2013 B.E.C.E, School Placement and Cut off marks

2013 BECE Candidates

2013 BECE Candidates

All too soon, 2013 B.E.C.E has been written in June by 391,079 candidates, what most candidates are now expecting is their results and prospective secondary schools they have been placed into. From a very reliable source, W.A.E.C would finish marking the BECE scripts and probably release the result to the computerized school placement secretariat by the 20th of September, 2013.

Students would use two weeks to check their results on the Internet before the Computer School Selection and Placement System Secetariat is given the raw scores of students to also start placing them. They would need one month at most to finish their work.From the look of things, students would see their B.E.C.E results by the 20th of September and also know the secondary schools they have been placed into by October ending.

How to print out Placements forms
You will need to purchase a scratch card from S.I.C, A.D.B. bank or from any post office in your neighbourhood. Go to www.myjhsresult.org and enter your index number, the serial and pin number on the scratch card and submit. Don’t forget to add ‘13’ at the end of your index number.If you are lucky, your forms would be displaced without any sweat. If you are not so lucky, a lot of funny information like this would be shown;
“ Sorry the Index Number, Scratch Card Number/PIN Number does not exist”.
Please look carefully and retype. If you are very sure about it, please send email to info@csspsghana.org.

School Placement for Sale.
A lot of strange things happened last year and I am sincerely praying that it will not be repeated this year. Those who had cash and knew who to contact at the CSSPS could get any of the top secondary schools in Ghana. So if you had say aggregate 10 and you chose Wesley Girls, under normal circumstance, you cannot make that school but if you can pay up to Gh2000.00 to the right person, they would fix you there.
The CSSPS is still one of the best things that has happened to Ghana’s education, authorities should do whatever it takes to maintain its credibility.

Should the Government withdraw teachers training students allowance?
A lot of hullabaloo about the withdrawal of allowance for teachers training students made the headlines this week. From my point of view, I totally agree with the president. Withdraw the allowance, let them take students loan and enrol more students.
This year alone, more than 700, 000 students completed Senior Secondary schools, all our 9 public universities cannot absorb up to 300, 000, for that reason, the government have to make sure that the training colleges, polytechnic and the nursing training colleges take in a lot more. From the look of things, nursing training schools would soon see their allowance axed off.

Cut off Marks for Secondary Schools
I am expecting over 95 percent placement this year due to the high level of vacancies in most secondary schools this year. If you want to make your first choice school, make aggregate six and get a raw score of over 400, I will update you with details of cut of marks for over 40 top secondary schools soon.

In general, this year’s school placements will run smoothly and I believe majority of B.E.C.E candidates would make their first and second choice schools.

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