B.E.C.E to Be Written in June 2013

The next Basic Education Certificate Examination would be written in June 2013. This was confirmed by the Director of Public relations of G.E.S, Mr. Paul Krampah who made this disclosure during the Speech and Prize giving day of Queens International School at East Legon. This will enable  the next set of candidates to have ample time to complete their third term in school,  thus fulfilling the nine years basic education the law mandates them to obtain before writing their final exams.

Effects it will have on Students, Parents and Private Schools

Most private schools will welcome this news since they can charge school fees in the third term and this will certainly give them some financial security.

It will also give them enough time to complete their syllabi and prepare their candidates well for the final exams.

However, there might be disruptions in academic work during the six days the candidates use in writing the exams. Most of the J.H.S teachers would be at the exam centres thereby leaving their form ones and twos idle for a week.

Parents will receive this information with mixed feelings. They will be glad that their wards will have enough time to learn and pass easily but disappointed to spend more to realize that. Parents will also have little time to prepare their wards for secondary schools

Effect on G.E.S

This change of date for the next B.E.C.E will have cascading effects that I hope officials of G.E.S have analyzed before coming out with this policy. Next year in General, they will be stretched to the limit since the Ex-President John Kuffour’s Year four candidates and Late-President Atta Mill’s  Year Three candidates will be writing their WASSCE together. We still do not know whether they will write their  final exam in the same month or different months, but whatever they decide on, they need to plan extremely well.

For the J.H.S candidates, we have a situation where students will be in school whilst the examination will be taking place. Are they going to announce a six days holiday? That will certainly have to be the case since they do not have the capacity to accommodate over 400, 000 candidates that will be writing the exams. Private schools will still manage to teach their children, but for the public schools, pupils will have to stay at home for a week for their premises to be used for the exams.

Will the J.H.S graduates continue to form one next year?

This is the  question I keep asking myself which I cannot just figure out. W.A.E.C normally use three months to evaluate and organize their results. The Computer School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) secretariat after obtaining the raw scores from W.A.E.C also spend a month to come out with candidates placed Senior Secondary Schools.


Students require four months to know which school they have been placed. So roughly, by middle of November, students should be reporting back to school to spend about a month before they leave whilst doing almost nothing before they vacate for the first term in secondary school. These are students who are going to spend three years in SHS. So the question is; can they finish their syllabi in 7 terms instead of 9 terms?


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