their cut off point is low. Every Student now know of this strategy, that has made it high over the years since they have only one or two classes.

Achimota School is good, but their intake is not as high as that of Presec or Mfanstipim. Allocations is also made for the girls. If Presec Legon takes say 1000 boys, Achimota will only take say 400 boys. Out of that, Politics and protocols will take say 200. The whole of Ghana will now fight for the rest.

Below are some points one must consider before selecting a senior high school
1…….Consult your teacher and don’t be too ambitious. Select a school you are sure to get.
2…….Students have 4 schools to select from three options. One from Option 3, 2 from option 2 and the last one from option one. If you know some headmaster or anybody of influence in a senior high school, let your ward choose that school if you are sure you can assist if he/she is not placed there.
3…….Average Students can choose a school like Mfanstiman, Archbishop Porter Girl’s or Accra Girls. Aggregate six to even ten can get you there.
4…….Make your own arrangements before the results is released. See the headmaster of the school your ward want to attend, they can also admit students.
5…….Find out more information about your second choice and third choice schools. Don’t fill them just to fill up the space, they should be schools you will be prepared to go if you miss your first choice school.

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Mayflower’s 2013 B.E.C.E.Result and School Placement

20130928_111926The 2013 B.E.C.E Result and school placement was released earlier than expected.
The challenges that parents and students go through has not changed over the years. The most frustrating part is the scenario where a student get 7 ones or agg 6 but still cannot get his/her first choice school wheras a student with worse grade is able to make such first class school.

I know it is not about grades but raw score, but there is no way a student with aggregate 10 will get a higher score than a student with aggregate six. To solve all these placements wahala, I think it will be best if school placement is done live for the best 30 first class schools on the national relevision.
For Mayflower Students, we had our disappointments, but looking at the results around, the class of Divine Favours has actually done well.
Below is the breakdown of their results

Aggregate 6 ————- 14
Aggregate 7 ————- 10
Aggregate 8 ————- 3
Aggregate 9 ————- 2
Aggregate 10 ————- 2
Aggregate 11 ————- 1
Aggregate 14 ————- 2

Below is the Breakdown of their Secondary Schools
Wesley Girls High School ———— 4
Presec Legon ———— 8
St. Augustine’s College ———— 1
Mfanstipim ———— 5
Mfanstiman Girls Sec School ———— 3
Ghana National Sec School———— 5
Kumasi Girls ———— 2
Accra Girls ———— 4
Methodist Girls, Manfe ———— 1

My only disappointment was the fact that I had 3 girls who had 7 ones yet they could not make holy child. I really hope I could do something to reverse their schools since they had high raw scores, but who do I complain to?

I just pray you all will go to your respective secondary schools and make me proud.

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2013 School Placement Released

The 2013 Senior Secondary School Placements has been released. This is the first time in 8 years that they have used two weeks to release the school placement.

To check the secondary school that you have been placed to, add 13 to the tail end of your index number and text it to 1060 on mtn, Tigo and Vodafone. They will send you a text message of the school that you have been placed within some few seconds.

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First P.T.A Meeting for the 2013/2014 Academic Year.

Management and the Executives of Mayflower Int School would be organizing it’s first P.T.A meeting on the 14th of September, 2013 at the school premises. All parents and guardians are cordially invited.

The meeting would commence at exactly 10.00am.

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2013 B.E.C.E, School Placement and Cut off marks

2013 BECE Candidates

2013 BECE Candidates

All too soon, 2013 B.E.C.E has been written in June by 391,079 candidates, what most candidates are now expecting is their results and prospective secondary schools they have been placed into. From a very reliable source, W.A.E.C would finish marking the BECE scripts and probably release the result to the computerized school placement secretariat by the 20th of September, 2013.

Students would use two weeks to check their results on the Internet before the Computer School Selection and Placement System Secetariat is given the raw scores of students to also start placing them. They would need one month at most to finish their work.From the look of things, students would see their B.E.C.E results by the 20th of September and also know the secondary schools they have been placed into by October ending.

How to print out Placements forms
You will need to purchase a scratch card from S.I.C, A.D.B. bank or from any post office in your neighbourhood. Go to www.myjhsresult.org and enter your index number, the serial and pin number on the scratch card and submit. Don’t forget to add ‘13’ at the end of your index number.If you are lucky, your forms would be displaced without any sweat. If you are not so lucky, a lot of funny information like this would be shown;
“ Sorry the Index Number, Scratch Card Number/PIN Number does not exist”.
Please look carefully and retype. If you are very sure about it, please send email to info@csspsghana.org.

School Placement for Sale.
A lot of strange things happened last year and I am sincerely praying that it will not be repeated this year. Those who had cash and knew who to contact at the CSSPS could get any of the top secondary schools in Ghana. So if you had say aggregate 10 and you chose Wesley Girls, under normal circumstance, you cannot make that school but if you can pay up to Gh2000.00 to the right person, they would fix you there.
The CSSPS is still one of the best things that has happened to Ghana’s education, authorities should do whatever it takes to maintain its credibility.

Should the Government withdraw teachers training students allowance?
A lot of hullabaloo about the withdrawal of allowance for teachers training students made the headlines this week. From my point of view, I totally agree with the president. Withdraw the allowance, let them take students loan and enrol more students.
This year alone, more than 700, 000 students completed Senior Secondary schools, all our 9 public universities cannot absorb up to 300, 000, for that reason, the government have to make sure that the training colleges, polytechnic and the nursing training colleges take in a lot more. From the look of things, nursing training schools would soon see their allowance axed off.

Cut off Marks for Secondary Schools
I am expecting over 95 percent placement this year due to the high level of vacancies in most secondary schools this year. If you want to make your first choice school, make aggregate six and get a raw score of over 400, I will update you with details of cut of marks for over 40 top secondary schools soon.

In general, this year’s school placements will run smoothly and I believe majority of B.E.C.E candidates would make their first and second choice schools.

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Sample Mathematics B.E.C.E Questions

I have received many request for mathematics and other sample questions for the core subjects. I am starting with mathematics, please this is a sample maths questions but not apo
1. If M= {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, ………20}, Q={3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8} and R= {2, 3, 5, 7} If Q and R are subsets of M, find Q n R A. {3, 5} B. {5, 7) C (3, 5, 7) D (2, 3, 5, 7)
2. Round 8921465 to the nearest hundred A. 8921000 B. 8921400 C. 8921460 D. 8921500
3. Write 98 as the product of its prime factors A. 2 × 7^2 B. 2^2 × 7 C. 2× 7^3 D. 2^2× 7^2
4. Evaluate 4(8-2) + 5(3-8) A. – 31 B. -1 C. 37 D. 49
5. Arrange the following in descending order magnitude 0.32 , 2/5, 27%, 1/3 A 0.32, 2/5, 27%, 1/3 B. 0.32, 1/3, 2/5, 27% C. 27%, 0.32, 1/3, 2/3 D. 49 6.The ratio 8:12 is equivalent to Y: 9. What is the value of Y? A. 4 B. 5 C. 6 D. 7
7. Write 0.55 as a fraction in its lowest term. A. 11/ 200 B. 11/ 20 C. 11/ 2000 D. 11/ 2
8. Simplify 5w + 7p2 – 4w + 3p2 A. 9w + 10p2 B. w + 10p2 C. w + 4p2 D. 9w + 4p2
9. Osei bought a hat for GH¢ 5.00. He sold it to Yao at a profit of 20%. How much did Yao pay for the hat? A.GH¢ 4.80 B.GH¢5.50 C GH¢ 6.00 D GH¢7.00 10.Simplify 2^9 ÷ 2^3  A. 2^3 B. 2^6 C. 2^12 D. 2^27
11.Find the image of -3 under the mapping x—= 2(x +3) A. 0 B. 2 C. 6 D. 12
12. A football fields is 120m long and 75m wide. What is the perimeter of the field? A. 195m B. 390m C. 780m D. 900m
13. A tank holds 240 liters of water. How much water is in the tank when it is 4 / 5 full A. 60 liters B. 132 liters C. 192 liters D. 240 liters
14. A man has 6x sheep and 5y goats. He sells 3x sheep and 2y goats. How many animals are left after the sales? A. 3x – 3y B. 3x + 3y C. 9x – 5y D. 9x + 5y
15. A trader buys a dozen pens at GH¢ 4.80 and sells them at 48Gp each. Find her percentage profit. A. 5% B. 10% C. 15% D. 20% 20.
16.Find the angle through which the minute hand of a clock moves from 5:15pm to 5:25 pm. A. 30º B. 45º C. 60º D. 120º
17. If E= {prime numbers between 10 and 20} and F= {odd numbers between 0 and 16} Find E n F. A. {11} B. {3, 11, 13} C. {11, 13} D. {3, 11, 13, 15

18. Write 17ten base two numeral. A. 1001 B. 10001 C. 11001 D. 110011

19. What fraction of revolution is 72º? A. 1/6 B.1/5 C. 2/5 D. 5/8
20. Express 6 days is to 3 weeks as a ratio in its simplest form. A. 1:2 B. 2:1 C. 2:7 D. 7:2 25.
21. The letters in the word HIPPOPOTAMUS are placed in a box. What is the probability of taking out a letter that is a vowel? A. 1/12 B. 3/12 C. 5/12 D. 7/12.
22. How many lines of symmetry has an equilateral triangle.        A. 1  B.  C. 3  D. 4

23.  Which of the following is not a quadrilateral?       A. Hexagon  B. Kite  C. Rectangle D. Trapezium

24..  Use the identity a^2- b^2 = (a + b) (a – b) to evaluate 832 – 172.  A. 660     B. 6,600             C. 7,718        D. 7,600

25.  Make n the subject of the relation 2n + 5 = 7a.  A.   n = (7a+5)/2    B.   n= (7a – 5)/2   C   n = 2 (7 a + 5)    D.     n = 2 (7a – 5)

26.  Expand (a+4) (a+6)               A. 2a+24  B. a2+6a+10 C. a2+10a+10 D. a2+6a+24

27.  Find 12 1/2  % of Gh¢ 80.00       A. Gh¢ 8.00 B. Gh¢ 12.00  C. Gh¢ 10.00     D.Gh¢ 12.50

28.  Write the number 0.000341 in standard form.    A. 3.41x´10^4 B. 3.41 x´10^-4 C. 3.41 x1000  D. 341 ´10^-4
29.  Calculate the size of an exterior angle of a regular pentagon. A.72°         B. 90°         C. 108° D.     360°
30.  Find the highest common factor of 15 and 21              A. 1 B. 3 C. 5 D.7
31. Simplify  3 ( 6b  –  9a) +  7  (6a  –  5b)   A.   17b  +  6a    B.   17b  –  6a   C.   17b  +   48a   D.   15a   –   17b
32. Factorise .x2 – 5x + 6.  A. {.x + 3} (x-2}      B. {x-2}{x-3)        C. {x+1}{r-6}      D.      {x+2}{x+3}      
33. Three boys weeded a piece of land in 4 hours. How long would it take 18 boys to weed  the same piece of land weeding at the same rate?          A.  12hours  B.       40minutes       C.    24hours     D.    22hours
34.Yakubu, Seidu and Amina shared an amount of money in the ratio 3:4:5. Find how much  was shared, if Amina received ¢40,000.00. A. ¢72,0000.00       B. ¢80,000.00             C. ¢96,000.00         D. ¢120,000.00
35. Solve for y in the equation   1/3y +1/5y = 8        A.    15    B.   30   C.  45   D.  60
36. The length of a rectangle is three times its width. If its perimeter is 24cm, find its width.         A. 3cm B. 4cm   C. 6cm      D. 8cm 49. 
37. The interior angle of a regular polygon is 135°. How many sides has the polygon.  A. 6 B. 8            C. 9            D.  12
38. A tank holds 240 liters of water. How much water is in the tank when it is 4 / 5 full A. 60 liters       B. 132 liters        C. 192 liters       D. 240 liters  
39. A set Q =( a, b, c, d), how many subset has set Q? A. 4 B. 8. C. 16 D. 24
40. Solve 4k/9  =12      A. 23 B. 25   C. 27       D. 29

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