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2013 B.E.C.E, School Placement and Cut off marks

2013 BECE Candidates

2013 BECE Candidates

All too soon, 2013 B.E.C.E has been written in June by 391,079 candidates, what most candidates are now expecting is their results and prospective secondary schools they have been placed into. From a very reliable source, W.A.E.C would finish marking the BECE scripts and probably release the result to the computerized school placement secretariat by the 20th of September, 2013.

Students would use two weeks to check their results on the Internet before the Computer School Selection and Placement System Secetariat is given the raw scores of students to also start placing them. They would need one month at most to finish their work.From the look of things, students would see their B.E.C.E results by the 20th of September and also know the secondary schools they have been placed into by October ending.

How to print out Placements forms
You will need to purchase a scratch card from S.I.C, A.D.B. bank or from any post office in your neighbourhood. Go to www.myjhsresult.org and enter your index number, the serial and pin number on the scratch card and submit. Don’t forget to add ‘13’ at the end of your index number.If you are lucky, your forms would be displaced without any sweat. If you are not so lucky, a lot of funny information like this would be shown;
“ Sorry the Index Number, Scratch Card Number/PIN Number does not exist”.
Please look carefully and retype. If you are very sure about it, please send email to [email protected]

School Placement for Sale.
A lot of strange things happened last year and I am sincerely praying that it will not be repeated this year. Those who had cash and knew who to contact at the CSSPS could get any of the top secondary schools in Ghana. So if you had say aggregate 10 and you chose Wesley Girls, under normal circumstance, you cannot make that school but if you can pay up to Gh2000.00 to the right person, they would fix you there.
The CSSPS is still one of the best things that has happened to Ghana’s education, authorities should do whatever it takes to maintain its credibility.

Should the Government withdraw teachers training students allowance?
A lot of hullabaloo about the withdrawal of allowance for teachers training students made the headlines this week. From my point of view, I totally agree with the president. Withdraw the allowance, let them take students loan and enrol more students.
This year alone, more than 700, 000 students completed Senior Secondary schools, all our 9 public universities cannot absorb up to 300, 000, for that reason, the government have to make sure that the training colleges, polytechnic and the nursing training colleges take in a lot more. From the look of things, nursing training schools would soon see their allowance axed off.

Cut off Marks for Secondary Schools
I am expecting over 95 percent placement this year due to the high level of vacancies in most secondary schools this year. If you want to make your first choice school, make aggregate six and get a raw score of over 400, I will update you with details of cut of marks for over 40 top secondary schools soon.

In general, this year’s school placements will run smoothly and I believe majority of B.E.C.E candidates would make their first and second choice schools.




  1. Emmanuel Eduah says:

    when will the bece results come to internet??

  2. Emmanuel Eduah says:

    pls tll me trough my email pls….

  3. akpalu shine says:

    i hope everything goes on smoothly as u said.

  4. I hop all will be well with me

  5. Paty Asare says:

    Sir Ekow,please is it true that WAEC has released our results cos there are rumours everywhere that our results are out.

  6. Issahaku says:

    I also herd that so but it is not on internet

  7. bismark says:

    Sir, i pls what is de raw score 4 Edinaman shs………
    I want 2 offer Business, wat grades are required

  8. May I know the code to check the placement,please.

  9. I checked for the placement and I received all the chosen schools.Why that? I dnt noe de specifications of my admitted school.Pls help me on dat.

  10. They were sayin i t b out on d 1st week of september so is it true

  11. Aboagye Brew Samuel says:

    pls wat is the code for the placements of schools.

  12. I-know-God-will-grant-me-admission says:

    Pls i have heard that When u gain admission to a school u can swap, please is this true cus i want to learn science

  13. Emmanuel Eduah says:

    can i change my skul afta 20th septemba????

  14. Sir what will be the last grade for mfantsipem snr high school

  15. Prayer + Godspower = First Choice says:

    When will our result come

  16. caleb says:

    Please I beseach that u pray for Gods favour cus anythin can happen Proverbs 21:1
    In the lords hand the heart of a king is like a stream which he channels towards those who please him, i think u should pray bcus I knw someone who had 29 but had admission to Prempeh but someone had 9 but was refused , Give everything to God

  17. Jawul hak says:

    sir,pls wat is the cut off point 4 dis year placement

  18. Mr. Jonathan says:

    Please what is the Cut-off mark for Prempeh college G.art and when will the result be aired

  19. Please can i have the code too

  20. Emmanuel Darko says:

    So sir Ekow, what grade can u get to gain admission to Adoten Senior High School and Presbyterian Senior Technical School Larteh-Akuapem.

    • polast Abena Ampomaa says:

      U are going to school in eastern region too huh i chose Aburi,st roses ,benkumshs and im praying hard my broda

  21. Eric Brown says:

    so which month will the candidates go to school

  22. silas kyere says:

    sir pls was de cut off mark for st. peters snr high skul?

  23. desmond says:

    sir please after trying the code it gave me a message as the index number i entered information wasn’t available what should i do about this. thank you

  24. sir please you said if you get over 430 marks in bece you can get your first or second choice but sir i want to know weather is all the subject or what???? And can i change my school when is 20th september going????

  25. Anagli George says:

    Sir pls, is it true what they say about the 430 marks? . Pls u said,our results will be released on the 20th of sep. Pls when would it be released on the internet.


    Sir whn will we be going to school.

  27. Wat is cut off maks 4 me 2 get ALAVANGHU SHS

  28. De law is mad bat de buy is save…whn wil we go 2 skuul this year or nex year.

  29. i tried the code nd it gave me error

  30. Issahaku says:

    Please sir i am confuse help me i read some page on the intelnet and day said that CSSPS ready for BECE results..that students should expect their results on the first week of September to enable them go to school at he end of September and i want to ask whether is true or not

  31. matilda says:

    i also read the same mesage as issakahu. Is tht true

  32. moses says:

    when will they release the results

  33. michael azure timothy says:

    sir,navrongo snr high was ma 1st choice nd osei tutu boyz college was ma 2nd choice and i offered g.arts in both.so wats de cut off mark nd grade 4 me to get ma second choice nd BTW wen will de resultz b released online plz.

  34. xperia says:

    wait 4 the result to cme oo!!!!!

  35. alex says:

    pls short code for 2013 bece

  36. chapter says:

    sir plz. cn I check the school I had in the first week of september

  37. chapter says:

    cn I buy a transfer to a different school

  38. Please sir we are so confuse because we learnt that the results we be release on the first week of september. Sir tell us the right date

  39. please we need to know the exactly date before the results come. so Sir tell us the right date

  40. omane nic says:

    what about those who wrote for past year placement be like?

  41. I am already no the date for releasing the 2013 B.E.C.E result, so what i would like to ask what’s the real date for cheacking the placement

  42. Adoma Kyeremeh says:

    Please, I read from spyghana.com that the BECE results will be released by the first week of september. How sure is this information?

  43. Prosper says:

    I hd dat 2013 bece placement s out,pls tell me,we are so confused

  44. kwame boadi ansah says:

    Ma question why wont our raw scores come with our results?

  45. JACOB BLESS says:


  46. polast Abena Ampomaa says:

    pls sir,im very scared and i need my first choice and sir do we buy school replacement or grades for candidates

  47. polast Abena Ampomaa says:

    Pls Mr sir,wat is my cut off grade for me to get Aburi girls,St Roses shs,or benkum shs as my first,second or third choice.pls sir why do we choose four schools this yr

  48. Raihan Bugri says:

    is it true that the bece results are out.

  49. qwami says:

    which website can i check my results?

  50. Anagli George says:

    sir please,can we get the exact date for the results? Because checked but all in vain in the first week of sep.

  51. God will grant me my 9 ones. says:

    is it true that the results will be out online tomorrow? my friend keeps on saying it.

  52. pls can i use 1060 to check my bece results?

  53. pls can i use 1060 to check my bece results?

  54. pls.sir, i have check for my schools and there was one school i did not choose and that school they don’t do busines and my chosen schools were busines throughout and i want to ask why. Thanks

  55. Boateng listowel says:

    sir when the results are going to be release? send the answer through my mail thank you

  56. Antwi Bright says:

    pls alert me through my mail when it is out

  57. anonymous says:

    will you guys just shut up….pray ti God and wait for your results …..with God all things are possible …

  58. pls i need the code to check my school

  59. Peace maker says:

    Sir pls try my brother own but it reply by the index is not available


  61. Vitus Ayerewoje says:

    Please sir when are we J.H.S students are getting admission to
    S.H.S ?

  62. catron lsaiah can u tel me the code u used to check ur school

  63. Morning Glory's finest K.B. says:

    what’s de cur off point of Mfantsipim

  64. sir his da result going 2 come with da chosen school

  65. Please let your question,sadness,happyoness end everything in your mind should be players ,
    God will do everything for as.
    God help as.say aaaaa min!!
    Good Luck to me end you.

  66. Robert says:

    will you text your index number to the short code 1060 or what guys?

  67. Enock nyarko says:

    Cn i send ma results 2 any other school if i get admitted to ma first school , i choosed adugyamfi,as ma first choice ,asanteman , japass, asei tutu ii, respectively bt i want kumasi academy .wat will i du sir , assuming i had grade 9.

  68. Mr. Ekow Mensah pls kindly update us on de release of de skul placement ok.

  69. Prosper Selorm Lagudah says:

    we need a fix date for it. i am an internet cafe attendant and i really want to know the details.

  70. Mabel Asem Gyimah says:

    Pleas i how can i check my school placement on the internet?

  71. how cn i check ma skul placement

  72. Justice says:

    please how do I check my results using the code

  73. Justice says:

    Tweneboa Emmanuel please tell me how to use the code to check the results

  74. Harriet ofosu says:

    Pls hw do dey check ma B e c e result.

  75. Abisah Johnson says:

    Hahahahaaaaaaaaaa heh hehe hehe i have that i have pass all pappers and hopping to get aggregate 6 in final.

  76. kelvin james says:

    sir im confused when r there results coming

  77. I can see success running to me, and ready to meet it by God’s grace.My colleagues surrender all ur needs to Him

  78. God will give unto us victory!

  79. skimi says:


  80. Samuel Amening Ayeh says:

    pls On 20th september will the result be release to net or to the schools?

  81. JACOB BLESS says:

    Sir, will the result surelly come nxt week

  82. fauzi says:

    when will the bece results be out

  83. so wen wil u guys release our results

  84. Ekow says:

    20 september

  85. Ibrahim Issahak says:

    Why rush? Wait for the right time my follow friends

  86. Alhaj Alhaj says:

    Please Caleb, don’t spread false alarm. The results are yet to be released.

  87. Issahaku says:

    Plz sir we are so confuse because my friend also called me and said they are on the way to check their result but i want to know whether it is has released or not and if not when is it going to release..?

  88. Aminkiah says:

    stop asking questions and let’s pray that they release the results on 20th september…

  89. micheal says:

    when would we be going to school

  90. Feliz Dyniz says:

    Ermmmm please may i know for sure if the results
    are really out so that i can check…? Because my friends are telling me they are out……Any one who
    can flow me whatsup can hit me up on (0573006330) txt or whatapp and facbook on (Felix Dennis)…Will be looking up for more updates chaw

  91. 1MissedCall says:

    Hello guys may i know if our results our out yet and which mouth are we gonna go to school because ma friends are telling me poison….if you’ve got any info hit me up on whatsapp or txt on (0573006330) facebook on (Felix Dennis) CHAW!!!

  92. tambo matthew says:

    pls Ekow Mensah give us the procedures on how check the school placement

  93. dewasty says:

    i have been waiting 4 the result oooohh when wil i here that it has come that i will get single number oooh

  94. caleb says:

    Massa ! WAEC go to hell not Mr. Ekow but WAEC, mtcheew ad3n mo dwen s3 y3 y3 nmoa anaa na mo di y3n ahy3 buo mu , halla me on facebook at Nana addai

  95. matilda says:

    sir pls, i textd my index num wth 13 to 1060 but they reply sayng info abt ths index num is nt available. Can u pls explain ths to me, am very confuse

  96. sammy says:

    pls wat grade do i need to get ofori panyin shs

  97. I-can-imagine-how-ignorant-some-are. says:

    Those of you asking the same questions which the answers have been updated above are so stupid.. Gosh! I wonder what they read before commenting…smh..

  98. Hw long des wayic wnt us to wit before they release the result?

  99. Inaleh Shalom says:

    sir i completed last year and i was given a sch. but i culdnt go.I bought a re-entry form @ GES and applied again.i chosed BH Agric as my first choice and i had 25.sir pls would i b giving d@ sch.?

  100. l just wanna know the code for checking ma bece exams

  101. Morning Glory's finest K.B. says:

    checked mine

  102. polast Abena Ampomaa says:

    pls guys,hit me on wassap(0246514729)if any information abt our bece cos im very scared huh i chose Aburi gals,st roses.benkum shs,i have pray saaa so will i make it


    please is this results actually out?problem with serial numbers are disturbing us here

  104. caleb says:

    Massa it x not out wai mon kc da

  105. pls mr.sir i known by God’s grace i hv passed but i need skul’s this year,Ghana natoinal college,techiman shs & salaga shs were my choice schools pls sir i will be gratful if u could place 1 of these schools 4 me

  106. May God shows his mercy & bless fanyinama jhs in kintampo to more than 20 students passing this year

  107. Please,
    Abisah johnson where did you have the massage,can you tell me.

  108. You are a humanbing so if you saw samething and you dnot anderstand ask,dont just say what you like.
    Becaure you dont no me.

  109. y’all fynkn abou ya result but am so sad , I hav being sad from my birth … Never seen joy…. Imagine living with a single mum with a dad who’s having problems with his leg (Accident) And imagine it when everyone hates you :-( , my own brother tried to kill me with a knife ow men! Imagine if u were repaid with evil deeds…..Please God ! What have I done to you …Just wanna commit suicide…… :-( God hates me, he hates me , he hates me , he hates me …. My mum is also not that strong she is on me..

  110. so when will we be going to school sir

  111. I pray dat each n evry 1 of us is goin 2 get dier 1st choice of skul….Amen

  112. Love Kafui says:

    im clear with everything but i want to know how to check the schools i chose….just to make sure everything is intact. please send it through my email account. thanks! :-)

  113. Oppong Bernice says:

    sir, i will like to know if the bece 2013 results are in and if not,when they will be in.thank you.

  114. bismark darkoh says:

    code 4 the school placement

  115. TUONA JOHN says:

    Pls i wont de date u can use phone 2 check.

  116. Addo jybryl prynce,may
    God answer your prayer.

  117. pampety says:

    don’t worry about tomoro, pupil let bece 2 tink about how it going 2 release

  118. Please sir, i read the note and it said on the 20th of these month the result will be out,is it true and if it is true, will it be in our school or online?

  119. Atsu Oswald says:

    sir pls when will the results gona get out?

  120. Azantilow Awonseba says:

    Sir, on tv3 news reports about the poor performance of a certain district this year so I wanted to be sure as to whether the results are on the internet.

  121. I also heard a news update on de Bece 2013 results of some skuls in Jasikan District,depicting a fatal failure of de candidates.
    Mr. Ekow Mensah, I want to be sure,are de results out?

    • Ekow Mensah says:


      I am also waiting patiently for it. nothing is out yet but I believe that by next week, you all would be smiling. If the results is released, all the fm stations would make it a headline news for 3 to 5 days. Have you heard anythinv from the fm station?

  122. Oh pls we thank u 4 makes ur knowing this.

  123. caleb says:

    Results are out but its the placement which is nt out , get ur cards and go to
    stop bothering Mr Ekow, as a candidate u shud be Inquisitive 4 more , bet me and do it

  124. manu says:

    @caleb commot for der u be virus…the result is nt yet in.

  125. Alhaj Alhaj says:

    Caleb, why are u deceiving your colleagues?

  126. Derrick says:

    God be the glory and His will be done

  127. Azantilow Awonseba says:

    Hey guys, I jxt wanna be notified on any new development!! WhatsApp on 0545650916, facebook at Awaaz Azantilow. Tnx!

  128. newman int. School says:

    jux bored wif des tiring bece dates stuff. Waec can even decide to take eternity to release d results, i care less

  129. Anagli George says:

    Matt 6:33. Seek first God’s kingdom and you shall be the head and not the tail no matter what. Please relax my colleagues impatience is also a sin. Caleb please be sure and don’t lie it can lead you to hell. Pray to God and he will comfort you. Call me on 0540955121 for more encouragement. WE SHALL MAKE IT IN JESUS’ NAME. GOD BLESS US ALL. AMEN!!!

  130. Caleb why are you doing that,
    Please don’t confuse us.

  131. hulk says:

    pls when will de results b out

  132. Robert says:

    sir thank you for this update, hope to continue for us like this. God bless you.


  134. Azantilow Awonseba says:

    U guys e don do. Stop dis whole shit!!

  135. sir,pls how are you sure that the result will be release on 20th september?


  137. Thank u sir, but my friends still debate on that, can we get ur number, and now can u check for mine?

  138. William says:

    stayn at home all de tym…aahhh!! So so boring…..any1 can whatsapp me on +233241588600 or message me on fb(William mensah) if de person is bored lyk me…MAY GOD SEE US THROUGH

  139. Redeemer says:

    Plz sir how are u sure that our results will ready on 20th september?

  140. Anagli George says:

    Guys relax God’s time is the best. Be patient and pray for God to correct all the errors you made. VICTORY IS COMING FOR US ALL . AMEN!!!

  141. omar says:

    sir please so it mean we will go to shs a few weeks to end the first term or next term.

  142. Rexford ashcon says:

    Hahahaha..ol too soon guyz..relax everyfyn wil be okay wae..follow me on fezbuk or u kan col 0241027575..nd i wil tel u more wai

  143. Inaleh Shalom says:

    wont u mind my question sir?

  144. Sir plz i chose Ghana Senior High skul whc grade is expected of me 4 me 2 gain addimisson 2 dat skul?u cn call me on 0541006870

  145. I want no more abut resurlt and the plecement

  146. People are confusion me saying e results are out.pls is it true?

  147. caleb says:

    Peepz, the result is not out yet, go and sleep yet pray to God

  148. rynx blay says:

    sir wen wil it be out

  149. I AM SURE DAT DE RESULTS WILL BE IN 2Oth september2013

  150. Prostyle says:

    Sir,is de result really coming out on 20th of dis month?

  151. Sir,is de result really coming out on 20th of dis month?

  152. Alhaj Alhaj says:

    Please go to WAEC website and use the results checker to check your results. They are out now. The website is http://www.ghanawaec.org. Thanks

  153. TUONA JOHN says:

    Thank you sir, God bless you answering my question.

  154. baba jamal says:

    i want to know the performance of this years bece candiddates

  155. Stephen Loree says:

    so we can start checking our results on the 15th

  156. caleb says:

    U guys re soo adamant, the results are out yet ure doubting about it, two of my colleages had 9ones and the another had grade 9…… If u think am lying go to any cafè and ask the owner or u can call me on 0243188140 and e-mail me on
    [email protected] or call me 0248585314 or facebook
    Dnt be a doubting thomas … why wud i lie …. Didnt Mr ekow tell us on the second week of September ah! check.. Experienced is the best teacher

  157. Sandra aidoo says:

    Ar u sure the results are in so we shuld check it on http://www.ghanawaec.org

  158. God will grant me my 9 ones. says:

    okay so it has been confirmed. The results are in. It came 3 hours ago.

  159. Pls i no it will come soon. Am sure we’re all going to pass by the grace 0f god. I wish abrepo m/a class of 2013 good luck.especially Janet, sandra, sara ,rose, prince, azuma and gloria….REGARDS..(FELICIA DAPAA)..

  160. jx luk at that, 2000 gh cedis, wat sort of country are we living in, where one cannot be admitted into his or her school of choice, even though qualified. the waec org, better take their time and put the ryt students in the ryt place, and stop all this corruption stuff………….. 0206928524

  161. evans says:

    sir pls i want to noe if ani of e papers hav been cancelld

  162. mukadam says:

    If government cancel this students allowances, it wil 2 a time that no one wil like to go to teacher training colege nd wil loose alot of teachers..

  163. mukadam says:

    All my prayers is that the nursing allowance shuld be there becos am in 1st year nd i dont know how i wil do nd pay my bills in 2nd year.

  164. Chris says:

    i had
    English 1
    Maths 1
    Inter Science 1
    Social 1
    RME 1
    BDT 1

    The rest 2

    what are my chances for wey gey hey business

  165. Stephen Loree says:

    so we should expect our result on the 20th september

  166. matilda says:

    the results are in so stop askng whn it wil be in

  167. Atsu Oswald says:

    who is

  168. Atsu Oswald says:

    who is realy sure that the results ar out?

  169. JACOB BLESS says:

    Students, the 2013 BECE result re in NOW!!! Stop the question n go n check. Is this evening dat theire re released

  170. Dadzie says:

    They ar out i hd 09

  171. pls I know every thing so pls all should contact me on 0204690279 for more explanation

  172. francis says:

    check my result and thank God i had 9 once, iam happy

  173. silas duker says:

    chalie when.u buy scratchcard?

  174. pls what is the total percent of gomoa west district candidate who pass and the entire summary of every representative school within the district.thks

  175. Brite says:

    Hello! Mr. Ekow Mensah,
    My son had the ff results: English 2, Maths 2, Int. Science 2, Fante 2, French 1, BDT/Home Econs 1, RME 2, Social Studies 3, Agg 10. He attended private school. Will he get GSTS Takoradi for Science?
    Thanks for your usual support.

  176. dennis kelbash says:


  177. Robert says:

    pls. i learnt that,they have reversed aggregate 30-25 this year.is this true?

  178. portia ansah says:

    pls sir,i had aggregate 9 dat is,i had 4 in maths,3 in science,2 in english,2 in social,1 in r.m.e,1 in pretech,1 in twi,2 in i.c.t nd i had 5 in french,pls can i offer science at wesley girls?

    • 2012 bece canidate says:

      u want to offer science at wey gey hey wid dis results eiiiiii u beta start praying ooo or betta still be dreaming of ur 2nd choice skull

      • portia ansah says:

        pls da question is will i get it or not,bt da last grade of gey hey is 9 bt i didnt did well in da course i want 2 offer dat’s y am asking,so is it yes or no?

        • 2012 bece canidate says:

          ok dis is it i have seen a lot of people (including my own friends) getting 9ones and agg6 not getting wey gey hey so wid agg9 i am not 2 sure abt dat but 2 be 100% sure dat u wld be going 2 wey gey hey u have 2 be on de protocol list.widawt protocol u have a 60% chance.

    • Caleb says:

      Eish, Go to MOGPA , you will get ur skul ….

  179. Wendy says:

    I had maths-1,English -2,Sci-1,BDT-1,Social-2,Twi-1.Can’t I get Yaa Asantewaa?

  180. angela says:

    Ok sir the results i check Mine and made 06 and so when will it come to school for a friend who doesn’t have cash for a scratch card …..

  181. Sir ples is de result out nw ples tel me just nw sir.

  182. Derrick says:

    Praise the lord: Hoping the BECE Result is out in Ghana. I will like to help all BECE Candidates to Check Their result at Gh¢ 6.00 together with the Card. Call me on 0243613286, We are opposite light House Chapel, Aflao Market Road. Js1 Ventures

  183. Levels says:

    Chala The result The beeeeeeeeee.hAhahahahahahahahahahaha.

  184. Nana Opoku says:

    We d students of Gateway School Complex in d central region are goin 4 d National award dis yr bcos all d 83 candidates had 06 by d grace of God . We have also made our director . We ll all get our 1st choices by d grace of God

  185. bismark awadzi says:

    i know the student of d AGAPE SCHOOL is going to blow d minds of d teachers in passing d examination


  187. shinji yong says:

    i had 8ones please what are my chances of getting pope john senior high

  188. Bernice Koranteng says:

    how do i check the bece place ment

  189. Bernice Koranteng says:

    please sir how do i check my school placement thank you

  190. pls for more information about bece pls contact me on 0204690279 now

  191. for how to check ur result pls contact me on 0204690279

  192. At long last, the bece 2013 results have been released by Waec.But guys,pray dat u dnt fall prey to de 113 results which have been wit hheld with a thorough investigation. Call this line 0540454750 For any news update.I have devoted myself to help y.

  193. KANKAM says:

    sir,i had 09,where
    eng.2 maths.2 sci.3 social.1 rme.1 twi.2 i.c.t.1 b.d.t.3 french.3.
    i chose OWASS and opted for G.ARTS wil i get.

    • It depends strictly on de number of people who apply to study G-ARTS.But on more serious note,G-ARTS is a course that is widely preferred by students.As a matter of fact,pray dat many do not get 1 in English.If it wud have been Business,der wudnt be a problem.

  194. alhassan says:

    sir gud mornin re\\i checked and had 10.sir i think my results are wrong when i check again can it change.pls reply me itsi chose adisadel college urgent v

  195. pls sir, i think my result should be remarked because that is not wat i should have gotten but rather 8 ones so pls with due respect, kindly cross check it and find out. thank you!

  196. Robert says:

    when will the placement be out?

  197. cedric4real says:

    sir i had 8 ones to the glorification of God.pls what are my chances of getting presec legon to offer science

  198. KANKAM says:

    sir,wil i get OWASS with a raw score of 420

  199. ALINCO says:

    sir,wil i get OWASS with a raw score of 420.

  200. fire says:

    i had 09 in d glorification of d lord wat ar ma chances of gettin augusco

  201. Nw dat we got our grades,may God give us our placements.AMEN

  202. Dear my fellow student,,all of us will get placement to the various schools that we selected.please be patient

  203. Gloria Mfum says:

    Help me im a sex addict , a lesbian i use to buy banana and do nasty things , i am very smart , i had 9ones am also beautiful please i want to preserve my virginity .

    • Anagli George says:

      You Gloria, do you think being a lesbian is something cherishable by God? Better stop and pray to God otherwise, you shall end up in eternal hell………GOD LOVES YOU ALSO.John 3:16

  204. Adele says:

    i worked very hard and studied so much, wrote with confidence and i still had agg18…i dont think i deserved that. what do i do?

    • dat kidd b jnr says:

      aah well so sorry for u but u hve to give thanks to God for what he has done for you but anywae u still have to pray sake of it is not over until it is over

  205. theresa says:

    Sir plx Help me i studied hard and i write the papers alright but when i checked i got aggregatee of 37 which am not sure i will get it plx is it a mistake or what cos the total aggregate that was there will be more than aggregrate 37 it will have to be 41 and they wrote 37 so friends have any one has get something Like this before

  206. dat kidd b jnr says:

    i am so sorry for those who didnt get their heart desires and e rest but i believe strongly that with God all things are possible. it is possible that u can send 16 to ur first choice . prayer is the key

  207. mohammed suadik says:

    yea one of my friend has gthesame problem

  208. I really think waec are cheatin on we guys i wrote very well bt suddenly i had agg 24 oooh sad bt very brilliant tooo

  209. Derrick nerverson says:

    Pls sir i get grade 21,can i get my first school

  210. Derrick nerverson says:

    Pls sir i get grade 21,can i get my first school?

  211. Emmanuel says:

    pls sir ekow n I had 24 as my grade can I get my 3rd choice school which is kuhis can i

  212. issahaku says:

    hello guys i got 29 and that is not what i deserve because i was thinking to get 10 to 19 and someone also tell me that the results i had will not get admission without any core proplem and i want to ask whether it is true or not please help me

  213. wen re we gedin our skul placement* i had a single grade.specifically grade 8. am a proud alumnus of great victory academy# follow me on facebuk @ ANIMAH KINGSFORD

  214. i hav cheched several times but was told that ma results r…pending,how r..d..results loaded on d..net.what method is used?

  215. I think there might be mistakes with others results.Why do I say dat? My sister is very brilliant in one of de renowned schools in Tema but its rather unfortunate dat she got an unexpected grade which is unprecedented.So guys,relax and wait patiëntly for de final results in de various schools.

  216. ALINCO says:

    Aidoo,i had 09 where eng.2 social.1 n chose owass wil i get it if i get 415

  217. Gloria Mfum says:

    God is good and powerful , I had 3 in math but waec says i had 06, i have being praying to God looks like he heard me what a God, i passed all the subj with the exception of math….

  218. TAWIAH ENOCK says:

    plz my dear colleagues,i used 1060 to check ma placement but, de rsut says,info 4 ma index number is not available so i shud check nd do it again,bt wen i did it again i saw de same thing plz 4 ur knowledge what shud i do?

  219. Mathias Akorlie says:

    Confused on how the placement is actually being checked. Can u please help me ASAP?

  220. Emmanuel Agyapong says:

    sir, plz i check for my result and it said my index number can not be found and the result is pending… plz help me

  221. MIZPA says:

    guys,the placement will begin on the 20th of september becos of the investigations.

  222. eric says:

    Sir please my sister is sack form house because she had 32.PLEASE can I know the cut off for this year

  223. Dere.right says:

    God is de maker of everytin so exercise patience and see what the lord gonna do

  224. Osmo says:

    Mr ekow i tink de issue of mi dear gloria mfum shld be delt with on de more serious note about she be lesbian.Aniway i’m senior citizen,i wrote on 2012 nd had 06 but faild to get presec nd i rewrite 2013 but i’ve not check mi results.Gloria Mfum call me on 0247675846 for for serious talk.

  225. MIZPA says:

    guys,the cut off marks depend on we the students who selected a particular skul,for eg.this year, the waec officials are movin from schñols to knw the NUMBER each shs skul wil accept n this means u must get a high raw score to be placed there.ON A MORE SERIOUS NOTE,THESE ARE DE AVERAGE SCORE OF SUM GRADE:
    these re the averages where 1 is 75 ,2 is 70 ,3 is 65 etc. Again,the grade doesnt matter most,8 ones.

    • Kwabena says:

      Where did you get this information from? I had aggregate 11 and I want admission to St. Augustines to offer Science and I don’t know whether i will get it. I’m seriously worried here. We should communicate more.
      P.S This wasn’t the grade I was expecting, I was an intelligent student in school so i’m surprised.

  226. MIZPA says:

    8 ones n the other ones doesnt matter most,if i may ask, was that seen wen ur results was printed,so focus more on the RAW SCORE.

  227. Akrasi says:

    How can i check the raw score and my placement, i got 18

  228. Kwabena says:

    Where did you get this information from? I had aggregate 11 and I want admission to St. Augustines to offer Science and I don’t know whether i will get it. I’m seriously worried here. We should communicate more.
    P.S This wasn’t the grade I was expecting, I was an intelligent student in school so i’m surprised.

  229. MIZPA says:

    kwabena,first ì said average that is u can score more than that.dnt worry of the grade u had but worry abt the marks u wil get.

  230. when will da placement come

  231. sir Ekow pls call dldis number and let talk sir pls it serious question so sir am waiting: 0544023699

  232. Nuhu Mabrouk says:

    most of de student in my school have failed n i dont no y

  233. MIZPA says:

    guys candidates this year did nt do wel becos i tink the marking scheme was raised or becos the exams was cheap they marked it with iron hand that is why the did the gradinp usin BEST SIX nt the core

  234. MIZPA says:

    GUYS the hiting me ìs that the school placement wil be released by the close of the day.source:GBC radio

    • alhassan says:

      pls can de results change wen wan chech for say a second or third tym.pks reply me its urgent.our cliuster of schools in burma camop arent duing well at al.but i heard on ly four single numbers

  235. hidir says:

    when will the school placement be out?

  236. MIZPA says:

    alhassan,wen one print his/her results,it is written’the is the correct result of the candidate and carry no error’

  237. steven says:

    guys i noe most of u wer disappointd of ur aqq i was buh wen thought abrt it i 4qot it by the glorification of God i had 07 hala me on 0542337672 or whatsapp on +233542337672 make we talk

  238. EDMUND APPIAH says:

    Mayflower has dedicated teachers and given a serious student and cooperation from parents, one is likely to make it. This year result is also not bad at all.

  239. Kingsley says:

    Please is there any possibility of doing remarking for me. Index number 0401168025.

  240. Mich says:

    Is de code really working please

  241. owusu says:

    l get 36 can l get a school plz

  242. owusu says:

    l get 36 can l get school plz

  243. U wil get by depening dey skuuls u chose

  244. yussif bawah says:

    the result online is not correct

  245. Robert says:

    why @ yusif bawah

  246. Stephen says:

    My school’s result is not in and l pls want to know the reason pls.

  247. Caleb says:

    Please @ Mizpah , i had 3 in maths but Waec said

    Best Six Aggregate=06 Explain because i have being praying for the supernatural intervention of God almighty.. Wow

  248. Caleb Mfum says:

    @ Gloria Mfum , ok i will tell dad what ure doing in secret , is that why u love banana anyway its disgraceful why will u a beautiful n brilliant girl like you do that , i propose its Emmanuella opoku who has influenced you

  249. Osmo says:

    Caleb Mfum plz don’t tell ur father and talk to ur sister b’4,i know how disgraceful it is, im even worried about de situation.

  250. Caleb dnt be sooo happy 4 dis b cos iz jst de e biginin boi nd dnt be heartless c’mon if it dnt get into ur fuckin coconut cal me 4 more congrat ok(0543657010) bitch nigger shame

  251. Yussif bawa how sure are you,do see or hear something.flash on this line 0543908497. By the blues.

  252. Yussif bawa how sure are you,do you see or hear something,flash me 0543908497.

  253. Nyarko Stephen says:

    Plz sir, how do i check for the schools i sellected

  254. MIZPA says:

    caleb,that is why i said u shdnt focus more on the grade.u got 3 in maths to get 06 as aggregate.the grades re there for u to see your performance in each subject n hope for more durin the placement that is why i am kinda surprise wen people post i had 7 ones n 8 ones.LET JUST WAIT TILL FRIDAY

  255. annabel says:

    Sir so can u give me the code for the skuls

  256. Ike says:

    Sir can i get my first choice wif aggregate 10

  257. Richie says:

    Sir i am a very brilliant student but i had aggregate 20 i had 02 in science 03 in social studies 04 in English 05 in maths and 02 in bdt i chose mfantsipim senior high ,ghana national chemu and medas respectively which one will be likely for me to get i opted for science

  258. Manuel says:

    I had agg 10, i had 2 in english n rme ,1 in maths ,science n social n 3 in da odas,i chse mfantsipim offerin science watz ma expectation

  259. Bernard Asare says:

    i had
    Maths – 1
    Science – 1
    Social Studies – 1
    Twi – 2
    I.C.T. – 1
    Pre-tech (BDT) – 1
    the rest 3
    Can I get Pope John G-Arts

  260. Bernard says:

    i had 07. Can I get Pope John for Business

  261. Prince Ocran says:

    i had agg. 10,Sir can i get PRESEC legon for G-Arts

  262. Hello gud frend mizpa pls cal me on 0543657010

  263. MIZPA says:

    guys news hitting me is that out of the 391,079 candidates who wrote the exams only 250000 wil get school,this means HIGH SCORE wil count very much becos if 1 chose PREMPEH and had 06 that person must get a high score to be placed there.
    THE raw marks wil be given to the CSSP s secretariat on the 20th and be released on the 1st of oct.both the 30′/. catchment and 70′/.

  264. Osmo says:

    Ah! Where is Mr Eckow Mensah? alrit everybody listen, honestly speaking we don’t want any force info, if u know u re not sure don’t bring anytin out.Mizpa becareful.

  265. owusu says:

    plz sir l hand 36 can l get a school plz

  266. prince kwame mensah says:


  267. MIZPA says:

    if u think i am lie ing GO TO GOOGLE n type BECE 13 PLACEMENT OF SCHOOLS N U WIL SEe 4 urself.

  268. malvin says:

    what is mine chances of geting owass with 09 n frm a public school.

  269. Plz sir one of my freinds completed amforces in kumasi but their results is not out when he checked.

  270. nii says:

    i had 22 i choose
    apam first choice
    akwamumen second choice
    ghana national third choice
    aburi presec fourth choice
    which one do u think i would get?

  271. What code can be used to check de skul placement

  272. eben says:

    i had 1 in all the core and 1 in r.m.e wld i get admission into presec lagon pls?

  273. francis akeh says:

    all the best to bece candidates of 2013

  274. Inaleh Shalom says:

    hey pupils stop disceivin urselves.dey said de number of candidates dis yr who rote ‘BOTH’ wassce n bece summed up to dat number.not wat u tried to deceive us of.becareful n try to read and understand okay.all de bst!!

  275. Afriyie John says:

    when will the schools be in

  276. Issaku Abdul hafiz says:

    lets come together to make this years school placement go on smoothly.

  277. Osmo says:

    Calib how iz ur sis Glori doin? Mizpa don’t be furiou b’cos i was tryin to promt ourselves to be sure of anytin we but sory for de directive i was to u.Inelah also said diferent tin about de num u brought out, u can check and read.Mizpa plz ask Issaku to tell us how we can come together and with who to make de plcment smooth.BIG HI to all.

  278. Osmo says:

    Why isn’t Mr eckow respondin to us? plz we need to come and confirm dat tomoro de plcment wil be out.

  279. nii says:

    g.arts thats the course i choose
    i had 2 in english
    2 in social studies
    what do u think?

  280. WIZKID ADAM BRYMO says:


  281. WIZKID ADAM BRYMO says:


  282. Plz sir I had aggregate 30 can i get sch.

  283. Our bestfrnd slap de Roman father in saint johns wen we finish de exam n de waec had 10 and 20 to our aggregate dats why i get 30

  284. Terry says:

    I hope god gonna do it for us ,

  285. Terry says:

    Seriously looking for tomrrow i hope god gonna di it for us

  286. Emmanuel says:

    We can do all things through Him who strengthens us, so everyone is going to get a school and we are going to be the best future leaders.

  287. issahaku says:

    hi friends the placement has released and you can use your phone to check by sending your index number to the short code 1060 and don’t forget to add 13 attach to your index number..

  288. george says:

    hello, sir i want to asked u a question pls wat date will de bece school placement will kam out for us to check our school or wat is de short code. tanx u

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      placement would be out 3rd week in october. you are very likely to go to schol first week in November

      • Shadower says:

        It’s alie sir coz da cusps director said da placement will finish end of October n da skulls lobe out by 1st October n we will be off to skul by da middle of october

      • ACQUAH JOSEPH says:

        please when i check my school they said my index number was not on the placement list. sir help me. this my index number 0415075001

  289. Arthur benjamin says:

    I got aggregate 12 can I get owass

  290. Francis adu Aboagye says:

    i had 07 can i get winnesec

  291. Francis adu Aboagye says:

    when will the result come to our various schools,an date what

  292. Francis adu Aboagye says:

    i had 07 can i get winnesec as my first choice

  293. Francis adu Aboagye says:

    what will the original result be placement in the school

  294. Joshua Duncan Thompson says:

    please what is the code for checking the schools placement?

  295. De placement will be available later by de day ok.So jxt relax

  296. prince kwame mensah says:

    bece placement 2 be released octorber ending

    • Prince pls relax.Waec has released de raw score to the Secretariat today,hence,placement process starts today to 1st October.De mode of checking it through the various handsets wud be declared to de entire citizenry.So u can be by ur sets to listen to it,in de course of de day.

  297. Joshua Duncan Thompson says:

    I had grade 10 and I chose Mfantepim as my first choice will I get it?

  298. De placement process is still in progress,so guys,relax and pray very hard for ur heart désiré.Kudos to ya all.Stay blessed.

  299. Kob116 says:

    I had aggregate 12 n i chose Prempeh. I opted for Business. Do u think i ve a chance to get it?

  300. micheal says:

    sir pls i had 20 and i had 3 in science can i get my firstchoice BHC offering agric

  301. richie says:

    hi can sam1 tell me d grading system for d bece… i was told it was 100-80 is 1
    79-75 is 2
    74-70 is 3
    69-65 is 4
    64-60 is 5 etc…
    is it true

  302. please,when and can we check for the placement.

  303. Ezra says:

    God bless u all

  304. ike says:

    da placement is out but u ve to buy a card frm waec b4 u can check it.

  305. ismaeel says:

    how can we check the schools of our choice on phone

  306. george says:

    Where was this years bece markek? All the children in Ghana are not happy about these results

  307. kushia rafic says:

    i had 19 wen will the placement out

  308. Osmo says:

    Hey guys why are rushin? U re de same person’s who wil camplane of not getin ur choice, let’s al be patiently 4 waec 2 bring de placement out rather than askin de same ? God time is de best.

  309. By the grace of God i shall get my first choice. Because God’s time is the best

  310. khalid suraj says:

    how can i check ma placement when having the card

  311. Bruce Ghartey says:

    Pls Mr Ekow, I had grade 28 and I want to attend Koforidua sec/tech, obuasi sec/tech, St. Francis sec/tech and Akatsi sec/tech please which one do you think I can make it.

  312. AMOS KWAW says:

    sir, pls on which date will the school placement be released.

  313. Peter perry says:

    Pls sir i checked my school placement and they gave me all the school i selected insted of what i was placed

  314. richard says:

    sir please i had 06 wit 6 ones and i chose st augustines college and i am going to do science over there and also i had 1 in sciense can i get

  315. richard says:

    sir please i had 06 wit 6 ones and i chose st augustines college and i am going to do science over there and also i had 1 in science can i get?

  316. Naked Bone(SPEEDO) says:

    Pls are dey grading with e core-subject 1st or any best subjects?

  317. solomon says:

    is the placement out or not pls tell

  318. mark says:

    my sister got 25 she wants to offer general arts in bantama sda shs can she get it please

  319. Osmo says:

    I’m neva interested in de grade i get even though i’ve not chek it but i no mi 9 1s is pendin but wat matas me is de raw score nd mi placed school.I’m gona be a presecan, IN LUMINE TUO VENDEBIMUS LUMINE.PRESEC……..,! PREsEc……, preSEC….!

  320. MICHAEL ANTWI says:

    i need my result right now

  321. DERRICK A says:

    pls i need help,i had 09 where
    ict.01 rest twi,bdt n french.02,03,03.
    what re mine chances of getting opoku ware when also i am frm a public skul i.e.AMASS B’

  322. Alhaj Alhaj says:

    The placement would be done by end of September and first year students will report to school by 15th October. Source: TV3 evening news of 22/09/2013.

  323. becham ansah says:

    pls if u enter ur index number u add 13 to the index will u create some gap between the index and the 13

  324. how can a person with aggregate 15 to 20 make it to his/her 1st choice..?..pls let me know because i studied hard to face this examination but still through all my hard work and intelligence i came out with agg 19 which is also the first grade of my school…my teachers are even blaming the waec personnels and they are telling me to go for a re-marking procedure because they taught i would have got agg 6 or better…pls let me know why..GYABENG SIMON…SUNYANI B/A…

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Gyaben Simon,
      result wasn’ttoo good this year. most of the Tema schools did not perform well either, with agg 19, I can assure you, you will get a school but not necessarily your first choice

  325. Osmo says:

    Waec wat re u doin to us, and wat is the necesity of dis site. Mr ekow plz mind us.

  326. abdul rahman says:

    pease how do i know weither the result i had is the correct and final one

  327. cantona says:

    pls wen wil de withheld results be out

  328. Naked Bone(SPEEDO) says:

    Mr. Ekow pls if dey are grading e core subject 1st, why is it dat my friend had eng.3 mat2 soc.st1 sci.2 rme1 bdt1 french3 ict1 n fante2 but had agg.08 ?

  329. Naked Bone(SPEEDO) says:

    If dey r grading e core 1st, y is it dat my frnd had eng.3, maths 1, social2, sci.2, rme 1, ict1, fante1, bdt1, n french2 bt had agg. 07?

  330. DERRICK A says:

    sir wil i get owass with 09 where i am frm a public school like amass b’ n had english2 social1 maths2 n science3 to study g.arts

  331. if same one had 29/30 will he /she goes to school, and wen will the placement be back, pls from which aggregate to which will be going to school

  332. Issahaku says:

    Please sir i had aggregate 29 and i chose GHANASCO, NOBISCO,BISCO,AND SALAGA SENIOR HIGH which one am i likely to get…?

  333. felix kporku says:

    i had 10 but had 3 in maths.my course to study is business,can i be pick

  334. cantona says:

    can anyone tell me wen ar de withheld results ar coming

  335. amazon says:

    wil 09 qualify me to owass

  336. kesha says:

    20th has already passed when are the placements gonna be released we spending too much time at home and we have very limited time to complete shs

  337. Naked Bone(SPEEDO) says:

    If dey r grading core 1st y is it dat my frnd had eng.3, math 1, ss 2, science2, ict1, bdt 1, fante1,rme1 n french3 but he had agg 07?

  338. Anagli George says:

    Pls Mr Ekow, is there any doubt that I could be picked by presec if I had 06? Please and please give a reply……………..

  339. mark says:

    I chose st peters but when i checked the schools i chose i was given presec and achimota ….WHY????…

  340. Manuel says:

    Mr Ekow i had agg 10 .
    Eng 2
    science 1
    social 1
    maths 1
    rme 2 n da rest 3.i chose mfantsipim n i opted 4 science watz ma expectation

  341. charles clayman says:

    sir,pls i am quite scandalized by my results….cuz de way i prepared for de bece and i gave correct answers to de questions……wat shocks me most is dat i had 3 in science,2 in english and 2 in social studies..and i am a good studentso i was even asking my self who marked my papers..so i’m soliciting whether de results r able to change

  342. Waecpaedia says:

    this x bcus the grades are


  343. robert says:

    sir i had agg 11, where english 1, social 2, maths 4, science 4, rme 3, twi 2, i.c.t 2, pre-tech 1. French 4 respectectively sir whats my chances of making it to kumasi high school as my firs choice?

  344. robert says:

    sir i had agg 11, where english 1, social 2, maths 4, science 4, rme 3, twi 2, i.c.t 2, pre-tech 1. French 4 respectectively sir whats my chances of making it to kumasi high school as my firs choice? I opted General. Arts

  345. hakim ibrahim says:

    hmmm! wat these people were doing is not good at all.we are now in 24th sep. wat date again

  346. Antwi atta says:

    can i offer science at bekwai sda with grade 09.am 4rm public sch.and i got science n maths 1.

  347. Antwi atta says:

    pls sir,i got agg 09 where english 2 social 1 science 1 maths 1 ict 3 twi 4 bdt 4 rme 1 .i chose konongo odumase as my 1st chioce n also bekwai sda as my 2nd chioce n i want 2 offer science both sch.which sch would i get with dis performance.am 4rm public skul.

  348. Antwi atta says:

    When wil de placement be out.we want 2 go 2 skul.we dont have enough tyme

  349. JACOB BLESS says:

    Sir, pls how was the RME N ICT marked? B’cos i can’t seem to believe dat these subjects will give a good candidate grade 3, 4 n 5. These sujects questions were not at any cost difficult so every good candidate expected 1 or 2. In other districts they might made it but, sir not in DADEKOTOKPON district. Sir Ekow, pls i want to know or u can mail me

    • Waecpaedia says:

      Markers have their terminologies also known as the marking scheme , For instance you have to explain most of your points in other to get the full marks allocated to the Question , also You must entitle your Questions …..
      For instance
      Four Importance of Trees are :
      And lots of terminologies…

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Jacob bless,
      most of my students made agg 2 and 3 in rme. I learnt students in other regions performed very well. ict was technical, students need practical experience if you want them to perform well. This year in general, the results was notvtoo good

  350. solomon says:

    pls some of my friends r saying that the placement is out

  351. Antwi atta says:

    Pls sir ,what is de grading system 4 bece 2013

  352. Shadower says:

    Can I get mfantsipim wif 06 n 7 ones?

  353. Robert says:

    sir opted for g. Arts and want to study at kumasi high school wid agg 11, english 1, maths 4, science 4, social 2 and 1 and 2 two in others, sir will i get it!

  354. Hmmmm! Very unexpected results were accumulated my students Why! Almost all intelligent students got below standard.Serious.

  355. kwasi says:

    Sir Ekow,it came in daily graphic that the placement will be realeased on 1st october but u’re saying 3rd week in october…which is true

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Because of the witheld bece results, placement has not started yet. Today is 24th and I don’t see them releasing the result in 8 days. At most they would need 3 weeks to finslize on the placements. At most, make up your mind for the 2nd to 3rd week in October

  356. Antwi atta says:

    oh u dont want 2 answer my questions.answer 4 me

  357. Wilson says:

    Please, i want to know if aggregate 13 for General Arts will be accepted by Ola Girls. Thank you.

  358. Antwi atta says:

    pls sir, i had grade 09.where english 2.social 1.science 1.rme 1.maths 1.ict 3.bdt 4 n twi 4.i chose konongo odumase as my 1st chioce n my second chioce was bekwai sda shs.am 4rm public sch.i want 2 offer science both sch.pls which sch do u think i wil get with dis performance pls.

  359. Antwi atta says:

    Pls the cut off marks,hw many subject wil they use pls.

  360. fire says:

    wat ar ma chances of gainin admission to augusco wif 09

  361. Waecpaedia says:

    I am an Envoy from WAEC ghana , all your Queries should come to me

  362. Antwi atta says:

    Pls the cut off marks,is it all the subject or what .help me

  363. darrin says:

    sir can i get to study g.arts in owass with 09 with 1 in social n nt necessary another1 in the other cores bt 2 or 3.

  364. OWUSU says:

    plz sir l had 36 can l get a school plz Namong s.h.s armed forces s.h.s duman s.h.s and kumasi s.h.s business and l had 6 in maths plz some one mus answer me lam deathing beca of my poor gaer plz

  365. Osmo says:

    Mr ekow is realy a father, lookin at de way he patiently with time answer all of us nd even with a repeated ? Without bieng furious.Mr ekow i’ve been with u since last yr and i’ve realise dat u re so good, GOD bless u.

  366. Antwi atta says:

    i got grade 09.i got science n maths 1.i want 2 offer science.my first chioce was konongo odumase shs.my second chioce was bekwai sda.pls which skul would likely 4 me 2 go pls.am 4rm public skul.i got social 1 rme 1.bdt 4 ict 3 twi 4 n english 2.which skul wil accept me is it my 1st chioce or 2nd chioce.

  367. Owusu Achiaw says:

    2day,1 of ma frndz tld me to check where i was placed by txtin ma index namba to 1060 is it true plz?

  368. Owusu Achiaw says:

    2day,1 of ma frndz tld me to check where i was placed by txtin ma index namba to 1060 is it true plz

  369. charles clayman says:

    can de results change

  370. CHUTTER says:

    Pls Mr.Ekow wen are the withheld results coming. Pls reply me. Tank u.

  371. Antwi atta says:

    Pls i beg you an my questions for me.

  372. solomon says:

    thank u sir n pls if the placement is out pls let me no

  373. Bece says:

    My brother who finidh dis year got 39 cn he get adonten v.art

  374. Mr Esuman says:

    I have heard that our Wards are going to spend only 2 weeks in school is it true or a just a hearsay ……

  375. Bece says:

    Mr…2weeks like how

  376. judah says:

    sir pls can u show me ways to check my skul pls including the code

  377. Mohammed Ibn Yussuf says:

    Trainees alawance should nt be tempered with.i have millions of facts to support this



  379. bless mensah says:

    when will the schools of the bece candidates come out

  380. Osmo says:

    Where frm all dese wrong info b’liv in mr ekow and don’t put line on his neck.

  381. zeeba says:

    all students in ghana should check their placement on 20 october it will be online

  382. Antwi atta says:

    pls which skul wil i get with grade 09.i want 2 offer science.am 4rm public skul n i got maths n science 1.my 1st chioce was konongo odumase shs.my 2nd chioce was bekwai sda.i got eng 2 rme 1 social 1 bdt 4 ict 3 n twi 4.which skul do u think i wil get with dis performance pls.mr ekow answer me pls.

  383. Ayakpagi Elisha says:

    I have seen that most candedates have not passed the exams in the upper east.so what is the problem sir.

  384. Robert says:

    can i study g.arts at kumasi high school wid aggregate 11, where english 1, maths and science 4, social 2. Pre-tech 1 and i ct 2?

  385. darrin says:

    mr.ekow can i get owass with 09 to study g.arts,frm a public school. n got social,rme,ict 1 n twi,english,maths 2.

  386. solomon says:

    sir one of my friend ask me to give my indx numba to him when i gave to him he sent me a message that i had st.paul’s senior high sch.sir is it true

  387. Antwi atta says:

    pls mr ekow,i got grade 09.where english 2 social 1 science 1 maths 1 rme 1 bdt 4 twi 4 n ict 1.am 4rm public sch.my first chioce was konongo odumase shs n my second chioce was bekwai sda.i want to offer science both schs.pls this performance which skul would i likely to get pls.pls answer me.i want 2 offer sciene both schs.

  388. Antwi atta says:

    pls mr ekow,i got grade 09.where english 2 social 1 science 1 maths 1 rme 1 bdt 4 twi 4 n ict 1.am 4rm public sch.my first chioce was konongo odumase shs n my second chioce was bekwai sda.i want to offer science both schs.pls this performance which skul would i likely to get pls.pls answer me.i want 2 offer sciene both schs.Pls i h add dis comments several tymes pls.

  389. Antwi atta says:

    pls mr ekow,i got grade 09.where english 2 social 1 science 1 maths 1 rme 1 bdt 4 twi 4 n ict 1.am 4rm public sch.my first chioce was konongo odumase shs n my second chioce was bekwai sda.i want to offer science both schs.pls this performance which skul would i likely to get pls.pls answer me.i want 2 offer sciene both schs.Pls i h add dis comments several tymes pls.oh pls

  390. Agnes says:

    Sir plx my younger sister got 41 will she be place plx answer and what is the cut of marks for this year candidate.

  391. Godson says:

    pls I want to if the school placement is out .
    my brother had 12 and I want to know if he will get his first choice?

  392. Anagli George says:

    Please Mr Ekow, what is the meaning of “placement under 30% & 70% catchment area” Please explain it to me…………….

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      for those who chose the placement under the 30% catchment area, it means they stay 5miles radius of where the secondary school is situated. they would be placed based on the performance under the 30percent category. But if you stay in Accra and you want to Attend Adisadel College, then you must select the 70% placement

  393. prince atsu says:

    sir plz am a boi wifout fada nd i had agg 19 nd i chse mawuli wil i get it plz z anz me

  394. prince atsu says:

    i hd 19 and i chose mawuli please will i get it or ma second choice school please help me coz am a boi wifout a fada diz de accont ma fada gve me please remove only 3million frm de accnt no.126101008764

  395. Martin says:

    presec fo) no shake

  396. Antwi atta says:

    Mr ekow, i had grade 09.where english 2 social 1 maths 1 science1 rme 1 bdt 4 twi 4 n ict 3.am from public school.i chose konongo odumase shs as my first chioce n bekwai sda as my second chioce.i want 2 offer science in both skul.pls with dis performance, which sch would be likely 4 me 2 get.answer 4 me.

  397. Antwi atta says:

    Mr ekow, i had grade 09.where english 2 social 1 maths 1 science1 rme 1 bdt 4 twi 4 n ict 3.am from public school.i chose konongo odumase shs as my first chioce n bekwai sda as my second chioce.i want 2 offer science in both skul.pls with dis performance, which sch would be likely 4 me 2 get.answer 4 me.Pls i beg u

  398. Antwi atta says:

    Mr ekow, i had grade 09.where english 2 social 1 maths 1 science1 rme 1 bdt 4 twi 4 n ict 3.am from public school.i chose konongo odumase shs as my first chioce n bekwai sda as my second chioce.i want 2 offer science in both skul.pls with dis performance, which sch would be likely 4 me 2 get.answer 4 me.Pls i beg u.pls the reason is i want 2 no the skul i wil get with dis performance pls.

  399. Antwi atta says:

    Mr ekow, i had grade 09.where english 2 social 1 maths 1 science1 rme 1 bdt 4 twi 4 n ict 3.am from public school.i chose konongo odumase shs as my first chioce n bekwai sda as my second chioce.i want 2 offer science in both skul.pls with dis performance, which sch would be likely 4 me 2 get.answer 4 me.Pls i beg u.pls the reason is i want 2 no the skul i wil get with dis performance pls..

  400. Antwi atta says:

    Mr ekow, i had grade 09.where english 2 social 1 maths 1 science1 rme 1 bdt 4 twi 4 n ict 3.am from public school.i chose konongo odumase shs as my first chioce n bekwai sda as my second chioce.i want 2 offer science in both skul.pls with dis performance, which sch would be likely 4 me 2 get.answer 4 me.Pls i beg u.pls the reason is i want 2 no the skul i wil get with dis performance pls…

  401. Antwi atta says:

    Mr ekow, i had grade 09.where english 2 social 1 maths 1 science1 rme 1 bdt 4 twi 4 n ict 3.am from public school.i chose konongo odumase shs as my first chioce n bekwai sda as my second chioce.i want 2 offer science in both skul.pls with dis performance, which sch would be likely 4 me 2 get.answer 4 me.Pls i beg u.pls the reason is i want 2 no the skul i wil get with dis performance pls……..!

  402. Hello pls sir is de school replacement out sir pls tell me becus sum peoples says is out so tell me de truth sir i beg u in de name of GOD BYE.

  403. Sir answer me dis qusetion pls sir i had English,4 Maths,4 R.M.E.,4 Science,4 ICT,4 B.D.T.,5 and Social,7 sir de rest i wil nt tell and i ve grad25, sir becus of de social i fail sir bt cn i gt my frist school or second school pls ans me i beg.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      muntari charles,
      your grade are quite high, are you from a private or public school, you will get a school, either the 3rd or 4th choice

      • kodjo says:

        sir am from private sch and i had 26 i wanted to go to accra senior high sch will they take me with my grade or unless i pay bribe?

  404. Charles says:

    Sir please I got 08 and opted for g.arts at St. Augustine’s college.. is there a possibility for me to gain admission there?…I attended a private school though and chose the 70% catchment area…I am from cape coast

  405. Anagli George says:

    Sir please,May God Bless you for explaining to me. Once again sir, which number must the raw score exceed before I am given my first choice?. Sir please finally, how are they going to calculate or get the raw score? Is it going to be 70% of what I had in the exams or what? Please and please sir , get me updated………………GOD BLESS YOU!!!

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      You wrote 9 subjects, but your raw score is marked over 600 marks. 100 for each sucject. They are using your 4 core subjects and any other two out of the remaining 5 in which you perforned very well. so in case you chose mfanstipim science as first choice, you have to get about 420 -440 out of the six subjects to make it there. 70% or 30% catchment area will not affect your marks

  406. Manuel says:

    Sir plz ans anagli

  407. Manuel says:

    Mr Ekow plz ans anagli

  408. Odeneho kofi says:

    Plz sir,i got 29 and I no I wont get my first choice but my secound and third is okess and simes,plz sir which one I likely to get.plz.plz sir answer me.

  409. Alhaj Samir says:

    Mr. Mensah, I am currently not in Ghana. My daughter had 8 ones and had two only in Akuapim Twi.What are her chances of making it to Wesley Girls to study Science

    Friends are advising that I come down and lobby because for some top schools like Wesley Girls, the performance does’nt matter

    Please advise me.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Alhaji Samir,
      your daughter has done extremely well. you cannot lobby in the secondary school your daughter chose as first choice. the important issue is to know who to contact at the placement office. try look for my contact on this website and let me see how I can help

  410. CHRIS says:


    i had
    English 1
    Maths 1
    Inter Science 1
    Social 1
    RME 1
    BDT 1

    The rest 2

    what are my chances for wey gey hey business

  411. nick sarpong says:

    pls sir wic cn u go 2 ur 1st choice wit double numba lyk 11

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      looks like you are heading for your second choice school

    • U also stands a chance of getting ur first choice depending solely on de course u opted for and de number of students who also opted for de same course with a given course.Frankly speaking,u will get ur first choice if only u chose business.General-Arts and Science are opted mostly but business is exceptional.

  412. Holy Bones says:

    Can I travel for 2 weeks b4 the placement? Pls sir I went know the gradding sysem of 2013 for bece.

  413. Holy Bones says:

    Only God knows y this is happening to me.Pls I to know the percentage of students who pass this year as compare to last year. Pls what is the specific date that placement will come out?Pls answer me

  414. Antwi atta says:

    Pls mr ekow,the cut off mark wil they use all de subject,best six or de core subject.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      every school has its cut off marks. for the topn20 schools, it is quite high. science at wesley girls is about 440, whilst business is about 430. In other schools, it is as low as 380. your raw score is made up of the marks you got in your core subjects plus any two highest scoring subjects

  415. Antwi atta says:

    Pls mr ekow,the cut off mark wil they use all de subject,best six or de core subject..

  416. Maurice says:

    Please i had grade 10.i chose okuapeman as ma 1st choice.i want to know weda i will get.am offering g-arts.where i had 1 in social studies

  417. Better release it fast cos we wanna go to SHS. we wanna chop the national cake

  418. Hello Mr Ekow pls ans my qus 4 me pls i beg u.

  419. ELIAS says:


  420. Kwabena n says:

    Mr ekow ds is kwabena am not happy about the result waec gave me. Am very brilliant in my school my expectation was to get grade of 9. Bt i dont know what happened . Waec gave me a grade of 27 . Which i didn’t dream of getting but happened . I chose adugyamfi shs ,asanteman, jachie pramso shs.nd osei tutu 2 shs. With ds grade can i get the first two schools . Urgent needed pls. Also my frnd had 32 the first time 11 de second tm and 16 de last time , wats wrong. Someone who am hundred present brilliant than in my school had 07. Bt is all in the hands of the living god. I will continue in my next skull .frnds can wassup me or call on 0243415263. Congrat to all past students of ds year results

  421. Kwabena n says:

    Mr ekow ds is kwabena am not happy about the result waec gave me. Am very brilliant in my school my expectation was to get grade of 9. Bt i dont know what happened . Waec gave me a grade of 27 . Which i didn’t dream of getting but happened . I chose adugyamfi shs ,asanteman, jachie pramso shs.nd osei tutu 2 shs. With ds grade can i get the first two schools offering g art 4 in English 3 in mas. Urgent needed pls. Also my frnd had 32 the first time 11 de second tm and 16 de last time , wats wrong. Someone who am hundred present brilliant than in my school had 07. Bt is all in the hands of the living god. I will continue in my next skull .frnds can wassup me or call on 0243415263. Congrat to all past students of ds year results

  422. Kwabena n says:

    Mr ekow ds is kwabena am not happy about the result waec gave me. Am very brilliant in my school my expectation was to get grade of 9. Bt i dont know what happened . Waec gave me a grade of 27 . Which i didn’t dream of getting but happened . I chose adugyamfi shs ,asanteman, jachie pramso shs.nd osei tutu 2 shs. With ds grade can i get the first two schools offering g art 4 in English 3 in mas. Urgent needed pls. Also my frnd had 32 the first time 11 de second tm and 16 de last time , wats wrong. Someone who am hundred persent brilliant than in my school had 07. Bt is all in the hands of the living god. I will continue in my next skull .frnds can wassup me or call on 0243415263. Congrat to all passed students of ds year results

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      kwabena, waec did not give you 29, say you had 29. Buts its not so bad if you are from public school, you will either make your 3rd or 4th choicecschool. wishing you all the best

  423. kofi anogye says:

    pls sir my son had 07 and wants mfantsipim as his 1st choise but did not choose it can u help me

  424. kofi anogye says:

    pls sir my son had 07 and wants mfantsipim as his 1st choice but did not choose it can u help me

  425. sandra emefa says:

    pis sir my son had 07 and want mfantsipim as his 1st choice but did not choose it can u help me

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      what school did your son choose as 1st choice? try look for my contact and call. anything is possible in Ghana if you have cash

  426. Super Franak says:

    Sir I had 08 and I chose owass(bussines) nd pls what is e probability for me getting it

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      super frank,
      its looking like you are heading for your second choice school. pray for a high raw score. miracle still happens, a student I knew last year had agg 8 but culd not get owass

  427. Antwi atta says:

    Whe wil we go to skul pls

  428. Antwi atta says:

    Whe wil we go to skul pls…..

  429. Antwi atta says:

    What was the grading system for bece 2013

  430. Kwabena n says:

    Somtin is wrong somewhere ,dats not my results Mr . I no wat i wrote . My boss is willing to call for a remarking on :my papers will t b possible ? A brilliant student remains brilliant when he study hard . Pls help me Mr ekow , f u will to help those hu hv money , help me also ,pls god will bless u 4r dat . Pls i no u r always busy bt hv a time with me on 0243415263

  431. darrin says:

    sir wat re mine chances of getting owass with 09 to study g.arts.pls ned help.

  432. Franklina Ataa says:

    Sir I had 07 wif 1 in all the core, bdt 1 and ict 2, sir pls will I get my firs choice whic is st louis(science)

  433. Godfred says:

    I had 06 and I chose mfanstipim.Had 2 in maths though and chose science.Sir,what are my chances

  434. just says:

    mr.ekow pls reply me i had 09 dats is eng 2 maths 2 sceince 1 socail 1 rme 2 nd ict 1 am frm a public school wil i b admitted to st augustine

  435. Pls sir i had 30 i choose Apam, Ghana national, Nsein, and Assin Manso which school i may offer. Am from public school

  436. Bodmas says:

    I had 21 can i make it manya krobo senior high?

  437. Antwi atta says:

    When wil we go 2 sch pls

  438. Antwi atta says:

    What was the grading system for bebe 2013?

  439. Pls sir, when are the placements coming out and when are we going to school

  440. just says:

    sir pls reply me

  441. Maurice says:

    Please what is the cut off marks for okuapeman.(g-arts)

  442. Jacobson says:

    Please sir, is the school placement out? please what is the code for cheching on phone?

  443. Odeneho kofi says:

    Plz sir,answer my qus for me.plz plz plz.

  444. Kwame says:

    Plsssssss şir i had 35. I chose 1,ashaiman secondary 2,chemu secondary 3,olams 4,temasco. Pls which 1 am i likely 2 get.

  445. darrin says:

    wil i stand a chance at owass with 09 for g.arts where also frm a public school.?by the way wen wil we be going to school?and wat abt the 1st october thing in the DAILY GRAPHIC?u said 09 has a maximum of 380 but last yr sum one had 09 with a raw of 403 wat abt that?again last yr a person got 16 and had OWASS where the accomodation was tight and we who have 2 batchs leaving or hav left?do that means with 08,09,10 we wil nt get it to apply g.arts.

  446. Please every one out there i pray and ask for help because am helpless to help me go for a re-marking process. i was a brilliant student back at school who also wrote the bece exams and theses where the following results i obtained from the waec office:
    English 05
    Social 04
    Maths 06
    Science 05
    R M E 06
    I C T 04
    B D T 06
    French 09
    So i want help from anyone for a re-marking process. These are mine personal details about the BECE i wrote this year 2013.
    Index 0003036010
    TO whom it may concern
    thank you and have a peaceful country Ghana.

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Delle solomon,
      If you think there was a mistake with your results and you wanted a remarking, then let your headmaster write to GES in your district for the process to be started. if you have the resources, i will advise you go to a private secondary school

    • Eli says:

      Hmm,Solo that was happend to everyone,so take it like that and rather pray that you they get you a placement because the REMARKING may rather b the worse.so please i think you should abort that idea.

  447. just says:

    sir plz i had 09 dats is eng 2 maths 2 science 1 social 1 rme 2 nd ict 1 pls sir wil i gain admissiom to st augustines i opted for science

  448. Antwi atta says:

    When are we going 2 skul.

  449. Antwi atta says:

    what was the grading system for dis year bece.pls mr ekow answer me

  450. Des says:

    pls wil i b admitted to accra academy wif agg 13 i opted for v arts

  451. Chris says:

    Hello Ekow,
    Can you help check the raw scores for my daughter, please provide contact, expecting feedback.

  452. Godfred says:

    Sir pls i need your opinion,i had aggregate 06 with 7 ones. I had 2 in maths though what are my chances.I chose science and from a private school.i chose mfantsipim

  453. mathew says:

    When will our B.E.C.E school placement be out?

  454. Joseph says:

    Sir,i had 08 and will be studying science at prempeh college.Will i get there?

  455. Bodmas says:

    Oh şir pls answer me. I had 21 without any aggregate 6 in the core subjects. Can i make it 2 either manya krobo senior high or assesewa senior high? Şir help me.

  456. peter perry says:

    Pls how much does the card which is used for checking the school placement cost
    (The one sold at the ADB bank)

  457. Frank Ata says:

    Sir pls, I had e ff grades
    English. 02
    Science. 02
    Maths. 01
    Social. 01
    Bdt. 01
    Ict. 01
    Sir pls will I be admitted to opoku ware opted for bussines?

  458. kwasi says:

    Sir ekow, the schools have come…so u gave a wrong date : )

  459. Robert says:

    Are you sure kwasi? Its the school placement out? Mr. Ekow your view.

  460. mr andorful says:

    mr ekow my son 09 he checkd his skuul nd wasnt admitted to st augustine college mr ekow pls help me money is nt a problem pls sir i need ur help

  461. mark says:

    the schools are out…i can’t believe i was given motown while i chose st peters

  462. mr andorful says:

    mr mensah pls help my son had 09 nd wasnt admitted to st augustine college pls i need ur help to get him der moni is nt a problem pls help me

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      mr andorful,
      Protocol is very tight this year. It seems they are trying to bring back some sanity and confidence back into yhe school placement. What school was your son plsced into? try and call

  463. nii ayi says:

    Sir. Please I got agg 16 can I get Gsts am going to offer technical

  464. Anagli George says:

    Guys, placements are out…… Check it now. The code is 1060…….

  465. Dear says:

    I have still not received my school..the text says my index no.is not on the placement list..should I be very worried or wait?

  466. Evans says:

    mr.Ekow I had st.augustine’s college by God’s grace ooooo.Auguusco 4 real..

  467. Plz can someone tell me how to check the placement…..

  468. Nana says:

    I got my fourth choice wat agg.do u tink i got

  469. Nana . ..which kind of school did you attended… .private or public?

  470. Jackmq says:

    Mr ekow plx are the placement over

  471. kobby says:

    Guys the school placement is out, just send your index number to 1060, remember to begin with 0 and send with 13 which is the year of the examination. example 010131203413……the 101312034 is the index number….WISH U GUYS ALL THE BEST

  472. kobby says:

    CALL 0244975433 FOR ASSISTANCE

  473. Odeneho kofi says:

    I tank my
    God given me my fof choice.
    My grade is not well for me but all the way my
    God has help me getting
    God help you too, amen

  474. amoah boakye says:

    sir please am being tld ma index number is nt found on the placement list. am getin anxious

  475. Odencho kofi which grade did u get to offer ur forth choice becos am not happy abt ma result i got 30

  476. Kwame says:

    Şir pls is placement still on going? When i text the reply says the 12 digit nomba is not found on the placement list. I need ur explanation.

  477. nii ayi says:

    Eiii with agg 16 I can’t believe my eyes got ma 3 choice hmmm very sad

  478. AMO DWIRA CURTIS says:

    is the index number 12 or 10? because when i send my index number to 1060 they say i should enter the 12 digits index number.

  479. maame says:

    pls how long will it take before the reply comes, ie after sending de msg to 1060.

  480. maame says:

    i just sent my sister’s index to 1060 and there hasn’t been any reply, wats wrong. my 1 cedis credit too has been taken

  481. TAWIAH ENOCK says:

    plz can i use grade 11 for oppong memorial shs?

  482. john saba says:

    how can we those who took the reentry forms check our placement?

  483. Daniel says:

    Sir i had 09 but i was not given my firstm2nd or third choice school but rather my forth was given to me…
    Can something be done about this?because i see it as unfair.

  484. Bright Bonsu says:

    Sir,wat is the date that all the skuuls will come out

  485. master says:

    yh how can re-entry candidates check their placement???

  486. Desmond says:

    can someone pls tell me how long it takes before u get the result after texting. pls I need help

  487. when will the school coming

  488. John says:

    I am afraid this code is a hoax. The guy is just robing you of Ghc1.00. Wait for GES code or check from GES offices.

  489. Daniel says:

    Yea Pee,it was a typing error. Felicia,i’m sorry
    its suppose to be 13 as pee said (the year u wrote the paper)

  490. ANGELA says:

    please how can we contact any of the cssps officials

  491. SAMIRA says:


  492. shadower says:

    I had 06 but wen I check it says my index no is not on the placement list but I shd contact the nearest goes office.wat shd I do n does anyone noe da numb a of goes so I can call them n ask dem y.sir ekow I need yr and now

  493. Dey keep telling me my index number is not found on de placement list…..why??….any help?

  494. Nana says:

    Hahahahaha…i jxt dey observe:-)

  495. solomon says:

    sir pls is the placement over.pls ans me ok

  496. MFB says:

    please Mr. Mensah what is wrong with weac, i mean the placement system people how you think you perform better than had placement, and when i checked this is what i received back.:keep telling me my index number was not found on the placement list…..why?

  497. Odeneho kofi says:

    I had 29.
    God will do it for you.

  498. Just type ur 10digt index number with addition oe 13 then send it to 1060 to all network it cost only GH1 Pa

  499. Odencho kofi did u get 6 or 7 in any core subject becos i get 6 in any of my tow core subject

  500. Nkrumah Godfred says:

    I’ve been trying my school but its not coming

  501. ama sackey says:

    I had 8 1s nd 2 in rme can I get wey gey hey

  502. ama sackey says:

    Buh I checked. Nd got my 3rd choice

  503. solomon says:

    sir pls i had eng-3 social-4 maths-4 science-4 i.c.t-5 r.m.e-6 ga-5 french-6 b.d.t-6 will i get sci or not becos when i checker 4 the placement it said can not be found in the placement list. so i need help

  504. Slimshady says:

    Sir ekow i got agg 30 will i be placed

  505. Slimshady says:

    Sir my brother got agg 38 wil he be placed

  506. anane Richard says:

    Wen l add 13 to my index number and send they reply that it is incorrect why I know that it is correct. Why !!!!!!!!!!!!!!$

  507. hakim ibrahim says:

    the CSSPS don’t know wat they doing. fuck u all!!!!

  508. Maame says:

    is there going to be a second placement or the placement is still in progress????

  509. amoah boakye says:

    thank Godddddd very much I had agg 14 n had ma 2nd choice st.john’s God bless waec



  511. alhassan says:

    mr ekow pls can a school change after checkin placement on da fon.pls answer its urgent

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Anything can happen, it has happened before so until you print out your placement form, nothing is certain so just pray hard

  512. ice prince says:

    what tin dey go on for WAEC in self Koraaa as we are spending alot of this .mr ekow , i cant imagine when i check it says my index number does not exist whiles i got agg 21…will there be any 2nd placement plx mr ekow let me know for sure so tht i can stop spending my Cash on this.

  513. master says:

    i heard on radio that the placement is 99.99% accurate and there has not been any negative report about the placement. so i think all those who had the message that their index no. wasn’t found on the placement list should report this. hopefully something will be done or said about that.

  514. Awonseba says:

    Mr Ekow, wen will the forms be out?

  515. fire says:

    guyz i dey rep national i go beeee

  516. hilly says:

    mr ekow pls tell me whether your placement on the fone can be different from dat on the net

  517. Jason says:

    When are we going to school? I’m tired of staying at home.

  518. Pls Sir, anytime I would try to check up my school placement they say “my index number was not found so I should contact any GES which is nearest to me”. But Sir, anytime I intended to check I type my index number plus the 13 before I send it to 1060. This is my index number ;0502055008; so pls if you can also help to check it Sir.

  519. i had 29 can i go to spaco take me pls

  520. Odeneho kofi says:

    Those who didn’t found their placement should pray had everything can change in a second in the name of
    God say amen.

  521. sir, please when are we going to school we tied of staying home

  522. Manu Lawrence says:

    Hey guys be patient cuz the GES people is saying that the placement will come gradually but if u had 30 n above pls kindly get ur self a private school.

  523. sir, please when are we going to school we tired of staying home

  524. Kweku says:

    Sir please is RMe now a core subject?

  525. Kweku says:

    Sir please is RMe now a core subject?

  526. i wish to express my view to be a prefect at catholic technical institute

  527. hakim ibrahim says:


  528. Awonseba says:

    Sir, iz it dat the cssps are doin a replacement or placement 4 only dose dat are nt able to access their skulls cuz de skull I was placed iz nt jxt fair, I got grade 15. Plss I need clarification

  529. Issahaku says:

    Please sir is the placement over? Because We have still not get our schools and GES people are saying it is still ongoing is it true..?

  530. Kwame says:

    Oh GOD NOW WE NEED UR help. Waec. Always telling me my index nomba which i know is correct was not found on the placement list. Mr ekow so does it mean that i have not been placed? With aggregate 35. Some student had their 4th choice with 35 and above. Whyyyyyyyyyy waec pls.

  531. Macleson says:

    I want a fresh girl to be my friend. If interested hală me ur nomba

  532. hakim ibrahim says:

    waec people need pastor to pray for them or to go to heaven will dificut for them to go to heaven

  533. Joseph says:

    They really have to do something bout the school placement because with 08 and obtaining my third choice school……how possible and its not only me but the same problem affected over 85% of my classmates and other schools…..Please.

  534. Ewurama Ejei says:

    Macleson which sch did u get be 4 I gave u mi nom.

  535. jay says:

    boss. I am delighted I had st.johns school in ta’d buh wen wil we go 2 skul?

  536. Macleson says:

    Ewurama pls i had accra acadamy with 6 onces

  537. nsombe ernest says:

    i had 18 and my school is not in why please some 32 but had thier school on phone

  538. nsombe ernest says:

    i had 14 sorry

  539. Sir,Please I have not receive my school yet so please why

  540. Ewurama Ejei says:

    Macleson me too I have Sewaa Nyako with agg 13 in Kumasi,I live in T.F or Tafo where do u live.

  541. Macleson says:

    Pls ewurama my residence area is ashaiman. Pls the nomba

  542. Joshua Duncan Thompson says:

    Pls will we receive the placement on the 10th from our schools or we will buy a card n check?

  543. Joshua Duncan Thompson says:

    on the 10th of the schools placement will start,can we check the placement on the same day dats on dis thursday?

  544. wen i check my skuul dey say index no. not found in de placement list ooo

  545. i had 21 n i’m offering visual art. can i get my 1st choice skuul that’s ofori panin plsssssssssss reply meeeeeeee

  546. Desmond says:

    the first batch of the school placement ends today. so around 5:00pm u can check to confirm your school and those who didn’t get any placement can also check but if u still don’t get any placement pls wait for the second batch which will be out in three weeks time. wish u all the best

  547. jessy says:

    i had 8 ones o6 pls will i get wesley girls n can u help me

  548. Kwame says:

    I learnt from the junior graphic that, 2nd placement begins 2morrow. Mr Ekow pls is it true?

  549. pls sir wen ll de second placement come out plssssssssssssss reply meeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

  550. sir pls wen ll de second placement come out

  551. Shadower says:

    The 2nd placement came out yesterday.u can check again it will come @ Morrison seidu

  552. Shadower says:

    I had da same problem but it has come

  553. Shadower says:

    I he’d we r to report in skul by 19 th October.is dis true Mr Ekow

  554. on wat network @shadower

  555. rebecca says:

    with aggregate 15 which of your choices will you get.please i want to know.

  556. kwasi says:

    pls when are we to leave for school

  557. kwasi says:

    pls myfrien had grade 50 will she get school

  558. edward says:

    I had thirty-four can I change my school pls help me

  559. And please Mr Ekow when will the 2nd placement will start…let us all know about it ..Thanks

  560. are the placement now on the internet

  561. Ewurama Ejei says:

    Macleson I how can we be friends with this dif region.I have prob in my fon so if u wont I can give u my broda’s nom and call he will give it to me.

  562. Slimshady says:

    Are the second placement out

  563. Macleson says:

    Thanks u ewurama but u can also take mine too. One day one day we will meet so dont worry about the regions.0244077732

  564. Esta says:

    afta typing the index no. with the year, serial no. and pin.I submitted the info and result was that the system is too busy try later, I’ve tried for 10 days the result is always the same.What should I do.

  565. blinx b says:

    watz wrong wit waec n cssps

    • McWisdomson says:

      Oooooh noooo Blinx,
      Oooooh my friend,plz take it easy with them.Becus we were tooo many and they need to address everybody’s wish,so take it EASY with them. It shall be your turn very very soon.Thankz

  566. koomson says:

    a dream come has been.tanx to God

  567. koomson says:

    we are so happy.St.johannes international sukuul for our results

  568. Jackmq says:

    I want a fresh girl to be my friend. If interested hală me ur nomba

  569. Awonseba says:

    Oh, gush, I got ma last choice wit grade 15, anyways 10k God am goin to ma 1st choice cuz I worked Evrytin out. Hmmm, de cssps iz very cooperative

  570. Adwoa Taylor says:

    Today is 10th and still we don’t seem to land on any success. Can you please tell us something. How many times can we use the scratch card please.

  571. benjamin sackey says:

    how do i check my sister’s placement with the scratch card?

    • Ekow Mensah says:

      Go to myjhsresult.net, enter her index number, the serial and pin number and enter. Dont forget to sdd 13 at the end of her index number

  572. queen says:

    aba. Ghana ll foreva remain Ghana

  573. queen says:

    So can someone give me the correct date which we can access our placement form from the net and d day we will go to school kudos to ges as nd waec

  574. Ewurama Ejei says:

    Thanks u too Macleson and this is de nom,

  575. Odeneho Kofi says:

    You des gays are not serious,We are here becouse of our future not Girls.

  576. Sylvester says:

    Mr.kofi,dont fink lyk dat, is nat wnt u fink! frnds re mearnt 4 assistace! 4me,i make frnds dat ken help me! so,dey jux wnt 2 b frnds no mata d distance!

  577. Kobby says:

    Please do not try to check your placements a lot of times or else the three tries will be done(happened to me).

  578. hilly says:

    has anyone been able to check his or her placement on net

  579. benjamin says:

    i checked but an empty form appears again

  580. Joshua says:

    Can we use the same scratch card we used to check our results for printing the placement forms too?

  581. Kweku says:

    What is the cut off mark for science in saint peters school?

  582. Future Politician says:

    What is happening to CSSPS and GES. For God’s sake, is there no Public Relation Unit at CSSPS and GES. Can’t they tell the students and parents what is happening having advertised that the placement form would be available on the net on the 10th October, 2013.Mediocrity everywhere in Ghana. With all these wahala when are we reporting to school. Ebei Ghana

  583. Maurice says:

    I was able to print my placements form today

  584. Bernard says:

    thanks to GOD i got Pope John SHS & Jnr. Sem. I’ll be a POJOBA

  585. 00Oh God says:

    Why ghana, are we moving ghana forward or backwards the placement is basaaaa…waec should watch out and time 2 come they will not going 2 be education in dis country…ooooh my GHANA bless we…….MY GHANA,,,YOUR GHANA,,, OUR GHANA,,, waec be blessss!!!!!!!

  586. Sylvester says:

    Benard,congrats,u dd wel.am happy 4 u!

  587. Awonseba says:

    Mr Ekow, it cost me 500gh

  588. Macleson says:

    Thnx very much. U really know what frnds are 4

  589. Thnx very much. U really know what frnds are 4

  590. Odeneho Kofi says:

    I dont know who use my name for this coment so stop gainsing me Macleson and silvesta.Even me about 70 percent of my friends are Girls.

  591. Odeneho Kofi says:

    Please sir when we go to school.

  592. Robert says:

    pls my school is not out yet. Have they finished the placement or still ongoing. But my placement form is out.

  593. Eric says:

    Roert so have you been able to print the form and if you did, have any school appeared on it? I wound like to know please…….. @Robert

  594. Dina says:

    Fellow candidates, please go to to print your admission form. Don’t use the http://www.myjhsresult .net

  595. dodger says:

    mr ekow.i had 10 wif a raw score of 425.wat are my chances of getting adisadel.my school has not yet cam

  596. MFB says:

    I am not happy to say this,but there is noting i can do. fuck cssps and waec i have spent a lot of money on the placement to i sow a message on GTV that the second placement is so we can text, when i text again they gave me,12 digit was not found…why??

  597. mark says:

    I had one on bdt but it was not added to my best subjects when i checked my raw score..why??

  598. dodger says:

    mr ekow my skul has not cam yet.but i had 427 as a raw score.wat are my chances of getin adisadel science

  599. dodger says:

    pls reploy me its urgent.ma parents nid 2 noe den decidde wat 2 do.


  601. Solomon says:

    Pls sir i had this grad wil i get sch eng-3 maths-4 soc-4 sci-4 ga-5 i.c.t-5 b.d.t-5 fch-6 r.m.e-6 pls sir ans me or gv me ur numba ok

  602. master says:

    please how can re-entry candidates check their placement

  603. davis hannah says:

    my school is not selected

  604. Mustapha karim says:

    I can find my school.Somebody help me.

  605. Osmo says:

    Mr ekow i got st thomas aquainas but i only want presec, last year i cld’nt go to school b’cos i did’nt get presec and dis year too not presec, MR EKOW PLEASE HELP ME and wen i we goin to school?

  606. sir please i got grade 17 and i want winneba senior high school sir please will i get addmission?sir i want you to flash this number 0544023699for us to talk pls

  607. patience says:

    the 2nd placement please

  608. Hello….fellow students..i want you all to relax…because..the second placement will come out …two weeks time ..so relax..

  609. Plz are de 2nd placement out or dos who didn’t get their 2nd placement can also out froms. Plz i wnt to knw it.

  610. Plz are de 2nd placement out or dos who didn’t get their 2nd placement can also print out froms. Plz i wnt to knw it.

  611. Abaidoo don’t waist your money to buy the card for now just wait next week then you text your index number to 1060 ..when you received the school that they selected you then you buy the placement card ..


  613. labert asare says:

    i dont know the school i had please inform me about that………

  614. Robert And Labert ….even those who get that chance of the first placement …yesterday is the day that they send their name to their various schools okay so…relax now they are counting the space that have left so be next week Friday then they have finished every thing you will all go to school together..Thanks

  615. Plz sir, can i change my after i have been placed?o

  616. Zakaria your answer for your Quetion is yes but you know in those modern Ghana every thing is money so when you have money you can change it because this year is not easy for changing of school placement unless you have what is called money …so ..you can tell your parents to think about it and then if their might can then ..they do it in that way ..Thanks

  617. Ellen says:

    Plz sir,I’ve checked four times for my school and still am told not selected…Can u please tell me why is that???

  618. Ellen says:

    Sir is there anything I can do to get my school

  619. Shadower says:

    I he’d we are supposed to be in school by 19thOctober.is this true,Mr Ekow.I need yr reply ASAP.

  620. Ellen and Shadower the 19th schooling is true …and also the school placement that you cant find on your phone is that …they will finished everything by next week Friday so you have to wait if yours is not still coming..pray..and by next week Friday you will see yours

    • MFB says:

      Michael Antwi,
      sorry,you said we have to wait for next week Friday, do you mean by 25th of October??…but they said those who had their placement will be reporting on 19th, so for those of us who have not received our school yet when are we going to school…THANKS.

    • McWisdomson says:

      Dear Mic,
      do you actually mean Friday the 25th day of OCTOBER we shall get our placement?

  621. MFB it doesn’t matter some of you can even go to school second term and still now you have the chance to get the school so you shouldn’t worry about that…Am explaining it to you shortly here….The reason why they will finished everything on next week Friday is that…they brought the placement list in the various s.h.s just this Tuesday and …they have to count the peoples who were placed in their various schools after that when a place left then …they add some of those who didn’t get school to it that is what we called second placement so relax …okay no body can sell your sitting place so relax..and every one will get school…thanks

    • Mensah says:

      But we are getting late,look at our friends that are seriously going to school,are we not going to lost whatever was taught this term?

  622. Odeneho Kofi says:

    Plz Micheal Antwi where did I see the CSSPS office.

  623. waec says:

    micheal antwi thank you very much for giving your fellow student a motivation may all your dreams come true by the almight God.

  624. Thank you very much May God bless you

  625. Odeneho tell me what are you going to do to the CSSPS office? My brothers and Sisters relax okay ..by next week the 2nd placement will start on Monday and end in Friday so relax some can get theirs in Monday some too can get it Tuesday following up to Friday the every body have get his or her school so relax my brother…

  626. When will the 2 placement be out

  627. I had a good grade but my skul is nt in ,till now it has nt come pls why

  628. Samuel Amening Ayeh says:

    Thank GOD I got ASASCO with agg. 17

  629. Samuel when did you got your school?

  630. Samuel are you now happy?

  631. Odeneho Kofi says:

    Antwi I have placed but I wont to change it, what can I do

  632. Odeneho you can change it when school start on Monday okay…but remember you have to hold something in your hand i mean kudi before you know this modern Ghana

  633. Agyemah Mark Wisdom says:

    Mr.Ekow,please what is my grade.I had 5-maths,3-english,3-science,3-social studies,4-french,3-pre-tech,3-i.c.t,5-R.m.e,1-Ghanaian Language please tell me.

  634. babara says:

    mr ekow i completed last year but i couldnt go i have reaaply this year will i get placement?

  635. lemgo says:

    I have the cash and I do not like my school….it is too far away
    I need help

  636. Wisdom….u had grade 16…

  637. Agyemah Mark Wisdom says:

    Dear Mubarack, i appreciate that.

  638. Agyemah Mark Wisdom says:

    May JAH bless u very very much Nhyira You.Thankz

  639. McWisdom says:

    Dear Mr. Ekow,i have requested for the 30% catchment area placement but now i have to go to another school in another area becus my fada have been transfered .Plx can i get a transfer to my FIRST CHOICE school an (A) school?. I had grade 16

  640. McWisdomson says:

    Plx,how do i check to know my RAW SCORE? Somebody help.

  641. Eli says:

    Plx can i go to my first choice skul with grade 16 and 6 in maths.i mean MAWULI SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL @ HO, Volta Region?i wanna offer AGRIC Science.

  642. Eli says:

    Or the 6 in maths is gonna affect me.Plz answer me urgently Mr.Ekow

  643. Target says:

    Plz my skuul is not get out i need help from someone plz…plz!!!